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Happy birthday Beast, you wonderful crazy dog.


11 Jan 2019


Here's to a great 2019!


01 Jan 2019


I'm thankful for time with family, and that all the girls went along with my plan for matching pajamas.


23 Nov 2018


Tonight we hosted the Breakthrough Prize to honor the top scientific achievements in physics, mathematics, and life sciences. @lupitanyongo and I presented the Life Sciences award to Xiaowei Zhuang for developing a new imaging technique and discovering hidden structures that make up our cells. Until now, these complex molecular structures were beyond the resolution limits of traditional microscopy. Research by two other of tonight’s honorees has led to a new understanding of how materials can conduct electricity, which could lead to huge energy efficiency savings and potentially be used in quantum computing — helping to speed up the pace of tools used for critical applications like medical research, climate forecasting, and artificial intelligence. It’s achievements like these that will move society forward for everyone. Congratulations again to all the awardees!


05 Nov 2018


We hope you had a spooky Halloween!


01 Nov 2018


Priscilla's challenge: run a 30 minute 5k before I run a 20 minute 5k.


10 Sep 2018


Max's first running race. Priscilla ran the Stanford 5K for Heart Health (and got a new personal record!) Then the kids all dressed up as super heroes and ran 200 meters. It was chaos.


20 Aug 2018


Happy 4th of July! Celebrating by taking Max on a long kayak ride and teaching her about freedom.


05 Jul 2018

Élysée – Présidence de la République française

Today I met with President Macron in Paris. We had a great conversation about France as an innovation center for Europe -- given the strong engineering talent here and culture of entrepreneurship. We've seen this first hand with our major artificial intelligence lab and our Startup Garage at Station F here in Paris. They are both doing incredibly interesting work -- and it's why we will continue to invest in France in the years ahead. Thank you to President Macron for hosting me.


24 May 2018


A nice night for a walk.


23 May 2018


One dog. Two daughters. Three teams trying to build a better world. Four nieces and nephews. Five kid-free days to celebrate. Six years of happy marriage.


20 May 2018


When your child can now make you breakfast (sort of). Happy Mother's Day!


13 May 2018