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Happy to be here in Copenhagen for the first time in 24 years (!) attending the @gotravelinginternational event today! . The event is just about to start, but we managed to take a quick walk down to Nyhavn this morning. It probably is one of the most famous areas of the city, but really for the right reasons. It’s super beautiful. Also eager to see if this photo wins me and the family a trip to Madeira with @visitmadeira! Only time will tell. #gtlive18 #gtlive18madeira #madeiranowordsneeded


08 Sep 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Yup. Two posts in one day. This past year has been all about family and very little about photography. 100% certain this has made me a better photographer. At the end of the day it’s all about perspective.


06 Sep 2018

Horsens, Denmark

I’m still here. And soon enough I will actually have time to start producing new content again. Until then I want to share a simple, genuine photo from Denmark taken last summer. Standing beside me was my very good friend @felecool. Can’t wait to reunite with him in Copenhagen this weekend!


06 Sep 2018

Malmö, Sweden

If you want to combine two of the best things in the world, sunsets and swimming in the sea, you can easily do so in @malmotown. We enjoyed the view of the setting sun alongside hundreds of people, some of them jumping into to the big blue, others having small picnics on the shoreline. Perfect way to end a day either way. . #malmö #malmotown #makeitmalmö #visitskåne


09 Aug 2018

Malmö, Sweden

I have a thing for old windmills. They’re just simply beautiful and always draws my attention. So it was a happy surprise for me to find this one in the middle of @malmotown in Slottsparken (Castle Park). Built in 1850-51 and operating all the way into the 1940’s. Nowadays you can take guided tours here to learn even more. . #malmö #malmotown #makeitmalmö #visitskåne


29 Jul 2018

Malmö, Sweden

This week me and the family spent a couple of days in beautiful @malmotown in the south of Sweden. While they were still sleeping at 4 am, I took my rental bike out for a spin. To be fair, it looked like it was gonna be one of those boring, gray mornings since the sky didn’t show any real potential at all... but, sometimes surprises come in many different colors! The famous Turning Torso building stands like a giant and truly looked gorgeous in her most appealing summer dress. What a way to say good morning, Malmö! . #malmö #malmotown #makeitmalmö #visitskåne


21 Jul 2018


Love the calm summer mornings when the fog performs its morning dance on the lakes. #sweden


19 Jul 2018

Store Mosse Nationalpark

The World Cup has ended and as much as I want to congratulate France, my heart also goes out to Croatia. Well played, well fought. ⚽️🇫🇷🇭🇷🇸🇪


15 Jul 2018

Store Mosse Nationalpark

If you feel adventurous this summer and want to try something new, why not put a pair of snowshoes on and walk on the huge marsh area of @storemosse? It was a first for me and truly a fantastic way of connecting with nature in this unique national park. I’d recommend to be there at sunrise to experience the silence only interrupted by the chirping of birds. . @visitsmaland @smalandsturism . . . #storemosse #småland #visitsmåland


12 Jul 2018

Store Mosse Nationalpark

Last week I spent a couple of days at the @storemosse national park invited by @visitsmaland and @smalandsturism! The park covers almost 8000 acres and is the largest marsh area in Sweden. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore, but you can also walk on the actual marsh sea using snowshoes. . This photo was taken very early in the morning, around 4 am. You really need to be an early bird this time of the year to experience morning magic. . . . #storemosse #småland #visitsmåland


01 Jul 2018

Store Mosse Nationalpark

This guy is the reason for my absence as of late. It’s a great experience becoming a father and as hard as it may be at times, the rewards truly make it worth while. So much joy, fun, love and innocence in him.


26 Jun 2018

Åkulla bokskogar

As Swedish as it gets.


10 Jun 2018