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Discipline is freedom. Yoga is a discipline . One can continuously discover new depths of yoga practice ...And it will evolve as one evolves . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #siloustyle #siloulondon


17 Aug 2018


Millions of birthday wishes go to the one and only @madonna . Revolutionist,rebel, major powerhouse, everything about her is MAJOR! I was fortunate to work with Madonna on this shoot which she art directed. Transformed into femme fatale 💣⚔️Fun that was ! Happy Birthday, you are unrivalled, forever!


16 Aug 2018


Black and white 🌚🖤☁️🐼by @siloulondon


15 Aug 2018


Glorious stillness of late summer afternoons. When the colours become saturated and the soft warmth of the sun penetrates your skin ...I want to cherish every minute of this bliss💛🧡♥️🌞 Wearing resort 2019 @siloulondon collection available for preorders on @modaoperandi #siloulondon #siloustyle


14 Aug 2018


Yoga always and for as long as I breathe 🧘🏻‍♀️🤸‍♀️And always better in @siloulondon 💙💚🧡💛 #siloulondon #siloustyle 📸 @ekashyntseva


07 Aug 2018

Vestiena, Latvia

Practicing yoga in my favourite outfit from our new @siloulondon collection available on @modaoperandi Image by @ekashyntseva #yogaeverydamnday #siloustyle #siloulondon


05 Aug 2018


Eight months ago I became a mother for the third time. I breastfed my two boys and this time with Anna it’s been even more enjoyable. I am more aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, more at ease with it. It’s joy to be able to establish a closer bond with your baby by means of nursing. Yes it is challenging in the first few weeks but it takes patience and dedication. The world is far from perfect and many mothers unfortunately don’t get enough support and unable to nurse for various reasons. I often hear from perfectly healthy , wealthy and well-educated mothers that they chose formula because “formula is better balanced than the breastmilk...” We know it’s not !!!! The nutritional value of mother’s milk, rich in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for brain growth can’t possibly be replaced by a man made powder derived from a cow’s milk. The World Breastfeeding Week 2018 is themed “Breastfeeding:Foundation for Life” and it really is ! Let’s spread awareness about significance of mothers milk in babies lives, let’s break the misconceptions connected with it. Thank you @angelcandices @doutzen for the posts #breastfeedingweek #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingmom Photo by @mertalas . Art directed by @madonna , makeup @lisaeldridgemakeup Anna is two month old on this photo .


04 Aug 2018

Vestiena, Latvia

Вот просто хорошо . Очень!


03 Aug 2018


My new collection @siloulondon is on @modaoperandi again🙌Available for preorders NOW! #siloulondon #siloustyle


02 Aug 2018

Vestiena, Latvia

Took a little boat to a tiny little island to have a little picnic . Little things make me utterly happy 🌈 📷 @ekashyntseva


31 Jul 2018

Vestiena, Latvia

Playtime in the shade of the old oak trees 🌳 #yogaeverydamnday #siloustyle


30 Jul 2018


4:30 am my balcony view . Awakening of the nature is a beautiful sight...


29 Jul 2018

Vestiena, Latvia

There is so much to say about yoga.Today for me it is being able to make a few steps back ,with grace , pace down and work twice as hard to return to the point where I once were. It is not taking anything for granted ...And always trying my best . #siloustyle #siloulondon #yogaeverydamnday #yogaphilosophy


27 Jul 2018

Lielupe, Latvia

Latvian dunes...


23 Jul 2018

Blue Marlin Ibiza

For the first time ever I have committed myself to not working out , not doing yoga, not saying no to any piece of cake that comes my way during the holidays🥐🥂🍦🍰The inner engine of mine is getting mixed messages 🤪 It is so used to working hard🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ BUT I am on a mission to tame the restless force in exchange for glorious idleness. And glorious it is when you allow yourself some self-loving 😍


20 Jul 2018

Ibiza, Spain

Summer afternoons on the water... #bliss#ibiza


20 Jul 2018


“Days in summer are apt to linger” #summer#stay #siloulondon #siloustyle


17 Jul 2018

Vysokaya Gora, Tatarstan, Russia

When I picture my perfect place it’s here...Always ...


11 Jul 2018