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You all know how much I love data, and some of the most telling, for me, centers around the gender wage gap. We talked about this on #EqualPayDay, but we need to work to highlight the truth far more often than just one day a year. • So. Stats? On average, women in the U.S. are paid 20% less than men. And that disparity is even greater for women of color. Black women make 64 cents for every dollar made by a man. Latinas make 54 cents on the dollar. So that means those women are paid 38% and 46% less than white men, respectively. • We are past the time to put an end to this. And to do that, we have to keep awareness up and pressure on! I’m thrilled to be teaming up with @abbywambach, @whododatlikedat, @swincash, @cattsadler, and @SecretDeodorant for its latest campaign, #IdRatherGetPaid. Together, we are shedding light on the wage gap. • Check out my Stories for more! There’s singing, dancing, and some figurative ceiling smashing!! @SecretDeodorant #IdRatherGetPaid #Secret #Ad


19 Nov 2018


California 💔 #CampFire


19 Nov 2018


California. My home. My heart. The devastation continues from both the #CampFire and the #WoolseyFire. 60 people have been confirmed dead. 1,000 are missing. Animals are dead, more are suffering. People with nothing, and people with seemingly all the things, have all lost everything. It is unimaginable. I cannot look at these photos without weeping. • Our state’s magic comes from nature. The land. The sea. The tiny communities of farmers and glass blowers. The enormous cities full of diverse food and innovation. The quiet forests where we all go to feel at one with the planet. • If you’ve experienced the sacred, in our ocean or on our wooded forest trails, please look at the last two slides in this post and see how you might be able to contribute. Every little bit helps. • Thank you to the courageous firefighters and rescue workers, pushing through exhaustion and trauma to save our neighbors. You are heroes. • And lastly, we cannot continue to deny science. Climate change is making these disasters exponentially worse every year. It has NEVER been like this. And we must do something before it gets, unimaginably, worse in years to come. This planet is the only one we’ve got. We must start to treat her that way. ♥️💔♥️


17 Nov 2018


Sometimes when things feel overwhelming, I think about gratitude. And feeling thankful brings me to a pretty rad #fbf. • On 11/4 I got to present the inimitable #BradBird with the Hollywood Animation Award at the HFA’s. It’s a pretty crazy thing being part of the animated film that had the biggest opening of all time. How does one quantify it? Qualify it? To see people watching it on planes, and dressing up as characters from the film — mine included! — billboards in other languages, and people showing up all over the world to watch our superheroes kick some ass while they fight for a society that doesn’t “other” anyone. A society that recognizes everyone’s unique gifts as superpowers. Yeah ... I want to go to there. • It was pretty awesome to be the person asked to present this award to Brad. The little voice in the back of my head said, “me??” To represent our cast? To give the speech? Impostor syndrome never goes away, y’all. Even when you open a movie like this one. So you have to shut it down and say, “yeah, me!” I got to talk about art as a place of belonging, and representation. As the place where we all get to go for the lessons and the laughter. I feel so privileged to get to do what I love at such a level. To get to tell stories that make people feel seen. • To all my #Voyd’s out there? I see you. You matter so much to me. This super suit’s for you! ✋🏼🕳💥 • #supersuit @ecduzit + @alc_ltd, super-pumps @louboutinworld, super cute lil’ bag @adeam, super-eyes @amberdmakeup, and that super-slick hair @chadwoodhair #Incredibles2


17 Nov 2018


Homeworkin’. And so it begins. #Surveillance #ILoveMyJob


17 Nov 2018


I’m not crying, you’re crying. Okay yes I’m crying. What a gift to be seen and to be represented. Wow. What Kendrick said. #Repost @kendrick38 ・・・ #WCW Sending love to @lavernecox for this. 🙏🏽🖤 Needed to see something good like this this week. This is beautiful and powerful. #transawarenessweek #transisbeautiful #repost @lavernecox “I'm crying right now trying to write this caption. I am just so overwhelmed reliving getting to meet Rickey and being the first trans person Rickey has ever met in person. Thank you @ashleygraham for introducing me to Rickey on your new show #Fearless for #Ellentube. Thank you Rickey for inspiring me and being a huge part of why I do what I do. Click on the link in my bio to watch the full episode. #transawarenessweek #TransIsBeautiful #ashleygraham #ellendegeneres #ellen


15 Nov 2018


Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Legit nothing makes me happier than gathering community for joy, love, vulnerability, and the reminder that we can do hard things. Can you tell? 🤣♥️😍 #TogetherLive @togetherliveevents


14 Nov 2018


Thank you to all of these beauty-full humans who came to join our #LoveRally last night! What a gift each and every one of you is to each and every one of us! @togetherliveevents #TogetherLive


14 Nov 2018

Auditorium Theatre

Last night’s #TogetherLive was exactly what I needed. And thanks to feedback from all of you glorious humans, I know it was what you needed too. Gathering. Community. Hard things. Vulnerability. Calling-in. These are things we need. • Thank you to @glennondoyle And @jenniferrwalsh for creating this space and letting us be brave. To @luvvie for teaching and preaching. To @abbywambach for making our audience our Wolfpack. To @cameronesposito for the laughter and the truth. To @priyaparker for inviting us in. To raise our hands and get on our feet. To @milckmusic for the anthem and the honesty. To @reesewitherspoon for taking the empire you’ve built, and intentionally holding the door open for the rest of us to join you in the room where it happens. • To my #Chicago sisterhood for coming, and supporting, and cheering from the crowd. I could see your faces all night while I was up there, and your love is the greatest fuel and gift. • I cannot wait to bring this show to #Minneapolis tonight. And I get to do it with two of my favorite humans, @wakingupwithryan and @maythaalhassen. Heart swoon. See you soon.


13 Nov 2018


I posted this sentiment on Twitter yesterday, but finally dug up the photos I wanted to share for #VeteransDay. • I’ve been lucky enough to sit with our courageous servicemen & women, whether on @the_USO tour stops — pictured here on our #RamsteinAirForceBase stop in 2009 with dear hearts @miloanthonyventimiglia and @austinnichols — the #WoundedWarriors center, #WalterReed visits in our nation’s capitol, or our time on #OTH throwing a giant concert for all stationed at a base in NC. There will never be enough ways to say thank you for your service. • Knowing these men & women, I simply cannot stay silent — on this day especially — about the despicable way Trump is treating our military. From refusing to visit Aisne-Marne, in France to honor the Marines 243rd year, to skipping Arlington National Cemetery today. • @mikel_jollett pointed out that the President, making up lies about election fraud, “is currently trying to make sure that legal military ballots cast by soldiers serving overseas ARE NOT COUNTED in Florida. He's doing this on VETERAN'S DAY.” Soldiers’ ballots can be received up to 10 days after the election, & counted, per state law. • As an election stunt having to do with a caravan that’s nowhere near us & has since ceased to be mentioned by POTUS (again, stunt) our troops were deployed to our own border for no national security reason. @brianschatz points out that this “is one of the biggest scandals of this Presidency. These dedicated, skilled, highly trained men & women will likely miss Thanksgiving w family, are near American cities but eating MREs.” That means no hot food. And for no reason. These troops are being housed in tents that have no electricity or air conditioning & many are suffering heat exhaustion, according to news reports. • This goes so far past party. This is about decency, and honoring those who serve for us. Even if you’re a down ballot red Rep. voter — like some of my dearest family who I love despite our disagreements — this should upset you. Likewise if you’re a blue state Dem. We should admit that we are more purple than anything. And we should not allow this kind of flagrant disrespect of our military. Period.


12 Nov 2018


Everything. Hugged the loved ones a little closer last night. And lucky for all of us, someone had a guitar for @jackgarratt. #LAnights #AuntieLife


11 Nov 2018