A Swedish Fish can change your life.........,🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟😂🌈🙏🏻 #candy #smile #life #love 💙
Madonna @madonna 10.02.2018 18:18

A Swedish Fish can change your life.........,🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟😂🌈🙏🏻 #candy #smile #life #love 💙

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johanna.nylund 16.08.2018 22:25

@analeonas svenskt godis är bäst😁😜

bad_ass_wife 15.08.2018 18:47

Love the D&G dresses in them

joao.cabrini 04.08.2018 05:39

joybfreitas 23.06.2018 16:17

@andreacl_to essas são as gêmeas.

_mad0nna_ 03.06.2018 02:00


yesy_selmo 28.05.2018 07:42

Ella me encanta. Pero porque ella los viste de hembra

mztselan 25.05.2018 18:37

Beautiful girls, but let their hair grow out. There are lots of great products out that will help with keeping their hair moisturize to retain length. They would be adorable in braids.

zim_beauties 10.05.2018 23:18

Please do something with their hair.

hglitzandthefamily 08.05.2018 23:49

@madonna 👌🏾♥️💯🇾🇪

hglitzandthefamily 08.05.2018 23:49

Your an amazing inspiration for what you’ve done in music & your personal life with adopting less fortunate kids from Africa! ♥️👌🏾💯🇾🇪

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Стас,Вы - лучший певец нашей эстрады. Спасибо за концерт в Дзержинске! Благодарим!!!!
Стас! С успешным началом тура.Вы - классный певец. Концерт очень понравился. Огромное спасибо.