Stylist for Hire! 😂🌈💙🙏🏻🎉!! @raisingmalawi  @mertalas #strikeapose 📸📷🎶 #artforfreedom #mertandmarcus #raisingmalawi #friends #family #love ♥️
Madonna @madonna 09.02.2018 16:19

Stylist for Hire! 😂🌈💙🙏🏻🎉!! @raisingmalawi @mertalas #strikeapose 📸📷🎶 #artforfreedom #mertandmarcus #raisingmalawi #friends #family #love ♥️

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Hey Madonna... Are you still looking for a stylist???

stmr91 28.06.2018 22:04

@madonna I’m looking for a sugarmama you in?

neurofuego 27.06.2018 21:42

So many coincidences, right? "Move On, Dead Man Walking, tweeting soon after my birthday, the initials, do it, Mrs C, (I would write it one word), then there's all my news on his page". What have I invoked? Gaga's gone black and white, and it ain't me babe. I don't know all these stars he speaks of. I realised your meaning as I was laying down to sleep last night and I couldn't say anything at that time. I woke up at half 4, went to a Wi-Fi zone, he'd been typing only tens of minutes before I checked. He's US time. I'm Babylondon. I don't get that angry with you. I have great self control much more than they've told you I believe. If something like he said happened because of me or words I had spoken I would be heart broken. I'm not stupid to you either. You are a dangerous woman. I also wouldn't want you mentioning the speech at all. I'm not certain what he thinks he's getting at exactly he won't know in my opinion, but you did speak it, it's there to say and every time, you charge me for it. If I speak of the speech it's low-key or disbelieved it's throwaway, and I don't want to be known in life Madonna, not like that, not like you. I wouldn't ask you.

neurofuego 27.06.2018 07:21

I don't even want to be messaging you. I don't want anything to do with you.

neurofuego 27.06.2018 07:02

I do not wish you hurt or dead.

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