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Thank you to these angels for cooking for us from your new cook book. You are such beautiful souls and I’m grateful to have crossed paths with you many years ago, I’m so proud of everything you’re doing x @whitneytingle @danielleduboise @sakaralife


13 Apr 2019


Thank you @nrdc_org and @ccmeyer for such an incredible and educational day lobbying in California’s Capital. It was incredibly inspiring to be meeting with so many passionate advocates for the environment. 💙🌊🌎 The most pending bill is #SB458 which is the #chlorpyrofis ban. 💫 Research links exposure of #chlorpyrifos to learning disabilities in kids. Almost a million pounds of the pesticide are used every year in California. Learn more & join the fight to #BanChlorpyrifos in California https://on.nrdc.org/2GPadwW And you can call the Senate’s Health Committee members and urge them to protect children’s health by supporting #SB458: Senator Richard Pan 916 651 4006 Senator Jeff Stone 916 651 4028 Senator Shannon Grove 916 651 4016 Senator Melissa Hurtado 916 651 4014 Senator Connie Leyva 916 651 4020 Senator Holly Mitchell 916 651 4030 Senator Bill Monning 916 651 4017 Senator Susan Rubio 916 651 4022 If you want to learn more about all the incredible things @nrdc_org or find out more ways you can help go to the link in my profile. 💙


10 Apr 2019


Democracy in Action 🙌 In California’s Capitol Sacramento , speaking up for our health, environment, & future with @nrdc_org #SafeFood #ActOnClimate #CleanOceans #BanChlorpyrifos #SB458 #PreserveCA #SB1 #OrganicsInSchools #AB958 #AB936 @ccmeyer @nrdc_org


09 Apr 2019


On my way to Sacramento with @nrdc_org to lobby on some very important issues pertaining to all things 🌎🌊🌲🐚🌈 These bills help protect our future, and future generations to come, all in the name of this beautiful planet we need to do more to take care of. Thanks for the recap of the bills we’ll be campaigning below @ccmeyer 💫 1) #PreserveCA SB1 ~ a bill designed to maintain existing federal standards in CA law when those standards are weakened in DC 2) Coastal Protection from Oil Spills AB 936 ~ Ensures that polluters are insured financially and held accountable to take proper responsibility in the case of an oil spill. 3) Chlorpyrifos ban SB 458 ~ protect children from exposure to the brain damaging pesticide Chlorpyrifos Follow me, @ccmeyer or @nrdc_org to follow our trip. 💙


09 Apr 2019


You’ve sold me.


08 Apr 2019


Happy birthday @alexandranataf I love you and all the adventures we’ve had and here’s to many more 🌹


05 Apr 2019


I love you @elinkling @toteme my favorite ✨🌻💫🍋 still smiles like a 13 year old for school photos


05 Apr 2019


Aussie treasure and my old friend @rhys_wakefield made a movie!! #TheBerserkMovie @TheBerserkMovie is available in theaters and on iTunes this Friday, April 5th! I’m so proud of you! And welcome to Instagram @rhys_wakefield Namaste x


04 Apr 2019


Someone’s been in LA too long


01 Apr 2019


Dream team @glendyn_ivin @samchippy #safeharbs


28 Mar 2019


Belated congratulations @markwebber @teresapalmer @theplaceofnowords so proud of you and grateful to be involved in a small way @tribeca Also ✨✨✨BODHI✨✨✨


23 Mar 2019