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I used to take her to help me press the thingy. My middle baby. Now. Today. It was her thingy to press. She’s 18. She made a choice. A choice to vote. SHE WAS SO EXCITED. And we decided. Anybody who can....and doesn’t vote, is a permanent asshole. #vote @odessaadlon #motherdaughter


06 Nov 2018


VOTING INFORMATION RED ALERT. I don’t know how to post without a picture so here is one of the great @realmichaelkelly and I making our adorable movie @allsquaremovie So. I found out the craziest thing yesterday. MY REGISTRATION IS INVALID. I have been registered to vote at the same address for the past 20 years. It is considered a “business” address and not “residential”. One of my daughters is out of state! If we hadn’t called and checked and scrambled for this information our rights to vote would have been taken away. CALL AND MAKE SURE. Here’s my solution: Registration headquarters in Norwalk is open today ‪8am-5pm‬. ‪12400 Imperial Hwy.‬ ‪Third Floor, Room 3002‬ ‪Norwalk, CA 90650‬ This weekend Sat and ‪Sun from 8am -4pm‬ they have early voting stations where you can go to register and vote on the spot and your vote will count! 1. Reseda West Valley Regional Library ‪19036 Vanowen Street 91335‬ ‪Meeting‬ room 2. Culver City - west la college ‪9000 Overland Ave‬ ‪Culver City 90230‬ Fine Arts.Room  103 #voterregistration


02 Nov 2018


I got my SIGNED copy. M’so excited. I love Ina. I’m making her matzoh balls right this second. Focus on what you have. And cooking is what I can give to my family every day. It brings me great joy. And them too. WIN WIN. @inagarten #inagarten #cooking


30 Oct 2018


Shhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t try to see what’s on the screen in front of me. No peeking! Well. We wrapped. One week ago. We wrapped shooting Season 3 of the Better Things TV show. Time of my life. Best crew ever. And now I’m in the editing room. Look. I don’t live for post. But. I am living for post. Obsessed. I drank the Kool Aid and I can’t wait to show you. (Coming to your face early 2019) @betterthings #betterthings #postlife


21 Oct 2018


How good does it feel. God. So good. So good. To hold a common decent thought amongst 100 people. Pointed in the same direction. Quietly. In solidarity. Walk out. And be allowed to do it at work. And not be penalized. We could and we did. Because I’m the boss. @betterthingsfx #webelieveyou #believesurvivors #drblaseyford #anitahill #stopkavanaugh


25 Sep 2018


I had been a working actor for years. Jobs stopped. As they do for an actor. I got a job at a flower shop. My agent (ha!) came in and said “what are you doing here?” I asked the same of him. What am I doing here? I was grateful for the work. It’s always about the work. Work gives you pride and purpose. No matter where or what you do. Your visibility as an actor never goes away. But the money sure does. Also. ps. He can’t have access to residuals bc his show has been pulled. Also ppss. So. Whoever posted this. You’re a dick and also thank you. For putting this v. good and honest man on everyone’s radar. A tsunami of encouragement, respect and job offers are the result of your shitty shaming. #geoffreyowens Also. Trader Joe’s rules.


02 Sep 2018


When I think about doing something hard. Something that’s gonna hurt. When I think about having to start over. When I think about doing the right thing. When I think about patience. Hard, hard work. I think about John McCain. Gonna miss having you around. #johnmccain


26 Aug 2018


Part 2: Coming to terms. Fuck anger, denial, bargaining and depression. ACCEPTANCE. ps. It’s also really fucking hard to try on clothes in a heat wave while having hot flashes. #bffe #emmys2018 @betterthingsfx


19 Aug 2018


Part 1: it’s that time again where I have to get things to wear to the place with the nice and the fancy and the ladies and the dresses and the pressure. So. I get trusty dusty old Steph. #StephanieLiner You know how we do. Us two old trusty dusties. #emmys2018 #bffe @betterthingsfx


19 Aug 2018


BRO! BTS3! It doesn’t get much better than this. And this isn’t even ALL the women. It’s all the some of us who were there when we remembered to do it. Here you are. I give you...the incredible chick women of my crew. Pronouns. She/her/they/us. Xpsa @betterthingsfx #femalefilmmakerfriday


11 Aug 2018


Calling all productions! I challenge you to gift your crew with bottles. Or provide cold water and encourage them to BYOB. We have a PLASTIC FREE set. Eliminate plastic bottles that just = waste and sit in the sun on hot trucks all day. We shot exteriors in 110 degrees for 4 days. Water stays ICE COLD. Plus it’s good for morale and everyone gaks up their bottles and makes them look cool. And always for backup. JUST water. Paper based bottle + plant based cap. @h2gowaterbottles @just #pamelasbottlechallengeBYOB #setlife #Ilovemycrew


01 Aug 2018


#Repost @remixgodsuede @betterthingsfx #betterthingsfx ・・・ Um. Hahahahaha! We love it, Suede! Look, ma, I’m a re-mix. Xpsa


29 Jul 2018