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That’s me and my ride or die, Steph on the left minutes before they announced the nominees. I wasn’t holding out too much hope. Steph seems pretty confident. A nomination for me is a nomination for my show. What an incredible gift this is for me and my crew and my cast and my network. Humanity prevails. We start shooting season 3 on Monday. I’m so grateful to my peers and the TV Academy. And I’m SO LUCKY to be working and doing what I do. X psa @televisionacad @betterthingsfx #emmys2018


14 Jul 2018


Quiet. Strong. Handsome. Kind. Brave. Pioneer. You taught me how to needlepoint. You told me Rosie Grier taught you. You were friends with this little nobody kid. Me. Your star will continue to burn bright. I’ll miss you, Tab. #tabhunter


10 Jul 2018


We Better Things writers join @Vida_Starz & @OneDayAtATime in the #OneVidaAtATime Challenge. Donate to @raicestexas to directly support legal services for detained separated families, including providing bonds to get parents released from detention so they can re-unite with their children. Families belong together. #keepfamiliestogether and #endfamilyseparation. We challenge @atlantafx to join us.


29 Jun 2018


I got upset when I couldn’t find my 21 year old yesterday. She can speak and is not pre-verbal. And could find me. And I...her. These families need to be re-united. We broke something. We have to fix it now. Unimaginable. Please donate. The link is in my bio. #onevidaatatimechallenge #keepfamilestogether


23 Jun 2018


Happy Birthday to my double dragon baby. Smells like baby. Milk and broccoli. I wish I was African American, no offense, mama. I said, “stu-KIT”. Not stu-pid. Congraduations, Odessa. You did it. You did high school. You made it to Chai. Now let the world see you and what you will do. TOI TOI TOI 💦💦💦 I love you a million dollars. And all the money in the world. Yours forever to infinity and beyond. This is Pamela, your ever lovin mom.


18 Jun 2018


Go buy a copy of Kitchen Confidential. It’s as riveting and vibrant as the man himself. I’m very fucking sad. I’m not gonna write alone today. Called for back up. Thank you, Tony. ILY RIP :( From Canada or US: If you're in an emergency, please call 911 You can contact the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255 or the Crisis Test Line by texting HOME to 741741 Young people in need of help can call Kids Help Phone on 1-800-668-6868 If you are in the UK, you can call the Samaritans on 116123


08 Jun 2018


What are you guys doing today. Flex up. #winbackthehouse love you psa


05 Jun 2018


Please don’t fuck around. Vote. Tuesday. #winbackthehouse @couragecampaign


01 Jun 2018


Tonight. Anyway. How’s your day? @jimmykimmel @betterthingsfx


30 May 2018


Thank you for your service. Nothing but love for the families and our military. If you pick one thing to watch and reflect with on this Memorial Day. Choose this. My friend Lysa’s stunning doc on those who have served and how the fight turns back into the real everyday struggle. @lysaheslov @servedlikeagirl #USO


28 May 2018


I feel like everybody is fucking with me and my daughter @valentineadlon is in on it. #laurelyanny


17 May 2018


Hands hurt Still wanna cook for you Been driving all day Still wanna drive you Your father takes it past the limit Still wanna forget for you You guys make me grateful and crazy and yet keep me sane You give me purpose And a reason Shiny pennies Bring your friends They are my kids too I love you all That’s what I do ps but don’t ask me to bring you your phone cuz you have fomo tho cuz that’s where I say no my bro bwahahahaha #happymothersday2018 @gideonadlon @odessaadlon @valentineadlon


13 May 2018