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We have to do something. We have to build and educate. We have to come together. Our children deserve better. I am so sorry. I love my Muslim friends. I love my Muslim friends. ما شما رو دوست داريم و در غمتون شريك هستيم. Kia Kaha #kiakahachristchurch #teachyourchildrenwell @jonlionfineart


15 Mar 2019


IT’S TONIGHT AGAIN!!!!! FUCK YES, MOM! Episode 3 is on tonight. A whole bunch of delicious peeps are in it. Scroll through to see. And yaz that’s motherfuckin’ Sharon Stone. Also, a monkey and a mouse. @betterthingsfx #betterthingsfx


15 Mar 2019


‪2ndEp2niteBTS3! If U only knew what it was like to have the best otherworldly angelic creature on earth playing my monster. Um. Yes. I am talking about @actordougjones Yes. We are that fucking lucky. Cool. Enjoy! Also. Lots of other cool people. But...Doug Jones @betterthingsfx


07 Mar 2019


Here’s a thing That me and some folks made A show A feeling Some movies Some groovies Some flitting fleeting flows It’s just me and us and we and they A journey A roundelay Sit back and breathe and take it all in We are all but echoes of a Mandolin Wind. LET’S GO. SEASON 3 @betterthingsfx #betterthingsfx


01 Mar 2019


@betterthingsfx #betterthingsfx


28 Feb 2019


This is Robin Ruzan, on the right. That’s me, on the left. She’s my rock. She doesn’t mind putting her shoes on the couch. I hate that. She’s on her phone too much. Hate it. Those are the only two bad things you could ever say about her. Today is Robin’s birthday. She always told me to “Say your feels and write your show” And now I have a show. She has been my oxygen mask a million times. She is a fabulous person who has dedicated her life to making people feel loved and heard and accepted and important. These people are her family. Her friends are her husbands and wives and children. Her mom is always her mom and no is never no. We all share her. Pods of us. And we couldn’t be happier to be polyamourously involved with you, child of Pickle Kings. Happy birthday to my dear one FA LYFE! Love, Yer man, pan aldon p.s. I take comfort in knowing Stacy is number one over all of us. @robinruzan @areare2222


22 Feb 2019


Ode to Rocky Valentine 16 Sweet and Only You are the one who would pat me on the back and say “it’s gonna be ok, mom.” My back patter. My little round baby ball. BALL You stretched and grew and got dazzling and spectacular. You are the coolest and smartest and kindest and good at things-est…. and also clearly the treasure chest. (heee your sister’s are reading this saying “SEEEE!”) Speaking of…boy, do you love your sisters. Loyal like no breed of dog ever could be. Oh, also. You don’t like flash or pomp. You want normal and home and cozy times. And mom’s cooking. You are my age of Aquarius. My Valentine. My fighter. You really are a fighter. That’s why you are Rocky. You are cool. Every second I get to be with you is a joy I can’t even express. (except when you are being a teenager) HBDRVA!!!!! I love you, Rocky Valentine xoko, mumma.


13 Feb 2019


LINK IN BIO (because Instagram won’t let me do it another way) This is an interesting article. However, I would like to clear something up. I am not exhausted. I am quite exhilarated. And grateful. Also. I am wearing Amanda Demme’s hat, which is pretty cool. @newyorkermag @betterthingsfx #betterthings #betterthingsfx


07 Feb 2019


Perfect nightcap. Fred Astaire. Ceiling Dance. Royal Wedding. @thiswashollywood #masters #lookitup


05 Feb 2019


Super Bowl Sunday. So excited. To make vodka sauce from scratch for my girls to come home to. 2nd worst kitchen fuck up ever. It was the TRANSFERRING to the glass container. Soooooo anyhoo. I begin again. From scratch. Go team. #tooearlyforadrinky?


04 Feb 2019


things to look forward to…. having a job. getting paid for having a job. indoor plumbing. going boom boom. and....02/28/19 (USA) Better Things Season 3!!! @betterthingsfx #betterthingsfx #betterthings #fuckinexcited


26 Jan 2019


What’s next? What do I write here? Most of us all want and believe the same thing. Black Lives Matter. Martin Luther King. Who keeps undoing all the good? I don’t want to live in a world without black people. And I don’t want to live in a world of oppression and cruelty and hate. So that’s the answer. And why I keep going. #martinlutherkingjr


21 Jan 2019