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Аккаунт: @oprah

Род занятий: Американская телеведущая, актриса, общественный деятель

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They’ve all used their lives and art to propel conversation and culture forward. @betoorourke @michaelbjordan #BradleyCooper @melindafrenchgates @lisa_borders. I loved talking with each of them - the energy was powerful and positive! Watch a very special hour - Tomorrow 8p|7c.


15 Feb 2019


Wanna get Lifted?!! So many of you are. It makes me so happy that 5 million downloads are resonating across the planet. I’ve been binge listening myself. And I declare, I still learn something new and rejuvenating every time. We’re halfway through our 10 part series. Come binge with me on #ANewEarth and feel the Lift!


12 Feb 2019


Look who came for lunch director extraordinaire @nadinelabaki and her producer husband Khaled. I love their movie #Capernaum so much. If you get the chance , See it!


12 Feb 2019


It’s THE performance everyone will be talking about. Hear #BradleyCooper open up about his Oscar night duet with @ladygaga. I am so impressed with him as a person AND he stayed and sat in the audience supporting the other guests the whole day! @betoorourke @lisa_borders @melindafrenchgates @michaelbjordan...this is the first of many new #SuperSoulConversations. Listen today.


08 Feb 2019


Tequila anyone? “I’m not throwing away my shot”! Thanks to every mother-daughter-sister-friend-cousin-neice-companion-partner who joined us on the #Girl’sGetAwayCruise. #OmagonHAL #pajamaparty


03 Feb 2019


I’m so excited to share with you the first look at our new scripted drama #DavidMakesMan. I knew as soon as I heard the pitch from @octarell_again that this was something that the world needed to see.


31 Jan 2019


So proud of my daughter-girls from my Academy in South Africa. Thank you @peopletv for sharing their journeys.


23 Jan 2019


I loved the food and sense of community so much I invested in the company @true_food_kitchen . And tonight my garden took center stage! So proud of my beets and potatoes! #Truefood


18 Jan 2019


Can’t stop thinking about this movie. #Capernaum Saw it 3 days ago. Didn’t know when I watched it that the cast members were real people. Including these 2 phenomenal kids. Story of a young boy who sues his parents to stop having children they can’t afford. It’s about that and so much more. Surviving the daily traumas of being poor,proving your existence matters with no “papers.” Was nominated for Golden Globes. Hope the same happens for Oscars so more people can see it. Really worthy of your time. #Capernaum means chaos.


13 Jan 2019


I couldn’t think of a better way to show how powerful and intense this season of @iyanlavanzant is going to be, besides showing you this. Iyanla stirring that tea cup gives me chills ☕️Everybody, breathe. The new season of #FixMyLife starts Tonight, 9p|8c.


12 Jan 2019


Ask anyone who travels with me and they’ll tell you I never leave home without my Truffle Zest! Make sure you try it on my new @othatsgood pizza. Check it out: trufflezest.com #SabatinoPartner


11 Jan 2019


We just launched The OG Chronicles for @OprahMagazine. I will never look at Saran Wrap the same because of Gayle. Head over to oprahmag.com for the rest of the video.


11 Jan 2019