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20 Oct 2018


My husband is away directing a film. That means in my current state 😜 I am the stay at home parent for the next few months. I want to say that I feel more exhausted being the sole parent then I do shooting a film for 16 hours a day. I want to give a huge shout out to all the single moms and parents out there. You are warriors. Don’t ever say “I’m just a stay at home parent” or “I don’t have a job”. Hell yeah you do. It’s 24/7. It never ends, you don’t get days off and it’s mostly unnoticed. BUT I see you- you are buying glitter sticks on amazon at 9pm, washing your daughters pop star or sons ninja outfit for tomorrow, grating carrots for their lunchboxes- It’s selfless, it’s demanding it and it’s the most important “job” of all. You are all my heros. #parenting #singleparent #motherhood #pregnant #26weekspregnant


18 Oct 2018


FOR ALL MY AUSSIES OUT THERE! This @youtube video is for you!!! Watch the 👉🏻FULL video 👈🏻 on my channel. GO TO MY BIO. My poor husband gets the terms all wrong 😂😂😂😂


18 Oct 2018


So my biggest pregnancy craving as we enter Fall season is chocolate and peanut butter but I’m also really trying to limit my sugar. That’s why I’m OBSESSED with @kindsnacks Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars. Not only do they taste oh so good but made with nuts and other wholesome ingredients, I dont have to feel guilty!! 🙌🏻 Also it’s important this holiday season for us to support companies that do good. @kindsnacks is on a mission to spread kindness. They have a great program called #kindawesome where you can recognize everyday acts of kindness. Find out more at howkindofyou.com #myKINDsnack #ad


16 Oct 2018


My mom stares at me constantly. I always tell her to stop because it frustrates me. Then I had a child and all I do is this. Be careful how you treat your mother bc pretty soon you’ll turn in to her. 😱😂 📷 @alicia.alvey.photography


13 Oct 2018


I heard today was #mentalhealthawareness day and I couldn’t not speak up. I have suffered from anxiety and panic for 12 years. Some days I feel like I have a handle on it some days I don’t. But I look at this picture in the mirror and I’m so damn proud of who I have become in spite of all the struggle and mess in my brain. I get up, show up and now I’m going to speak up. Just because you suffer from something doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you a winner. Because in spite of it you keep moving, you keep living and loving. So today I’m looking at anyone who has struggled with anything in regards to mental health. I see you and I am you. You no longer need to be silent. Also who thinks I’m having another 10 pounder 🤦🏻‍♀️


10 Oct 2018


Can’t believe we will be here again in a few short months. Excited and petrified! Any second time mums out there feel the same?! 😜😵#6monthspregnant #25weekspregnant


09 Oct 2018


We loooooove game night!!💃🏻 It’s been our thing for years. The classic @uno is so fun but now DOS is our new favorite game!!! Have you played it?! ❤️😂 #ad #UNOxDOS


07 Oct 2018


14 hours at @disneyland. My feet are swollen and my back has seized up walking 8 miles at 6 months pregnant . But I would do do it all again to see that permanent smile on your face. The love I have for you is endless. You are my everything (and your daddy is pretty special too 😜) HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY my soul. I love you more than you will ever ever know ❤️


06 Oct 2018


Our weekend adventures now require packing for four and with @Tile we know where all our precious items are all the time! The new Tile Pro & Mate now have replaceable batteries so we can Tile everything from diaper bags to keys, to lunchboxes. With Tile, you can enjoy the adventure. Check out the link in my bio to learn more! #TileIt #TilePartner #Momlife


05 Oct 2018


It’s taken me a long time to feel like I was a good mother. I think the outside noise of what parenthood looks like is unattainable. Perfect children, perfect families, perfect bullsh@t. I remember saying to my husband “ I don’t know if I’ll ever hold up to standard that has been set, it seems unrealistic. He said “ do you give her love?” And I said, “with every ounce of my mind, body and soul. I give her so much love that my heart breaks.” And he said “ that’s all you need to be perfect”. ❤️


04 Oct 2018


Our pregnancy journey has NOT been an easy one. Today on my @youtube we begin sharing some of the challenges and roadblocks we have had along the way including a hemorrhage in THIS pregnancy at 10 weeks. Our baby is Happy and healthy now but it wasn’t an easy road to get here. We have decided to share details in episodes on my YouTube because we want people to not feel alone and isolated in their pregnancy journey. If we support and hold each other up and form a supportive community then maybe we won’t have to suffer in silence. Link to the blog in in my bio or swipe up in my story ❤️ #pregnant #pregnancy


02 Oct 2018