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Род занятий: Австралийский актёр и телеведущий

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Some various drone footage from My last trip to the Holy land & Petra @thejesustrek @galilee_sailing_ltd @taggedbyjesus music by @ptonypterodactyl - something can grow


21 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California

@palmsundaysco coming soon Let me know if you like em ♥️


19 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California

. TRAIN the body. TEACH the mind. TREASURE the heart. Don’t hand out many maps, don’t give it away to many suitors but rather make one map, and only give away one map, to one person, so that one person can always know where to find you & ultimately be the keeper of your treasured heart ❌ That’s the kind of love I want to believe in. I will cross oceans for it, I will fight raging seas to keep it.. I won’t SHARE that treasure with another. ALL or NOTHING


16 Mar 2019

Christchurch, New Zealand

Thoughts & prayers with the Muslim community in Christchurch New Zealand 🙏🏼 evil has a face and it’s humanity.


15 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California

Light consumes a dark room, it will expose what is hidden. But It won’t remove that which was hidden and is now in clear sight, that is entirely up to us. Love also consumes & love also exposes, yet it too wont remove what is hidden, that again is up to us.


14 Mar 2019

Barcelona, Spain

בראשית 19:17


13 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California



12 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California

A Triumphant entry; Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest! The crowds sang out, as Jesus entered jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Some of the religious leaders in the crowd said to Jesus - Teacher, rebuke your disciples! Considering this blasphemy. Jesus did not but rather; He replied with these words- I tell you, if they (My disciples) keep quiet, the stones will cry out. Jesus wasn’t claiming to be a prophet, or just a new king. But the one true King, ruler, and creator of All things. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel, for In it, is life for those that believe. @palmsundaysco


11 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California

@palmsundaysco Remembering, restoring, returning. Zechariah 9:9


10 Mar 2019

Los Angeles, California


08 Mar 2019