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Род занятий: Фэшн-блоггер, светская львица,

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She calls it “ On Laura’s lap” ... the end to the best birthday weekend @laurabrown99


15 Jul 2018


Always the Unicorn, because normal is boring. On my birthday I want to celebrate those closest to me, my family and my friends. And say thank you for putting up with my crazy all over the place disorganized personality. I’m so oblivious most of the time but am also the worst self critic. I am so lucky to have people who want to love me despite all of that.


13 Jul 2018


My way of mothering is a non traditional way. I believe in “gentle and organic “ methods when it comes to raising my children. I co sleep, I breastfeed them for a long time, I don’t believe in sticking to schedules, in timed feedings, or creating artificial routines. I know how crazy this seems to people who do not believe in co sleeping and love structure. I also know that for a lot of families the opposite works and some working parents have to have routines and schedules because it’s the only way for them. For us it was something that worked, and felt natural. When I left the hospital I was told By nurses and staff that had to feed my son every 3 hours. At home I was faced with situations when he was hungry in 2 hours or 2.5 hours or even 1 hour ( during a growth spurt ) and that was natural for him, that was his body telling him he needed to feed. I walked around the house stressed, pulling my hair out trying to calm my crying baby while he wailed wanting to feed, yet because I was told to feed him every 3 hours, I thought I had to do that for his own good.. I was lucky I met an incredible Lactation consultant who helped me with breastfeeding (which was so hard at first and so emotional and painful) and who gave me the best advice, one I now tell every new mama I meet. She told me to listen to my heart, to listen to my gut and do what I feel is right for my baby. She said to stop listening to friends, neighbors, family members and websites. Every child is different, and as a Mom I know what is best for my baby. The moment that truth sunk in, I felt the weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I felt 1000 times better. I fed my baby when he showed me signs that he was hungry, I put him Down when he felt tired, I listened to him and let him guide me, and that worked for us. The reason I’m sharing this, is because with my second baby it’s very different. He takes 20 minute naps and he doesn’t like to be bothered or touched while he’s sleeping, so his sleep is interrupted in the night and with 20 minute naps during the day he really wasn’t getting the rest was irritable and tired. So I decided to do something I swore off- sleep train him.Rest in comms


12 Jul 2018


One is crying, the other one is screaming: “Pick me up!!” .. What to do, when they both want your attention and don’t want to be held together? I hold them both but they push each other out of the way in total chaos... anyone else dealing with this ? @thetot


11 Jul 2018


If you need me, You can find me in the hammock..


09 Jul 2018


Very Pink Vibes... @loveshackfancy @thetot


08 Jul 2018


The @thetot Team taking over Hamptons! ( and eating lots of lobster rolls while we are at it) Thankful for these incredible hardworking females.


08 Jul 2018


Our Pop Up in the Hamptons is officially launched! Come check us out in East Hampton if you are in the area. Thank you to our super cool partners @ever.after.shop And a huge thank you to our Hot Mama Hosts @claire_fivestory @leandramcohen @vanessatraina 📷: @Greg_scaffidi_studio


07 Jul 2018


Zesty 🍋🍋🍋


07 Jul 2018


Red white and blue 🇺🇸


06 Jul 2018


Moments I live for... 🇺🇸


04 Jul 2018


Taking all my style inspo from this one this holiday weekend. @thetot #permanentmood


01 Jul 2018