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Second series from my new story for @thelovemagazine shot by my dear friend, super talented photographer @drewjarrett1, styled by @luellabartley These are the horizontal images I couldn’t post in my album yesterday, so check out my last post if you haven’t seen it yet! Special thanks to the whole creative team: @kegrand @naokikomiya @linseyalexander @stevemorriss01 @kapsurenyc @chrissbrenner


09 Aug 2018


Dark and haunting shoot with one of my oldest friends, incredible photographer @drewjarrett1 for the new issue of @thelovemagazine, styled by the iconic @luellabartley. Embracing my perfections, as well as, my imperfections was so liberating and I’m very proud of this story! I will post horizontal images tomorrow. Special thanks to the creative team: @drewjarrett1 @kegrand @luellabartley @linseyalexander @naokikomiya @kapsurenyc @stevemorriss01 @chrissbrenner Happy Birthday @thelovemagazine!!!


08 Aug 2018


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve all got a fab weekend planned! Here’s some more images from the awesome new @balmain campaign, there’s so many I need to share, but I’m trying to posting them according to layout because you can’t do an album here with different crops🙄. I think I’ve only got one more set to go and then I’ll be done!😂 Again, special thanks to the amazing photographer @anlestudio for all this 🔥💥🌪⚡️magic and the incredible creative team! Creative Director : @olivier_rousteing Photographer : @anlestudio Hair: @nabilharlow Makeup: @fulviafarolfi Producer: @pavonv Booking: @chrisbrenner Agency : Sunshine


03 Aug 2018


Wanted to take a break from fashion and post some gardening pics!!😝 I’m so excited because I picked my first watermelon from the garden! I haven’t tasted it yet, so who knows, but it’s still amazing! And I swear the zucchini are growing so fast I can hardly pick them before they become monsters. Literally zucchini pasta for days with this big guy!😂 I’ve also picked another winter squash, some onions and loads of cucumbers! I’ve also got so many tomato plants growing as well (like 20 plants, because I hate to kill them) and of course the infamous Tomato Horn Worm makes his appearance anywhere there are healthy plants to eat. This one got really big and managed to eat one of my baby tomatoes before we caught him and threw him up our mountain in back of the house. They’re pretty gross as caterpillars, but these worms turn into magnificent Sphinx moths in the end, so i hate to kill them. #millasgarden #millaskitchen #growingkidsgrowingfood #urbangarden #ladiary 🌽🥕🥦🥒🍓🍉🍅😄


01 Aug 2018


Two more pictures from the amazing @anlestudio for the new @balmain campaign! What a beautiful experience it was to work with such talented and inspiring people, creating something so special! So much love to the incredible team! Creative Director : @olivier_rousteing Photographer : @anlestudio Hair: @nabilharlow Makeup: @fulviafarolfi Producer: @pavonv Booking: @chrisbrenner Agency : Sunshine


31 Jul 2018


So excited to be a part of the new @balmain campaign! Here are 3 of the images to start with and I’ll share more tomorrow! Thanks so much to the creative team: Creative Director : @olivier_rousteing Photographer : @anlestudio Hair: @nabilharlow Makeup: @fulviafarolfi Producer: @pavonv Booking: @chrisbrenner Agency : Sunshine


28 Jul 2018


So proud to be a part of the new @balmain campaign! Here is a teaser video that they just released to give you a peek at things to come! The concept is about using movement and your environment to create sound. I will be posting a new picture from the campaign everyday this week, so tune back in tomorrow for a new image! Xo m😘 Special thanks to the entire creative team! Designer: @olivier_rousteing Director: Jake Nava Photograher: @anlestudio Producer: @pavonv Hair: Balmain Hair x @nabilharlow Make Up: @fulviafarolfi Booking: @chrissbrenner Creative Agency: Sunshine


27 Jul 2018


Going into the weekend like... 🥒🍅🥕🌽So excited, I finally picked our first winter squash called “Sweet Mama”! (I planted it because it reminds me of myself😉) It’s a Japanese squash so I’m thinking of making some Tempura for dinner tonight! I make my batter with cake flour and soda water. You gotta mix it real slow to keep it light and airy and I usually fry it in my wok with peanut oil or any other oil that has a high burning point.😊👌🏼Also, the watermelons are doing so great!! I can’t believe how big they are already! These are called “Dixie Queen” and I read that they can grow up to 40lbs, so I’m going to wait a few more weeks and see how much bigger they get before I pick them. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy gardening, today feels like heaven, knowing All I gotta do is some transplanting and watering. Topping up the fertilizer. It’s so calming. Kind of like meditation for people who can’t sit still!😋 Happy Gardening everyone and have a great weekend!! Xo m❤️❤️❤️ #growingkidsgrowingfood #millasgarden #millaskitchen #ladiary


21 Jul 2018


This is everything. Me and my incredible family spending a joy filled week here in Utah. I can’t wait till we come back! Check out my insta story to see our family hike in the gorgeous mountains around Park City! #utahdiary


19 Jul 2018


SATURDAY NIGHT PEOPLE!! Having a mommy/daddy date night at the #noburyokanmalibu with my man! My mom came to check out the hotel as well, but she’s not staying all night.😉😂 #ladiary


15 Jul 2018


Happy Friday the 13th everyone👻! And to celebrate, #shockandawemovie is in theaters and on iTunes today! If you want to check it out, click the link in my bio! Here’s some BTS pics from set with all the actors!👊🏼


13 Jul 2018


#weekendvibes While my eldest @evergaboanderson is visiting with family and friends in Europe, I came home this week to spend time with my little smushkins! I can’t even describe the joy it is to have moments like these, spending the morning in bed with my baby.😊❤️❤️❤️ #dashieledan #smushy #ladiary


30 Jun 2018