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Did you guys know @snoopdogg and I got the same cousin TyDogg 😂😂😂 (credit: @morganb930 )


25 Apr 2019


#repost@tonyrobbins “The flaws in my past make me so grateful for my life today. I have compassion for mankind, but also myself. My life today is all about love. If I died today, I’d have to write a check that I was overpaid.” — @miketyson What a joy to reconnect with my friend, Mike Tyson. Most people don’t know that I worked with Mike 21 years ago right after the incident with Holyfield’s ear. To know Mike is to understand that his history is filled with pain—inducing hurt in others & being hurt by others! When you learn his story you develop a level of understanding & compassion for all humans & see how we can be conditioned to behave completely different than our true SPIRIT & SOUL. Mike’s journey began growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods with one of the roughest childhoods imaginable. He dropped out of school at 7, by 13 he had been arrested 38 times, & at 16 his mother died. Mike was trained, hypnotized & rewarded for damaging other human beings & he became a “beast” by his own description. Decades later, he has completely transformed his life. Whenever I'm asked by the media "Who is the most interesting person you’ve met, worked with, or coached" the first people that come to mind are Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa & various presidents of countries. But I've always told people that one of the most interesting 1st meetings I had was with Iron Mike. I was blown away to see this man, supposedly a total beast, show a different side. Did you know that he's an avid reader of philosophy & psychology? During our time together he often quoted Nietzsche & Machiavelli, the Bhagavad Gita, Bible & Qur’an. While in prison he transformed himself. The warden said he ended the war between African-American, Caucasian & Hispanic gangs & unified them by saying “No one out there cares for us. We have to care for one another.” Amazing! He told me about a white power skinhead consumed by rage, trying to harm him & others. I asked, why do you think people are like that? He said, "They want power because they don't have any love. The worst think they'll never really have it.” Incredible insight! Mike, thank you for sharing your journey with us. We fe


23 Apr 2019


When I’m not doing @hotboxinpodcast I’m kicking little gamers ass 😂. @ninja we gotta have you on the podcast!


23 Apr 2019


“When Mike was the man, he set the trend” - @snoopdogg . . Tonight’s the night. Hotboxin with Snoop tonight at 9pm EST on youtube.com/miketyson


22 Apr 2019


Hotboxin with Snoop Doggy dogg on my youtube tomorrow 4/22 at 6pm #hotboxinpodcast


21 Apr 2019


Happy 420 everybody! Tune in monday to my youtube for hotboxin with @snoopdogg 💨 . 🎥 by @frasermunden


20 Apr 2019


Hotboxin with @snoopdogg on april 22 #hotboxinpodcast


19 Apr 2019


Link in bio. Longtime NBA grinder @matt_barnes9 (Lakers, Warriors, Knicks, Kings) stops by Tyson Ranch to Hotbox with Iron Mike and @edsbritton . They compare drug testing protocol and discuss life as an athlete who uses alternative medicine. Also, keep an eye out for Matt and Stephen Jackson’s new pod, coming soon!


15 Apr 2019


the marathon continues #ripnipseyhussle


11 Apr 2019




10 Apr 2019


Have a happy tuesday guys


09 Apr 2019


Big shoutout to the young brother @henry_cejudo for dropping by the ranch for some Hotboxin’. Link in bio


09 Apr 2019