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Broadway Books

Today I stopped by one of Portland's locally-owned bookstores, @BroadwayBooks, and spent time with a group of young professional women who are juggling careers, relationships, and children, and trying to find a little time for themselves too. We talked about the importance of self-care and finding a group of women to support us through all our ups and downs as we try to manage our chaotic lives. And you don’t have to be here in Portland to take part in this conversation—let me know what you and your book clubs have been discussing! #IAmBecoming


20 Mar 2019


Recently I sat down with some of @Youtube’s #BookTubers and creators to talk all things #IAmBecoming. We covered everything from marriage advice, to what it means to swerve, to my favorite books. Watch the full discussion at http://goo.gl/oggoh2.


19 Mar 2019


There’s never a dull moment with you, Conan. Thanks for the laughs! Listen in at https://apple.co/TeamCoco. #IAmBecoming


18 Mar 2019


We’re halfway through #WomensHistoryMonth, and today I’m highlighting one of our country’s incredible military spouses—Kiesha Yokers, who came to my show in New York City in December with @bluestarfamilies. She’s a mother to two beautiful children. She’s a Navy wife. She’s an advocate for adoption. And she’s passionate about helping women of color build healthier lives. Like so many military spouses, she’s got a lot on her plate. After years of moving around the world with her Naval husband, Keisha stopped teaching elementary school to raise her two children. Soon enough, she decided to change her career path. Kiesha took the leap and started @greenandwellbeauty with the desire to see women of color live longer, healthier lives. It's become an inspiring and safe place to talk about issues close to Kiesha’s heart. Do you have a "swerve moment" that changed your path in life? Share in the comments below! #IAmBecoming


18 Mar 2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While in Milwaukee, my friend Conan O’Brien and I surprised some high school juniors from across the city who were meeting with @reachhigher2020 to talk about their college dreams. We told them how proud we are of them, and we reminded them that so many people have their backs! To the incredible young people out there, don't forget that I'm rooting for you every step of the way. I can't wait to see what you achieve! #ReachHigher


16 Mar 2019


It was such a treat to sit down with two book clubs from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area for a conversation with women from so many different walks of life. But as so often happens, rather than focusing on surface-level differences, we talked about so many things we all share. This week, I hope you’ll try to do the same. Strike up a conversation with that coworker or neighbor you haven’t really had a chance to meet yet. By sharing our stories—our little joys and struggles—we can see what unites us. #IAmBecoming


14 Mar 2019


Still dancing at 110 years old—happy birthday, Virginia!


12 Mar 2019


This beautiful smile belongs to Eliakunda Kaaya. I sat down with her and several of her peers for a conversation on girls' education last fall. Eliakunda comes from a family of nine children in Tanzania. She once said, "My own brothers would say… that it was a waste of time and waste of investment to…[send] me to school, because a woman is meant to be married.” But Eliakunda never believed that. She became the first person in her family to go to high school—and then the first to go to college. After she graduated she became a @ShesTheFirst Fellow and she launched a project called "Her Journey to School,” which builds on her own experience by reaching out to parents about the importance of sending their daughters to school. Eliakunda's story shows us the power of education—and the promise inside every single girl around the world. #InternationalWomensDay


08 Mar 2019


Few things in life inspire me like young people taking action. This week, I visited with the #ObamaScholars, who have spent the past few days connecting and learning together in D.C. Already, they’re making profound differences in their home countries, from expanding peacebuilding operations in Colombia to fighting for gender rights and marginalized communities in Pakistan. Now, through the @ObamaFoundation, the University of Chicago, and Columbia University, they’re taking their work to the next level with a world-class education. The work they are doing is remarkable, and the best resource they have is each other—because work like this is impossible in isolation. I know that in the years ahead, these young leaders will make their communities better, and in turn, that makes the world a little brighter for all of us.


07 Mar 2019


As I read through your feedback on my book, one theme that keeps popping up is how to empower the women around us—whether that's our girlfriends, coworkers, or the women we see at the gym or at happy hour. Empowering each other is a big question and can take a lot of forms, but one thing I know is that it's up to us to be there for each other—especially those who often feel overlooked—because when someone shows genuine interest in your growth and development, it can make all the difference in the world. So for#WomensHistoryMonth, I want you to let me know how you’re making an impact on another woman's life. Whether that’s joining a mentoring program, asking your boss about how they’re planning to get more women’s voices at the table, or simply taking 10 minutes to lend an ear to your coworker over coffee, I want to hear what you’re up to! Let me know in a short video or in comments below. 👇🏾#IAmBecoming #WellnessWednesday


07 Mar 2019


Looking forward to sitting down with a few of my friends! #IAmBecoming


07 Mar 2019


Five years ago, we decided we wanted to make a big splash for all students who were committing to college—the same way we do athletes. Every year on #CollegeSigningDay, students across the country announce their plans to go to community college, university, trade or vocational school, or join the military—and the rest of us do our part to help them celebrate. This year, I’ll be @UCLA on May 1 with @BetterMakeRoom to do just that. And I can use your help to show the amazing young people in your community that we’ve got their backs, too. So I hope you’ll sign up to host your own Signing Day event in your community at bettermakeroom.org/collegesigningday. #BetterMakeRoom


05 Mar 2019