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⠀ Guys, this time I keep telling you a lot about my American trip and would like you to have a bit more than just my posts🥰 ⠀ Русская версия на @maximsap.ru 🇷🇺 ⠀ Come up with a great caption for this photo and the authors of the best ones will get postcards from me from Arizona😜 ⠀ Boooom!💥 ⠀ #lasvegas #usa #travel #love #postcard #grandcanyon


19 Nov 2018

Essque Zalu Zanzibar

⠀ Here’s a short play I've written for you🖋 ⠀ Imagine: me and Masha @azarenok @azarenokpro, who rightfully considered to be one of the best experts of personal branding in Russia, having a great time on our workation in Africa, we’re tired after another day of safari. Then Masha comes up with an idea to interview me as a part of her series of interviews with interesting people sometime in Moscow. ⠀ Next: M - Masha, I - me. ⠀ M: Would you let me interview you for my YouTube channel when you come to Moscow again? I: Sure! But why wait until we get to Moscow? Shall we do it right here in Zanzibar? M: Great plan, but how? I: Easy! ⠀ Then I arranged with one of the most beautiful hotels in Zanzibar to have a shoot, and found a cool videographer to do the interview. Then Masha interviewed me, it all went really smoothly and turned out to be a very interesting conversation. ⠀ Today Masha put our interview on her channel. Check the link to the video is in my and her the stories and in bio. ⠀ A curtain✒️ ⠀ Those of you who’ve read the play and watched the interview, what do you think?😅 Be honest with me! ⠀ I hope that the second part will be released soon, because I didn’t have time to say everything I wanted to in the first half 🤞🏻 video by @abdulj4 @newafricadigital-official, prod by @varvara.film, location @essque_zalu_zanzibar#interview #style #business #fashion #askme


18 Nov 2018

Horseshoe Bend Overlook

⠀ If I'm scared of something, then I definitely have to do it!💪🏻 ⠀ Fear is usually the driving force of progress and and you can move mountains if you overcome your fears. It really is that simple: look fear in the eyes or step out of your comfort zone - call it whatever you like – but just do it🤷🏻‍♂ ⠀ What would have happened if I continued to be scared: ⠀ 🙈I would be engaged in doing something I didn’t particularly enjoy. After the Law Academy and opening a travel company, it seemed logical for me to keep doing the same things moving around work and home. It was really daunting to drop everything and start doing fashion, although I can tell you that I knew almost nothing about fashion then, but I really wanted to get involved. ⠀ 🙈 I wouldn’t have moved to Milan. Why would you go somewhere, if you have you parents, home, good work, friends in Yekaterinburg? I didn’t speak Italian then so it seemed a bit illogical. Just FYI, I started speaking Italian only a year after I moved😅 ⠀ 🙈 I wouldn’t have created @fashiontomax. In reality, at that time life was pretty comfy. I worked in one of the best showrooms in Europe, chatted with designers, buyers and flew to FW. Who in their clear mind wouldn’t be afraid to quit and plunge into the unknown? Well, for some reason I just went for it🕺🏻 ⠀ 🙈I would’ve gone bankrupt. Let's be realistic - who needed @fashiontomax then, say, in Paris? Will you believe me if I say that I wasn’t afraid to take the camera and go shooting for the first time and to make my way to the shows or approach celebrities? But then I applied the principle: “If not me, then who?” 😎 ⠀ 🙈I wouldn’t have become a speaker. I’m like the protagonist in “The King’s Speech” movie: I have it all, but as I go out to the public - I immediately feel petrified. I remember my first public speech in Africa and my palms were sweating😖 But it turned out that if I get out there and start talking about my brand, I can enthuse and I bang on about it forever😅 ⠀ These are just starting points. Every day we make choices, and this list can be made really long. I made my choice when I was 20. I'm not afraid🙅🏻‍♂ ⠀ And you? ⠀ #business #fear #grandcanyon #travel


17 Nov 2018

Horseshoe Bend

⠀ Before uploading this video to the stories, I wrote to my mom: “Mom, please, don't worry. I'm alright. I'm already standing on the ground!”👌🏻 ⠀ Very few people know that I’m petrified of heights, but when I got to the Grand Canyon, I decided that it was the time to overcome my fear. Just to make it clear, sitting on the edge there is really dangerous⛔ ⠀ ❗Firstly, there are no fences or people around who will come to your rescue in case of emergency. ⠀ ❗Secondly, from 1925 to 2005, 53 people died, falling from the edge of the canyon. Recently, more and more people stumbled and fell to their death in a state of euphoria, taking selfies🤦🏼‍♀ Michael Ghiglieri and Thomas Myers wrote a book about it called “Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon”. ⠀ But I’m not easily deterred by the difficulties. And there’s nothing more symbolic than to overcome your fear in such a place🙏🏻 ⠀ After watching this video, my mum tried her best not to get really angry with me. She even replied: “I’m really proud of you! But don’t you dare try it again!”😤 ⠀ Here I agree with her. I won’t do it again! 😂 Guys, if you have no other reason to risk your life than to take a photo on the edge of a cliff – well maybe it’s not really worth it?🤷🏼‍♀ ⠀ Take care of yourself!🤗 thanks @ifotograffer for filming and helping me to pass it through! 👍🏻 ⠀ #grandcanyon #fear #height #usa #arizona


15 Nov 2018

John F. Kennedy International Airport

⠀ Guys, today’s @stefanogabbana's birthday, and I can't miss this great opportunity to say "Happy birthday!" and remember a couple of wonderful things 🎉🎉 ⠀ First, Stefano was one of the first people in the world of fashion who supported me when I started @fashiontomax. @dolcegabbana, by the way, were among the first projects which my team worked on☝🏻 ⠀ Secondly, we’ve traveled half of the world together. These are some of the places we’ve been to for work✈️ Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, UAE. And loads of places in Italy!🍝 ⠀ Stefano isn’t just a talented designer, but also a teacher and a really motivating person💪🏻 I can’t stop admiring his self-irony and professional approach to anything he does. I tend to choose the best examples and follow them😉 ⠀ Guys, if you want to, you can leave you birthday wishes for Stefano in the comments too – they will definitely be passed on to Stefano!🎊🎊 ⠀ #dgfamily #dolcegabbana #stefanogabbana #birthday #happybirthday


14 Nov 2018

New York, New York

My work always gives me a great opportunity not only to meet young talents but also work with them. Today we walked around NYC with @myroslav_piurko, one of the members of the young multitasking generation. Miroslav is a model, studying marketing and business in college and he is also a photographer. He works with old style film cameras, which, btw is trendy now, because if you get a right shot, the image could look better than a photo taken with any digital camera and of course it’s gonna be unique. Honestly, I’m a bit jealous as the young generation has this opportunity nowadays to study and create everywhere. These days there are no borders for them. It’s so different from what we experienced growing up in the Soviet Union. The opportunities were totally different. 🧔🏻🧑🏼 Take, for example, the internet. We couldn’t explore and experience the same things as the younger generation do with social media platforms. But I still believe, that it’s never late (even for me, an old man 😂) to create smth really big and useful for others! So I’ve never worked so hard as I do now, to be able to compete and follow the new rules of the game. What do you think about posting regularly on my IG #maximsapfriends, where you could learn a bit more about cool and talented people who met in my life? Do you like this idea? Write in comment “yes to #maximsapfriends” and subscribe to this hashtag!


13 Nov 2018


I simply can’t ignore what’s happening in California now, not only because I fell in love with this beautiful part of the world during this trip, but also because this disaster affected my friends. ⠀ My heart is bleeding and I’m feeling entirely helpless in this situation. I can only watch as the terrible events are unfolding. I send my condolences to all those who was affected by this terrible tragedy and want to share with you some of the thoughts I’ve had for the last couple of days. ⠀ Fame, parties, money – these are nowhere near as significant as love, family and health. ⠀ Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


12 Nov 2018

Pier 94

How to get to a Victoria Secret SHOW?🤫 ⠀ Yesterday I got snowed under with messages - everyone asked how to get to a Victoria´s Secret show🔥 ⠀ So, I have no secrets from you, I’m telling you!😉 ⠀ 🔸Officially, tickets for the show aren’t sold. Entry is by invitation, usually sent to celebrities, media and representatives of the fashion industry - about 2,000 people in total. ⠀ 🔸However some websites offer tickets for the show - some offer the so-called VIP-packages, which also include several days of a hotel stay, transfers, invitations to private parties, etc. The cost of these often start from $37K. Can you believe, in September some Chinese media found the tickets to the show sold for 90,000 yuan (about $13,700) on the largest e-commerce platform TaoBao. ⠀ 🔸The origin of these tickets is unknown …. so, I think buying tickets for the show is like playing the Russian roulette. ⠀ Be careful!☝🏻 And hopefully see you next season!🤟🏻 ⠀ Photo by @tarnphoto 👌🏻#topmodel #models #angels #victoriassecret #losangeles #newyork #ny #vsfs2018 #vsfashionshow


10 Nov 2018

Pier 94

IF I WERE A VICTORIA’S SECRET ANGEL😅 ⠀ I’d have to go through so much (I heard those hacks yesterday and it’s 100% true): ⠀ 🖤 I’d get rich. Normally the Angels’ salaries are kept secret, but the tabloids have already exposed that each model receives around $100K for a show; ⠀ 🖤 I’d get a knockout in the ring a few times. To keep fit the Angels choose boxing as a cardio workout. I’m a beginner in this, so I would have missed a couple of punches from a trainer, but you’d do anything for a toned body. ⠀ 🖤 I’d ditch my favorite risotto…and pizza…and pasta…and wine. I’d sit in a restaurant looking miserable and sad over a plate of salad; ⠀ 🖤I’d stop drinking 12 hours before the show. Adriana Lima practices such techniques when it’s necessary for her to literally “dry”. ⠀ While I was listing all of these, I already convinced myself several times that I’d never be a Victoria's Secret Angel😂 ⠀ It’s nothing to do with the length of my legs, but rather with my willpower!☝🏻 ⠀ Would you have the strength to be an Angel?🤔 Be honest!! ⠀ #topmodel #models #angels #victoriassecret #losangeles #newyork #ny #kelseymerritt #duckiethot #winnieharlow #tonigarrn #vsfs2018 #vsfs #vsangel


10 Nov 2018

Pier 94

VICTORIA’S SECRET SHOW 2018👯‍♀ ⠀ That’s probably the only reason why I left the pink sunsets in California and dashed to New York😂 ⠀ 🔸I’ve been following this show for many seasons, but it was the first time I’d actually seen it myself and I can’t wait to share the hottest insides: ⠀ 🔸This season, both @winnieharlow and @Duckieofficial made their VS debut, and the German stunner @tonygarrn returned to the show after a five-year absence. ⠀ 🔸@hoskelsa was wearing a coveted fantasy bra, studded with #Swarovski diamonds, and with a body chain worth $ 1 million which has over 71 carats! The set took over 930 hours of create! ⠀ 🔸By the way, I bet that soon the rising star @kelseymerritt will feature on the front covers and catwalks. Today she’s made history as the first Filipino woman in the @victoriassecret Angels team. ⠀ Will you watch the show online? I guess, it will be on December 2. Which look did you like most?🤔👯‍♀ ⠀ #ny #newyork #losangeles #victoriassecret #angels #models #topmodel #tonigarrn #winnieharlow #duckiethot #kelseymerritt #vsfs #vsangels


09 Nov 2018

Los Angeles, California

WHY WOULD I LIKE TO LIVE IN LA🤔 ⠀ 💔First, LA climate is ideal. Who wouldn’t want to live within walking distance of the sea and a sunny beach?🤤 ⠀ 💔Secondly, LA lifestyle is much more laid-back than in New York. Here everyone knows what relax and chill means. ⠀ 💔Then, I’m confident that I could do successful business in LA. If there’s money in the US, then a it’s here, in LA, which makes it the best place for any start-up. ⠀ 💔Finally, it’s all about people! I’ve had several meetings and every time I fell in love with Californians. They are super-friendly, open-minded and ready to embrace new stuff. ⠀ Now, here is the question: to live or not to live?😂 ⠀ #bigsur #hollywood #losangeles #travel #sanfrancisco #usa #la


08 Nov 2018

Big Sur, California

WHY I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN LA😱 ⠀ 🙃 huge distances in LA is a bit of a challenge for people like me. If you can’t or don’t like driving, then you have to rely on Uber. Their fees are fair, though - no more than $20 for 10km. ⠀ 🙃 You need quite a lot of money to enjoy comfy life there. Then, for example, a Hollywood star can be one of your neighbours if you purchase some property in a posh area; ⠀ 🙃 it’s a perfect place for those beginning their acting career. A typical cinema story, when every waiter is an aspiring actor in their spare time, is quite real in LA. ⠀ 🙃 Healthy lifestyle is a philosophy around there. My love for risotto undermines the fundamental principles of this philosophy😂 ⠀ Would you like to live in LA? Or maybe even become a Hollywood star?🌟😉 ⠀ #la #usa #sanfrancisco #travel #losangeles #hollywood


07 Nov 2018