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Milan, Italy

🎬 The @marcodevincenzo show this season was the way I like it most - very personal. ⠀ De Vincenzo had everyone wondering when he announced that this collection would be full of all his favourite things, what he really likes as a designer and what makes him love his job as this year the brand is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary. 🎭 ⠀ 👜We’ve known each other for around the same number of years. I met @marcodevincenzo while I was still working in the Milan’s showroom and De Vincenzo was famous for the legendary accessories for @fendi, including the Fendi Peekaboo bag. ⠀ It means that I’ve been following the brand “from the inside” for ten years: first as a buyer, then as a fashion expert and during this Fashion Week I had a chance to see how the brand works during the show. 💫 ⠀ 🏆It was the first time during the Fashion Week when @marcodevincenzo entrusted the creation of the social media content to my @fashiontomax team and gave us absolute freedom backstage. We did out best to create high-quality content for the brand which will reflect the style of it. ⠀ We also tried not to disrupt the main show and to achieve this the team used a black curtain (the one used by the models for posing before hitting the catwalk).🗝 ⠀ 👉Swipe left to see the results of our work. ⠀ Do you like our idea? 🙂 ⠀ 📌 Produced by: @fashiontomax x @maximsap 🎥 Videos by: @i_am_misch x @varya.kolesova x @multi_art_video 🎞 Producer: @yuliya_ibatullina#fashion #style #marcodevincenzo #fashiontomax #backstage #mfw2019 #milan


18 Mar 2019

ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration

MY TOP PLACES IN MADRID. Part 2 ⭐️ ⠀ 📌 Places to eat: 🍱 Kabuki –  it’s a great Michelin star restaurant serving Japanese cuisine; 🍸 The Penthouse – go there to get a great view of Madrid from the top while nibbling on tapas. ⠀ 📌 Places to see: 🎭 Thyssen Museum 🎨 Prado Museum 🎬 Museum of Romanticism 🎻 ABC Museum ⠀ 📌 Places to do some shopping: ⛲️ Serrano and the neighbouring streets 🗺 Plaza Mayor (it’s a wonderful Christmas, food market and the place you can get Spanish brands). ⠀ Have you been to any of these places? What do you think of them! 🙃 ⠀ #fashion #style #spain #madrid #vacations #checklist


17 Mar 2019

Madrid, Spain

MY TOP PLACES IN MADRID. Part 1.💥 ⠀ 📝 Now it’s my turn to share my list of places to visit in Madrid if you want to take a great selfie or enjoy a good meal or two: ⠀ ⁉️Places to eat: ⠀ 🍣 El Paraguas – you need to book in advance but it’s worth the wait as their seafood is to die for; 🍹 Amazônico – a cozy place with concerts organised on the ground floor and a good menu for dinner and cocktails; 🍲 Quintin – I highly recommend this place for lunch and for its tapas; 🍝 Numa pompilio – it’s a perfect place for you if you like Italian cuisine. My secret tip: try to book or ask for a table in the inside garden; 🍕 La Nonna – another Italian culinary heaven serving simple but delicious food; 🍷The attico – a great place with an incredible view and a lovely terrace; 🥗 Mama Campo – it’s ideal for vegans and lovers of healthy food; 🍗 Figueira rubayat – a good shout for meat lovers and those who love Brazilian cuisine. I’d recommend to order “pão de queijo”; 🥂Ten com Ten – pop in there for a glass of something and a light meal. ⠀ If you’d like to read part 2, put👌🏻 in the comments! ⠀ #fashion #style #spain #madrid #vacations #checklist


16 Mar 2019

Madrid, Spain

I want to say, thank you very much for sharing your ideas and secret locations with me! 👏 ⠀ 📸 Last time you recommended me lots of fantastic selfie spots in Madrid and I decided to make a list and share them here: ⠀ 🌐 Pica Lagartos Skybar It's a must-visit place for those who like the city architecture – from the rooftop you get an amazing view of the most dramatic Spanish sunsets and central streets of Madrid. ⠀ 🍹Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid  Even if you’re staying in a different hotel, the locals recommend to drop in for a cocktail. The rooftop restaurant is renowned for breathtaking views and its great menu. ⠀ 🎠Palacio de Crystal Perfect place for early birds – get there to take some great selfies during breakfast. ⠀ Have I forgotten anything? 🙃 ⠀ #fashion #style #spain #madrid #vacations #thebestplaces


15 Mar 2019

Milan, Italy

Can you name all Victoria’s Secret Angels? 🦋 ⠀ I’m so excited about the brand new addition: today beautiful @realbarbarapalvin has joined the Victoria’s Secret family of Angels with the most glamorous wings and I’m extremely happy for her! Barbara, my congratulations! 🎉 ⠀ 📸 I know from my personal experience that Barbara is an absolute pleasure to work with on any project. My @fashiontomax team and I had a unique opportunity to make a video for @tods featuring @realbarbarapalvin, and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and straightforward shoots in my career.💯 ⠀ 👉 Scroll to the end to see our joint effort. ⠀ Do you like the video? 😉 ⠀ #fashion #style #barbarapalvin #tods #fashiontomax #congratulations


14 Mar 2019

Paris, France

It’s the second time this season that we’ve collaborated with @maisonvalentino. The first time was the Haute Couture week when our @fashiontomax team made a famous video with the models wearing exquisite petal eyelashes. 🦋 ⠀ 📌Before the show of the main collection we had to make a great quality video and capture some good shots backstage just before the magic on the runway began. ⠀ Now I can honestly say that it’s easier to work during a “Couture” event. It’s a lot less hasty, backstage in the Salomon de Rothschild hotel is more spacious and “photogenic” and the collection simply speaks for itself.💯 ⠀ 🌐During the Pret-a-porte event, the backstage zone was a bit more modest - in the whirlwind of dresses, stilettos, make up brushes and powders we had to capture the most beautiful shots from the best angles. ⠀ A special “Thank you” to the team of the Maison Valentino, with which it was very easy to work even in the most difficult conditions @yigit @eleonora_bonfiglio @iacopopedretti 🏆 ⠀ Do you like the result? 🙂 ⠀ 📌Produced by: @fashiontomax x @maximsap 🎭 Maison Valentino's Team: @yigit x @eleonora_bonfiglio x @iacopopedretti ❤️❤️❤️ 🎥Video by: @i_am_misch x @varya.kolesova x @alexandra_babyak_video x @diana_rudy_filmmaker 🎞Producer: @yuliya_ibatullina#fashion #style #paris #france #pfw #parisianfashionweek #fashiontomax #maisonvalentino #tobecontinued


14 Mar 2019

Dear Hotel Madrid

I’ve just got to Madrid and have already managed to find what seems to be one of the best panoramic spots - just look at the view of Gran Via and Plaza de España and this sunset from Dear Hotel Madrid rooftop is to die for!💯 ⠀ 📸It’s just perfect for a glass of aperitif before an evening walk around the city. ⠀ What are the best selfie places in Madrid? 😊 ‼️Share your ideas here, I can’t wait for your comments! ⠀ #fashion #style #spain #madrid #vacations #sunset #dearhotelmadrid


12 Mar 2019

Paris, France

🌐 This is actually a fascinating process: as another Fashion Week finishes (well, for me it brings a week of tough work, tight deadlines and great projects), I still remember the highlights of it. ☀️ ⠀ ⌛️It seems I still feel goosebumps from the final entrance of the latest @chanelofficial show held in an alpine village, the one without #karllagerfeld. I still remember the poetic lines recited by @pppiccioli during the @maisonvalentino show. ⠀ I cherish the memories of every single minute spent on shoot with my amazing @fashiontomax team in the last month. I do remember how fabulous it was! 🎥 ⠀ 💯These patchy memories, a sort of amnesia that fills me with only positive moments of my work is super useful in business. The crazy Fashion marathon is over but I’m already looking forward to a new start. ⠀ Should I continue doing reviews from the Fashion Weeks of this season, "yes" or "no"? 😉 ⠀ #fashion #style #paris #france #pfw #parisianfashionweek #tobecontinued


12 Mar 2019

Paris, France

💥Balmain. Dress to impress. ⠀ Since @olivierrousteing has entered the creative director position in 2011, he has reset the exterior communication to immediate dialogue in social networks, which helped to get rid of middlemen. The followers have established a whole «Balmain Army», and the silhouette and look of its soldiers reflect the modern lifestyle and culture.⭐️ ⠀ 🤞🏻Attention, get fight-ready! Model-soldiers march down the runway wearing recognizable pieces of the brand: oversize, masculine smokings, wide-shoulders, trapeze-skirts. Olivier compared the new collection with armor, which women have to wear daily to defeat the villains in every combat. Apparently, when the armor is pumped with «dress to impress style» from 80’s, it promises the double-power - I would not mess with a girl in a spiked twinset and boots. ⠀ 🕸The caring away march was also very 80’s - the hits «Sweet Dreams, «Forever Young»… I am sure, I was not the only one to feel the nostalgia and the desire to go dancing. This is «Balmain Army» power. Like a parallel universe, it soaks you up and disarms, until you are completely defeated.♟ ⠀ Have you managed to look at the collection yet?😉 ⠀ 🎞 Video by: @varya.kolesova x @fashiontomax#fashion #style #paris #balmain #france #pfw #parisianfashionweek


11 Mar 2019

Paris, France

The spring came early this year, it’s already +22 degrees outside, but I still can’t forget the magical winter morning at @chanelofficial fashion show. ⠀ It’s unbelievable how far the set-design of runway shows has come and established a new communication format. Now it’s not only about the collection, but also the feeling, performance, and experience before and after catwalk. Plus, sometimes the set-design helps to catch up with snowballs fight, like at @chanelofficial ❄️✨ ⠀ #fashion #style #paris #france #pfw #parisianfashionweek #tobecontinued


10 Mar 2019

Milano City

Today is the International Women’s Day, and no other woman in this world, except for my mom @lvsap5 , could be my number one. Don’t you think, only a mother can be a leader in Instagram posting and stories replies. Actually, she’s been my true inspiration for the whole life and leads me in the right direction. Guys, there’s still time to make wishes to your precious women. But at first place, don’t forget about your moms😉 #8ofmarch #internationalwomensday #spring #loveyoumom


08 Mar 2019

Paris, France

🚀The last show of this season, and what’s a show! ⠀ Only Nicolas Gesquière, a creative director of @louisvuitton , succeeds in taking fragments from the 80s and eventually getting a collection that looks more like a future than the past.👆 ⠀ 📸One of the lines of the collection appeared in the style of a motorcycle theme, where Nicolas skillfully reproduced the new images of overalls of racers, biker jackets and black and white checkered who were surprisingly well suited to the leopard print. A lot of black leather - leather trim, belts, vests and inserts on dresses, skirts and cropped trousers. ⠀ Logomania, which is now popular, has bypassed Gesquière's side, although it is quite surprising, because the designer works with the most desired logo. The cherished crossed letters LV appeared only on small bags-chests and carefully looked out from the back side of leather flounces on the dresses and cuffs of jackets-leather jackets.🚧 ⠀ 🏞 Well friends, on this bride note we are gonna say goodbye to this season Fashion Week. It was interesting, fascinating and not like the previous ones before it. ⠀ And as I promised you, I share where I will go on vacation soon. So - this is Spain! 💥 👏Some of my readers turned out to be right, which makes me very happy. ⠀ Guys, are you ready for new adventures with me?😉 ⠀ #fashion #style #paris #louisvuitton #france #pfw #parisianfashionweek


06 Mar 2019