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luigiandiango Luigi and Iango в Инстаграм

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Happy Birthday to our for ever muse and very special friend @natashapoly ♥️ we get inspired by you all the time and every new adventure seams the first one! There is only one Natasha !🌟 love you so much ❤️💗💕❤️💗💕


12 Jul 2018


Happy Birthday to our so special and caliente friend @joansmalls we looooooooove you to the moon and back ☎️♥️ 📞


11 Jul 2018


Happy Birthday to my LOVE ♥️and to my ALTER EGO 💝 @luigimurenu The Sacred Union that binds us and our passionate complicity only grows and is day after day more intense and deep. Your impeccable artistic eye and uncompromising sincerity is unique and guides me to a better world. To be two today is fundamental, to be stronger and happier. I know for sure that we never meet anyone by chance and I can really say that our destiny was designed to be together. Thank you so much for everything you give me, I love you to the moon and back. Ti amoooooooo ♥️ Iango


21 Jun 2018


The face of @lafaretta is everything ♥️ for @voguejapan @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @anna_dello_russo


21 Jun 2018


Fierce Joan ♥️ we adore you @joansmalls for @voguejapan @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @anna_dello_russo #voguejapan #augustissue


21 Jun 2018


Beautiful Anna ♥️ love you 😍@annaewers for @voguejapan @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @anna_dello_russo #august issue


21 Jun 2018


Exceptional Amber @ambervalletta ♥️ working with you, it is just unique. We adooooore you for @voguejapan - August issue - @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @anna_dello_russo


21 Jun 2018