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Аккаунт: @lenadunham

Род занятий: Американская актриса, режиссёр, сценарист, продюсер и комик

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Hershey, Pennsylvania

The sweet holiday irony of them birthing hips on a girl with no uterus. Happy Saturday from my family 2 yours!


17 Nov 2018


New armpits, who dis? (you didn’t ask for this on a Thursday but you know who to count on to give it to you and that’s me) 👍🏼


16 Nov 2018


What a difference a year makes... First photo was indeed a year ago today, on the first night after my hysterectomy for severe endometriosis. I was smiling but my eyes say it all: full of anxiety and grief that I couldn’t locate through the layers of pain meds and benzos. Severe undiagnosed PTSD, feelings that my worth and purpose were being taken from me, angry and self-pitying with no sense of how I’d emerge. Plus, my hair had fallen out in odd clumps and I’d taken it upon myself to dye what remained electric blue cuz if you’re gonna spiral why not SPIRAL (shout out to @joanaavillez for being a true friend and bringing Manic Panic when I demanded it at night in the hospital, though. I love you Jo.) The second pic was taken tonight, happy joyous and (substance) free. The last year hasn’t been all roses and Kenny G songs, but it’s been proof enough for me in the presence of the divine. The divine- it’s been there in the kindness of my family, friends, chronically ill folks online. It’s also been there in the moments where I cried myself to sleep, shocked by the sounds coming out of me. It’s in the light slanting on my comforter, the resilience of my best friend’s baby clonking her head then giggling, the new hairs sprouting at my temples. Mostly I’ve found it in my own strength, because who the fuck knew. And I don’t mean strength as in powering through. I mean strength as in vulnerability, feeling it all, taking it as it comes and dancing even with a hospital grade pad in my underwear. I surprised myself. I bet you can surprise yourself too.


15 Nov 2018


party in my bed & u just wish u were invited


15 Nov 2018


Hump day, ammirite?


14 Nov 2018


*THIS IS A PSA ABOUT BEAUTY & JOY* Once a year I go through my clothing so I can donate it or sell it for a good cause (last year was Planned Parenthood. This year will be @seespotrescued.) I am lucky enough to be the recipient of a lot of free stuff, because the horrible irony is the more able you are to afford in this world the more is offered to you. I have had the chance to wear designer “frocks” beyond my wildest dreams and an invitation to show up in some very glamorous places. But as I reflect on what I’ve worn and when I’ve felt the most beautiful, it has absolutely nothing to do with: how lovely my dress is, how thin I am, how obedient my hair is being. It’s completely and totally related to my smile. My joy factor is commensurate to how attractive I feel and how attractive I look has brought me zero joy. When I look at these pictures, I see sequins and satin and fantasy, but I also see moments of true comfort in my skin because I knew I was being of service to the world around me. There are also moments of desolate sadness where I couldn’t crack a smile because I had barely left my bed that day (or had barely left my own spiraling brain. Or barely eaten, which brings on compliments and don’t even get me started on that shit.) Today I wore sweats all around the city and smiled at everyone I knew and didn’t know. It was potent and magical and I’m still figuring out how to readily access that smile, but I know it’s the only beauty tip that has worked #asmileismystyle 😀 #worldkindnessday


14 Nov 2018


Just got my yearly evaluation from my boss and he loves my flexible attitude! 🔛🔝🤙🏼


13 Nov 2018


There is nothing that brings me more peace and relief than an afternoon in the ocean in Malibu. Wishing those affected there and in Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, and Paradise some semblance of peace and relief today. Grateful for the heroic firefighters battling the #CampFire #HillFire and #WoolseyFire and getting people to safety. Support these heroes as they work overtime and overtaxed and we need them to work safely, please consider donating to @cafirefound see link in bio 🌊 (art by @3fishstudios)


11 Nov 2018


have a perfect weekend 💕


10 Nov 2018


Oh no I tried a Kylie lip kit and now everyone is attracted to me this is a disaster!!!


09 Nov 2018


Spice World 🌎 🇬🇧 🌍


08 Nov 2018


When I vote, I feel powerful and like the lady I was meant to be. That’s special and rare. Thanks for the natural high, America 🇺🇸 🗳 🇺🇸


07 Nov 2018