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Род занятий: Американская певица

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My photos for The Land of 1000 Fires


25 Mar 2019


‘The Land of 1000 fires’ (Spelling mistakes and all)


25 Mar 2019


My photos for ‘The Land of 1000 fires’ ~ ‘There are seven worlds in my eyes I’m accessing all of them at once one to draw my words from and my muses another one I try and harness late at night that lies somewhere off of the right of Jupiter And then of course there’s this one I live in- the land of 1000 fires that’s where you come in


25 Mar 2019


Jeremy lemme be captain at Arthur’s Air Boat Tours x


22 Mar 2019




21 Mar 2019


suiting up and showing up ...


21 Mar 2019


Who would’ve thought it would be this hard to cut a set down to an hour? See you in a couple days in New Orleans


20 Mar 2019


Hey! So I’m like super excited about self publishing my first poetry book. And I just wanted to say any mom-and-pop SoCal/ San Fran book stores that are interested in having it just let me know and I’ll drive you out a couple boxes when I’m done binding it in a few months xx


07 Mar 2019


Some of my haikus from Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass I was contemplating this sentiment towards the ending of the evening during a late in the season Dodger game. I couldn’t quite remember which phase of dusk came first and whether it was different from twilight. But then we looked it up and now we know. I think about it every night the sun starts to set


06 Mar 2019


Even though it’s after 8 o’clock the traffic makes it one hour from Venice to Encino. Our car is higher than most on the road and as far as I can see forwards and backwards- a river of red tail lights. But you look so beautiful in red. Like a movie I don’t want to see end~ I never understood people who didn’t think traffic was romantic. There’s so much beauty in having to wait


06 Mar 2019


Because the sweetness and one noteness of honeysuckle and Jasmine on the first day of spring always stand in such a stark contrast to the layers of chaos and duality that fame has brought to my life. Call me dramatic but it’s the first thing I think of when i see or smell something that is unmistakably itself- something that can’t be interpreted in any other way but one way. What a gift for a flower to invoke only one smell and one sense of romance. With no disdain or melancholy attached to its fragrance. And to be enjoyed for free and for that reason unable to be evaluated.


06 Mar 2019


I love when my picture turns out like how I pictured


06 Mar 2019