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Mammoth Lakes, California

Times are changing haha ⚡️. I raced my first ever E-Bike enduro this past weekend at Mammoth mountain and it was a blast! I felt good all day and was able to grab the win. My overall time was 4th fastest for the day against all classes, the courses were generally over 20mph so the pedal assist was mostly just there for the transitions, but there were a few quick climbs that it made short work of. The added weight of the bike (48lbs) really helped it feel more stable on high speed terrain but makes it a little tough to maneuver on the tight technical trails. All in all it was a great learning experience and I couldn’t believe how well the bike rode this weekend. I’m not sure how the debate against emtb and mtb will play out but I definitely see both sides of the argument and I’m hoping I can use some of this experience to help shape conversations about the future and advocate for emtb specific trails / riding areas. They aren’t any faster or more dangerous on the downhills but can certainly cause some issues on flatter multi directional trails where you can maintain close to the 20mph threshold both directions. On the plus side though I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as much racing as I did this weekend and it’s gonna be a great tool to get more people out on bikes! Let me know what you think in the comments #feltbicycles #srsuntour #flyracing #deityblood #amaincycling #rideonmichelin #shimano #onnit #pnwcomponents #enduromtb #enduro #downhill #summer #mtb #mountainbike #vitalmtb #l4l #pinkbike #bmx #bikes #bicicleta #biking #moto #riding #自転車 #велосипед #Fahrrad


26 Sep 2018

Boise, Idaho

These photos took on a lot of meaning after hearing about the passing of two amazing people a little over a week ago. Sadly, this was the only time I was ever able to work with @sgbiker464 and even though these were just a few quick shots after a evening of shuttling we were both stoked to finally work with each other and couldn’t wait to collaborate on a few upcoming projects with the @deitycomponents crew. Stephen radiated positivity and being around him was always a joy, his wife Amy taught a few classes at the gym I started going to here in Idaho and we always joked around together, talked about getting settled in the area and had planned on doing some double date rides as soon as everyone was free. When I heard that they had both passed away in a tragic car accident on their way up to whistler my heart sank. To think that two of the most positive and beautiful people I had met up here were both gone in an instant was shocking. I, along with so many friends spend countless hours on the road traveling to and from races and events and It was an immediate slap in the face about how fast everything can change. My heart still feels so heavy with the thought of what happened last week and I just keep thinking about how much I’m gonna miss seeing both of them around. It really is a reminder to tell your friends how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate having them in your life. Stephen and Amy I hope you two are getting to enjoy a sweet Mountain View somewhere beautiful. I don’t know very many people that deserved each other like you two did and ill always remember the smile you had when talking about one another. Rest In Peace ❤️ #deityblood #rip #life #love #friends


04 Sep 2018

Boise, Idaho

I just really wanna say thank you to @vitalmtb and Spomer for giving me the opportunity to be a guest on their podcast “ The Inside Line”. Life is a wild ride and I’m happy to have bikes help guide the path. I don’t know what I would have done through all the tough moments if I didn’t have that feeing of freedom to look forward too. If you guys get a little downtime on the drive home and wanna hear a little of my backstory check it out. Hopefully a few kids can relate. Link in bio #vitamtb #podcast #life #addiction #depression #success #growth #mtb #enduro #downhill #bikes


30 Aug 2018