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Аккаунт: @kristinabazan

Род занятий: Фэшн-блоггер из Женевы

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Paris, France

★☽ Photography @elisaparron


19 Mar 2019

Paris, France

Another snippet from the latest acoustic session of “The Devil” that we recorded a few weeks ago, thanks again for all your reactions and messages. Most definitely want to do more acoustic content. ✨ With @martinrocchia / @e47records P.S Don’t miss getting your hands on the new vinyl of #EPHV1 available now (link in bio) 🎶


18 Mar 2019


Today as I was going through the news, I saw what is happening around the world, and I am so happy and proud of all these people standing up it’s the proof and a reminder that in this society we are also decision takers, we have a responsibility and our right of word/action in all of this. I am sad not to be in Paris at the moment to give my support, but my energy and thoughts go into it. And one point I think is very important is to go down to the root of the issue here : the system needs to change. We live in a society overruled by consumerism, we are encouraged to act into an economy that is totally misbalanced and wrong, that doesn’t promote the health neither of the planet, nor of it’s habitants. We are all tired, stressed by the pressures of this capitalist industry and deep down, we already know the answers and what we have to do. Change goes through each of us individually first. Consume less, we don’t need that much to be happy, reconnect with yourself and with others. Happiness goes through love and respect. How can we we be truly happy in a world where we don’t respect our planet, it simply means we don’t respect ourselves. And it’s time to change that. #giveafuck


16 Mar 2019


New shoot for @vulkanmag by @milosnadazdin 🖤


16 Mar 2019




15 Mar 2019

Paris, France

Venom w. @jamie_noise


11 Mar 2019

Paris, France

New editorial for @civilian_mag, Shot by @kokumastudio 💮


09 Mar 2019


Don’t miss getting your hands on the new #EPHV1 vinyl 🥀🖤 With the 6 tracks from the EP + Clockwork! Available now on kristinabazanofficial.com/shop (link in bio box) @e47records


06 Mar 2019

Paris, France

Soon w. @theogosselin for @flauntmagazine 🎞


05 Mar 2019

Paris, France

New acoustic version of « The Devil » from #EPHV1 now online on Youtube, thanks @clashmagazine magazine for featuring it and the sweet words ✨With @martinrocchia / @e47records Vinyl of the EP now available on kristinabazanofficial.com/shop


28 Feb 2019

Paris, France

YANG LI AW19 “AUTOMATIC SHOW” Smash the control images Smash the control machine Proclaim a new era Set up a new calendar Nothing is true Everything is permitted I strive to live up to my words Out of control - A pleasure to take part in this innovative project with so many incredible strong women, thanks @yangli for such a wonderful vision. #yangli #yangliaw19 Photography @iulia_matei


28 Feb 2019

Paris, France

Backstage shots, using the new @yslbeauty touche éclat high cover #toucheeclathighcover #wantedforglow Photography @iulia_matei


27 Feb 2019