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#Repost @time ・・・ Fire crews battled a #blaze from the air after #flames drew dangerously close to drivers on the 118 Freeway in Simi Valley, in the greater Los Angeles area, on Nov. 12. The #PeakFire was reported just after 10 a.m., local time, in the Santa Susana Pass and burned more than 180 acres before firefighters from Los Angeles and Ventura counties got it under control. As fires continue to rage across California, generating huge plumes of smoke that can be seen from space, fire officials confirmed that Northern California’s #CampFire is officially the deadliest #wildfire in state history with at least 42 deaths. Video source: KABC


15 Nov 2018


Alert: a cat with 3 kittens is living behind the in and out at wheeler ridge. I fed them and gave them water but I didn’t have the resources to gather them up and shelter them. Please, if you are in the area- go adopt these sweet babies. I had contacted the local animal shelter so they might have already been taken to safety...but they need a home.


13 Nov 2018


📸:@kellansworld 🔥💔


12 Nov 2018

The White House

Please vote. It’s easier than marching. You have a voice and the freedom to use it.


04 Nov 2018


I TURNED MYSELF INTO A PICKLE RICK! In this specific multiverse, Pickle Rick can’t dance and whistles poorly! #halloweencostume @rickandmorty hey dude Suh Broh @importantscience What is everyone else dressing up like? Haha


01 Nov 2018


Hbd Mom


28 Oct 2018


We have failed.


22 Oct 2018


The cat’s out of the bag! The @MortalEnemyBook audio experience is launching on Halloween! I’m so excited to share that I voiced Agmar Burrian Terriforn—aka Terri—a stubborn and powerful warrior who fights for righteousness above all else. I invite you to come along on the epic journey in #MortalEnemyBook, created by @NicholasRyanH and directed by @babarpeerzada. Find out more @mortalenemybook


22 Oct 2018


Photo via @velvetcoke


21 Oct 2018


Behind the scenes of @escapereallife


29 Sep 2018


this photo was taken after sleeping for 13 hours...yes. I know, CRAZY. I bought this mattress over a year ago and every time I go to sleep, I am so excited. It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced. I have been sleeping so well that I wanted to get this as a gift for my mom. I HIGHLY SUGGEST GIVING THIS MATTRESS A TRY. It’s worth every second you are on it. You sleep half your life, so why not sleep the BEST? Visit @lifeonpurple or go to www.purple.com to WAKE UP from the best nights sleep EVERYDAY! yah I wrote this. #ad #butSortOfNotReally because I bought all the PURPLE STUFF! Pillows, cushions, sheets...and they make PET BEDS!


18 Sep 2018


Via @lostinhistorypics


11 Sep 2018