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Canyonlands National Park

"Rock -- carved, colored and clothed by weather -- controls the character of our land. Nowhere is the relationship between earth's framework and the forces that shape it more dramatic than in the plateau and canyon country of the American Southwest." - US Department of the Interior, 1962, on a newly proposed national nark in Southeast Utah. Two years later Canyonlands National Park was born.


21 Mar 2019

Monument Valley

Known by the Navajo as Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii, it doesn’t take long to recognize Monument Valley as a place of great inspiration. If you get the chance to go, make sure to stay past sunset. Watching these monolithic towers against a fading evening sky is something to behold, long after the crowds are gone.


18 Mar 2019

Canyonlands National Park

The contrast between Canyonlands up close and the snow-capped La Sal Mountains highlights the geological diversity of this part of Utah. Having it all framed for you beneath the Mesa Arch at sunrise is just Mother Nature’s way of being extra. Extra awesome. I hope y’all get out there and have a great weekend!


15 Mar 2019


It feel more like a Martian sunset than anything else.


14 Mar 2019

Antelope Canyon

I’ve avoided this place for some time on the advice that it’s a total zoo and not worth anyone’s time. While it was busy, yes, everyone was jovial, polite, and enjoying themselves. Sharing the experience with a group of people who were genuinely excited to be there didn’t subtract from my experience at all — it added to it, and I’m glad I decided to check it out!


12 Mar 2019

Canyonlands National Park

The scale of Canyonlands National Park is something beyond words. A seemingly endless expanse of beauty and opportunity.


09 Mar 2019

Superstition Mountains

It’s wildflower season here in Arizona.


07 Mar 2019

Arches National Park

Delicate Arch standing amidst the snowmelt from nights before. I’m always pleased when the conditions are a bit unique at such a photographed location. Despite its popularity, it was still a sight to behold for the first time.


07 Mar 2019


From the weather to the slowly-changing angle of the sun, every season illuminates this landscape in a unique way. It’s my first time through this area in winter, but it feels like I’ve never been here before at all. Swipe through for a larger frame. . @lexarmemory #shotonlexar


05 Mar 2019

Arches National Park

Arches National Park. I’m a little at a loss of words for this place, but I’m definitely not at a loss when it comes to an overwhelming feeling of awe. One day here is nowhere near enough. . Shot on the @sonyalpha A7iii + @ 16mm - f/11 - 1/125sec - ISO 125 #alphacollective


01 Mar 2019

Canyonlands National Park

Another first checked off the list! Canyonlands National Park is both stunning and massive to a scale I’m struggling to comprehend. Floating around this part of the southwest over the past week with @jude_allen has me playing tourist and loving every second. . @lexarmemory #shotonlexar


28 Feb 2019

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park eluded me to this point; I’ve always wanted to visit, but I never made the time until now. We learned of the road closures from recent snows and went anyway, but it was so worth it. The busy textures and rainbow of colors kept us mesmerized for hours. . @lexarmemory #shotonlexar


27 Feb 2019