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Род занятий: Мобильный фотограф и энтузиаст из Америки

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teatro Colón, in addition to being the main opera house in Buenos Aries, is widely considered one of the top ten concert venues in the world and top five in acoustic quality. It’s also downright beautiful, and I hope to someday catch a performance here! For now, I’m excited to get back home and hit some of my favorite summer spots. | @visitargentina


12 Jun 2018

Jujuy, Argentina

Salinas Grande covers approximately 3,200 square miles of the Argentine landscape, and every mile offers as much solitude and serenity as the last. | @visitargentina


07 Jun 2018

Cataratas Del Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Adios, Argentina! I’m gonna miss you and your cute Coati, and I can’t wait to get back! This week has been nothing short of stellar. 🇦🇷✌🏻| @visitargentina


02 Jun 2018

Jujuy, Argentina

Twisting and turning beneath Earth’s Shadow above 13,000ft. Argentina is all the way up. | @visitargentina


01 Jun 2018

Cataratas del Iguazú

Thousands of birds flock through the rainbows and mist of Iguazú falls, and I’m half expecting to get snatched by a Tyrannosaurs if I don’t pay attention. This place puts Jurassic Park to shame. | @visitargentina #visitargentina


30 May 2018

Iguazú National Park

Made it to Iguazú for a full-moon walk through the National Park. The mist was heavy, but seeing the widest waterfall system in the world illuminated by the night sky was an experience I’ll never forget. | @visitargentina #visitargentina


29 May 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Surveying the city during sunset from atop of the Panamericano on our final evening in Buenos Aries. This place is something special, and somewhere I very much look forward to visiting again. Tomorrow, Iguazú! | @visitargentina #visitargentina


29 May 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cruising through the streets of Buenos Aries, bouncing from cafe to cafe. The way the new blends in with the old here is incredible. | @visitargentina #visitargentina


28 May 2018

Argentina Polo Day

Landed in Buenos Aries to discover the game of Polo is way better than the clothing brand! Not pictured is me, constantly close to crashing my horse. | @visitargentina #visitargentina


27 May 2018

Yosemite National Park

Taft Point is one of the most recognizable places in Yosemite, but there’s nothing like inching towards the edge to remind you you’re alive.


25 May 2018

British Columbia

My favorite part about shooting early in the morning is talking about what we’re going to have for breakfast. Priorities.


22 May 2018

Zion National Park

There’s nothing wasted about time wasted in Southern Utah.


22 May 2018