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Род занятий: Мобильный фотограф и энтузиаст из Америки

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Mammoth Lakes, California

Fall evenings on Lake Mary are slowly becoming a tradition for me. It’s funny how these places keep calling me back.


18 Oct 2018

Southeast Alaska

Another set of memories from earlier this summer in southeast Alaska with @Uncruise. It was my 50th state, and I still can’t think of a better way to have crossed it off my list.


16 Oct 2018

Inner Passage

Floating quietly through a cluster of calved ice brought us upon this seal enjoying a nap in the rain. He checked us out, was thoroughly uninterested, and went right back to sleep. Southeast Alaska, you had my heart from the start. Thanks so much to @Uncruise for the experience; if you’re looking to explore the coast of America’s most northern state, let them be your guide.


15 Oct 2018

Lee Vining, California

I’ve taken this photo a thousand times. I always wonder of the stories these walls would tell if they could, and the fates of the people they sheltered. Winters here on the range can be taxing, but I hope they enjoyed the raw beauty of these expansive lands as much I do. This place may be old, but it never gets old.


14 Oct 2018

Convict Lake

I was falling all over myself at yesterday’s fall colors meet hosted by @visitmammoth! There were still plenty of good colors, plenty of good smiles, and we couldn’t ask for better weather. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and if you didn’t make it, there’s still plenty of fall left over!


14 Oct 2018

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Bristlecone nights. These Great Basin Bristlecone Pines are some of the oldest living organisms on earth. Within the park, the average age of a Bristlecone is over 2,000 years, while the oldest of them all has been living for over 5,000. Combined with the Milky Way, it really puts our time here on earth into perspective.


12 Oct 2018

Aspendell, California

Last night’s sunset from Bishop Creek. Cold hands and warm smiles.


11 Oct 2018

Eastern Sierra

Even the hidden gems of the Eastern Sierra are letting their fall colors fly. Every corner of this place is completely unreal, as always.


11 Oct 2018

Aspendell, California

Sunrise at North Lake might be the closest I’ve come to finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The colors are really popping up here with @visitbishop, and the weather couldn’t be better!


10 Oct 2018

Lundy, California

The light show here at Lundy is going off in full force! Tag someone you’d want to share a van with, but would probably end up hating after 48 hours.


08 Oct 2018

Dunderberg Mill, California

The fall colors are in full swing up here in the Eastern Sierra. Stoked to be riding around today with good friends and @monocountytourism to chase down more of this fall foliage.


07 Oct 2018

Alabama Hills, California

Having the Alabama Hills in my proverbial backyard the majority of my life has been such a blessing, and there’s still nothing better than getting out here and seeking out new stuff I’ve never seen before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but in the end it’s all about being here and enjoying these wide open spaces. . Thanks to @DuluthTradingCompany for keeping me warm this time of year, both inside and out. Hit the link in my bio if you’re in need of some bombproof fall attire! #DuluthTradingCo


04 Oct 2018