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These two unlikely friends have been patiently waiting for rescue to arrive💓✨🙏🏼 #getmeouttahere #adorable Via @diversifiedbullies ・・・ Just another day at diversified Bullies farm. 😂 rescuing critters and creatures one day at a time.


18 Aug 2018


An act of kindness captured on surveillance. 👏🏼❤️This man not only made sure to put a blanket on a sleeping dog on the street corner but he took the time to give him affection as well. #bekindtoanimals #notcrying @marthazquintero ・・・ @doisviralatinhas ・・・ Cuando la gente piensa que el mundo está perdido ❤️ via @razoesparaacreditar


17 Aug 2018


Mother ❤️ via @vox_silentii . . 📷 from @chametaro545 .


16 Aug 2018


Happy post!! ❤️ This was lefty then, at the shelter having his last moments as he was red listed ( to be euthanized) Next page is lefty now, he has the best life full of love and adventure. @chrissinner999 saw lefty’s urgent post on my page a couple years ago and made sure to get to the shelter in time to adopt him. #whatagreatguy #urgentdogsofla #adoptdontshop


16 Aug 2018


VICTORY🎉🎉@worldanimalnews ・・・ Victory! #India bans all live animal exports after public outrage. - The Union Ministry of Shipping has issued the ban that will cover all sea ports in the country. The ban will also be in effect for an indefinite period of time. - - Thank you to everyone who expressed outrage over the #liveexports and demanded change! 🙏🐑💛 - Credit: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews @peace_4animals


16 Aug 2018


This man feeds 400 dog all by himself and he needs our help. Please read.. Post by @frankiefizgerald Vucjak Shelter was first founded in 1997 in Serbia. It was established as a non profit shelter to provide abandoned dogs in Kragujevac Serbia with food shelter and medical care. . . Dejan Gacic ran the shelter with his mother when she passed away unexpectedly. Now the responsibility of over 400 dogs has been placed on his shoulders alone. Dejan has always struggled with food , supplies, vet bills, medicines. He lives every day with a constant worry... will they have food for the next days or weeks. . . It takes a good person to care for one dog but it takes a humble, self-abnegating, unselfish, and loving person to care for over 400. I dont know Dejan, but I do know his life doesn't revolve around society's fickle perception or even himself. I wish he didn't have to worry for his sanctuary. . Donations for food, medical supplies, vet bills, shelter repairs & straw are really appreciated & can be paid directly to Dejan shelter: via PayPal vucjakwolves88@gmail.com Monthly donations: via link in my bio @frankiefizgerald Or @vucjakshelter . to show everyone what a beautiful human being Dejan Gacic @vucjakshelter is and how we need to band together to help him. Can you imagine taking care of all of those dogs by yourself? He never turns a dog away! Please everyone....he needs help desperately! Let's all give up one thing this week and send it to him....even if it's $5.00. . Https://www.gofundme.com/dejansdogs . 🎶 Remember by #IKSON . Second video via @pawsitive_rescues she is on location.


16 Aug 2018


Here is another amazing organization that does great work for the strays in Thailand. @petes_mission provides sanctuary for animals in Pai, Thailand. They also vaccinate and rehabilitate injured dogs. Support them as they do good work. #petesmission


15 Aug 2018


Look how gentle he is ❤️ #Repost @un_mundo_sano ・・・ How it should be ❤️🌱


15 Aug 2018


Just stopped by to say hello 💓 @perfect_oceans ・・・ Tiny baby Sealion 😍 Tag someone to brighten up their day! 🤗 Video by @andreamacgillivray - 🌐Follow us for more @perfect_oceans 🦈❤


14 Aug 2018


Puppy rescued!!🙏🏼 Puppy had been tied on a short leash but thanks to concerned people in the area sharing on social media he has been rescued ❤️Thank you for always responding to urgent situations. #iran #iranian #dogrescue @komeilshahamat ・・・ لطفا فیلم رو تا انتها نگاه کنید... . .دوستان محترم امروز در صفحات مجازی فیلمی منتشر شد که سگ کوچیکی در خ میرداماد در حال خفه شدن هست که بلافاصله بدون ثانیه ای درنگ و فکر کردن همراه آقای پورامین به اونجا رفته و این سگ کوچولو رو نجات دادیم این فیلمم گزاشتم خیال همتون راحت بشه و در حال انتقال به کلینیک برای کارهای درمانیش هستیم روز خوبی داشته باشین✋ . . .@ramin_poramin


14 Aug 2018


This organization feeds and rescues the stray dogs of Thailand. C'est de l'amour pure ❤️🙏🏼@chourmichael_thesoundofanimals ・・・ there was foster black black who died at the shelter after a long fight against his disease . there was deng who been killed by a crazy driver .. now black brother .. dam look after this little pack . the old lady foster them is very nice .. but i will have to do more kennel at the shelter to save them the big road near is to dangerous.. donation https://www.paypal.me/MarcellaPalfry https://thesoundofanimals.com/donation/ #streetdogs #thailand #thedogsneedyou #thesoundofanimals #michaelchour #thebluedreamshelter #donation


14 Aug 2018


Adorable bear cubs cross lake by hitching a ride on mothers back without fear for their lives! #momandbabies Video via @dp4k.m_reincarnated Circa 2017


14 Aug 2018