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Аккаунт: @jessicadrake

Род занятий: американская актриса (18+)

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#truth 🖤


22 Mar 2019


there’s no such thing as “safe sex” - only safER sex. condoms can break & they don’t actually protect against all STIs. it’s important to weigh the risks of the sexual activity you engage in & know there are multiple options- condoms, internal condoms, dental dams, PreP, testing for HIV & STIs or a combination of whatever is right for you. do you have a weird/funny/embarrassing condom story? mine is in the comments. 🙀


21 Mar 2019


#NYC it’s that time again! come see why @nysapphire60 is one of my favorite clubs- i’m doing ONE NIGHT, one show only. packages prior to my show are sold out, but afterwards i’m available for pics, lap dances, VIP rooms and more. tons of wicked giveaways & @wickedsensualcare lube. don’t miss out!!


20 Mar 2019


“i know my worth. i paid dearly for every ounce of it.” - @alfa.poet 🖤


19 Mar 2019


one of the more recent guides in my educational series “jessica drake’s guide to wicked sex”, #kamasutra explains the ancient art, gives doable positions (plus a few challenges too!) find it in your favorite adult store! 🖤 if you carry it in your store, comment below!


19 Mar 2019


#aboutlastnight 💋


19 Mar 2019


i said I'd catch you if you fall- and if they laugh, then fuck 'em all- and then I got you off your knees- put you right back on your feet- just so you can take advantage of me- 🎶🖤🎶 @iamhalsey


17 Mar 2019


found you when your heart was broke- i filled your cup until it overflowed- took it so far to keep you close- i was afraid to leave you on your own 🎶 🎵 🎶 @iamhalsey


17 Mar 2019


have you ever? 🖤 y/n


17 Mar 2019


i’m a night creature. who’s with me? what’s you’re favorite thing to do at night? 🖤


14 Mar 2019


this is the icing on the cake during amazing oral sex!! #saltedcaramel is my FAVORITE @wickedsensualcare flavored lube because not only is it the most delicious thing ever, it’s sweetened with Stevia, isn’t sticky, and leaves no aftertaste. PLUS it makes my mouth water even more. it’s safe for vaginal AND anal sex. pick it up in your favorite adult store. 🖤


13 Mar 2019


“las vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven would look at night.” 🖤 - @chuckpalahniuk


13 Mar 2019