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14 years ago today ep 1 premiered! I was 23. Wow I’m old.


18 Jul 2018


@knicksgaming is on to the semi-finals!!!


14 Jul 2018

Knollwood Country Club

Sorry but this is NOT a gimme! @domenicklombardozzi @b1d0g


14 Jul 2018


One of the best parts of getting to work on @power_starz is the people I have met & gotten to know. My man @rotimimusic is just thriving as Dre! Keep watching guys! More to come...


11 Jul 2018


Saw this pic on twitter and it brought me back to a thought, which is when I started getting in better shape everyone was encouraging and telling me how good I was starting to look. And for sure it gave me motivation but what I always responded with was how good I feel! I was sleeping better, I had way more energy, I really was less prone to depression and also had Almost no pain In My back and knees anymore(although it’s back now cause of age ha). Before I started a regimen I always complained about how it was never the right time to start, or it was way to hard to change the habits I started. I mean my family settles all emotional issues with great food haha. It wasn’t until I really felt awful that I found the time, the energy and the motivation. This Long post has a point. The point is it’s never a good time. We’re all busy or consumed with life to turn it around. But that’s incorrect. You can find the time and the motivation. It’s your own well being and it really shouldn’t be about how you will look with 20 less pounds. It’s all about how you feel! The physical and mental sometimes do work hand in hand. Not all the time. But sometimes. So if your putting something off just make the time. I started off walking two hours a week. even just that had a good impact. Sorry for the long post. But the pic just got me thinking...


10 Jul 2018


It’s Sunday. You know what that means! @power_starz let’s go!


08 Jul 2018


It’s almost time!!! @power_starz #power #powertv


02 Jul 2018


ITS BAAAAAACK! TONIGHT @power_starz 8pm ET on @starz ! You’re not gonna wanna miss this...


01 Jul 2018


Too many thoughts and memories to sum up our one year of marriage. I’ll just leave this pic here and say... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY! I still can’t believe I married someone like you.


30 Jun 2018


Thanks for the gift #uncledrew ! You spoiled your nephew. @footlocker @houseofhoops


29 Jun 2018


POWER is back real soon. So close to July 1st! JOE PROCTOR is at your legal service. @power_starz #power #powertv


26 Jun 2018




21 Jun 2018