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Аккаунт: @jason_mraz

Род занятий: Американский певец и автор песен

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YES! The OrganicSound T-Shirt Recycling Program continues during our November & December U.S. tour! Drop off your old tees (any tee!) at our special recycling bin located by the merch booth and we'll create an entirely new fabric from the garments donated during the Live In Stereo Tour. Tour dates & tickets: jasonmraz.com/events More info: organicsound.com/jason-mraz


17 Nov 2018


I take the music everywhere I go.


15 Nov 2018


Frank D Fixer was a veteran. So is my Dad. Their service provided me my artsy fartsy life - well, the Navy & Marines took care of the arts. Being their offspring gave wind to my farts. Thanks Dad. Happy Veterans Day.


12 Nov 2018


My first friend in the music industry passed away earlier this year. His name was Rick Alvey. He was a saxophonist and the owner of Mechanicsville Music. I bought my first guitar from Rick, which came with all kinds of accessories and the intel I'd need to start playing gigs. His shop provided instruments and lessons for thousands of kids. It was a clubhouse. A refuge. He was a constant friend. Rick battled cancer for a long time. He tried myriad treatments but they only seemed to steal his joy or make him sicker. What's it gonna take to finally erase this epidemic? I've joined Padres Pedal the Cause, a fundraising challenge, attempting to raise $3 million in the fight against cancer. I wish we had a free healthcare system that cared for everyone, from cancer treatment to mental illness, but we don't, so we have to unite, put our heads together, and ride in the optimists' direction. Read more at JasonMraz.com (link in bio).


09 Nov 2018



07 Nov 2018


Feels good.


06 Nov 2018



06 Nov 2018


Sat in Portland, Toca and I had the pleasure of making some noise with @brynnelliottmusic @classichanson @1051thebuzz, and @oceanparkstandoff at the #partyforpink because #cancerneedstobekickedinthenuts


04 Nov 2018


I have been very, very fortunate in my life to have had a warm meal on Thanksgiving. Every single one. For 40 years. Covered in gravy. This year I am supporting WhyHunger to help build newer, better, and more-inclusive food systems. . Hunger won't be solved with charity and free food. Hot meals do help, but are merely a band-aid on a larger problem. An entire system needs to be transformed to allow food to be accessible and affordable to all. . I recently learned about the work of WhyHunger. They’ve been fighting for 43 years to break up food inequality and change the food system at large. . The 2018 WhyHunger #Hungerthon campaign is now live. Awesome auction items, like the Taylor Academy Nylon Guitar I played onstage at the WhyHunger fundraiser in NYC, will open on 11/14. . This gluttonous holiday season, I choose to make a difference that makes a difference, and ensure that everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food. . Visit Hungerthon.org and learn how to support real solutions to help end hunger in America. . Read more at JasonMraz.com (link in bio).


03 Nov 2018


Due to overwhelmingly awesome demand, the Contemporary Youth Orchestra and I are adding a second performance in Cleveland on Sunday, June 9! Tickets for this performance will go on sale tomorrow, November 2 at 10am ET. These shows will be the first-ever orchestral performances of my songs and I could not be happier that it will be with the Contemporary YOUTH Orchestra, benefitting profound, next-level music education. @cyorchestra


01 Nov 2018


Manila. Singapore. Hong Kong. Bangkok. Taipei. Shanghai. Start warming up your vocal chords because Good Knews! Good Vibes is finally coming to Asia in 2019. Visit jasonmraz.com/events for the latest on sale & ticket information in your area. #goodvibestour


29 Oct 2018


Drinking coffee is a global act. . Since forever, coffee has been an import. When we drink it, we contribute to many lives around the world. Only recently have prices started to reflect the true value of coffee; a value calculated by meticulous labor, miles traveled, and of course, taste. . Yemeni coffee is of the oldest coffee in the world. It is said to even be the origin of coffee. Today, amidst severe hardships in Yemen, farmers still attempt to get their beans to market to make an honest and fair living. . Port of Mokha Coffee Company gives us an opportunity to directly support Yemeni workers and coffee farmers during this time of crisis, historic famine, and conflict. portofmokha.com . Read more at JasonMraz.com (link in bio).


28 Oct 2018