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Back in my happy place. Stress, air quality, and more stress have taken my voice and given me some virus 🤢 but I’m extremely grateful to be back home and to HAVE a home to return to. Thank you to @mary_steenburgen @teddanson for putting us up and putting up with us for some days ❤️And thank you to the fire fighters, volunteers and everyone who busted their asses, aided, and was kind to one another this last wk, it’s been a tough one. Sending so much love and support to those who have lost so much these past days. If you want to help in any way there’s a new link in my bio that helps get supplies to babies and families who’ve lost everything. Be safe.


17 Nov 2018


Please donate whatever you’re able to, these CA firefighters need our help! Click Link in bio


10 Nov 2018


Hoping everyone gets out. We are safe tonight. Please evacuate if you’re told to. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and thank you to the exhausted fire fighters who are out there tonight. ❤️


10 Nov 2018


Dear fellow Americans, Our rights, the future of our country, the safety of the many diverse people who live in it, and the health of our planet are at risk. This could be the most important thing you take part in, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to change the things that matter to you, the issues that frustrate or anger you, to not be an example for the younger generations to show that we will not stand for injustice but will instead proudly make our voices heard by casting our vote tomorrow, Nov. 6th and be a part of the change we all want and need. I am 18yrs or older so therefore.. I am a voter. #iamavoter


05 Nov 2018


Don’t even bother comin at me about this, I’m not gonna change. 55 days and counting.. 🤶🏻🎄 #sweaterseries


01 Nov 2018



01 Nov 2018




01 Nov 2018




01 Nov 2018


There are many causes in this country to stand up for and hungry children is one we should all support regularly. It’s a also a cause that’s near and dear to George Esquivel’s heart. This @esquivelshoes “X” tote feeds hungry kids and their families, for every tote sold a family in need will receive a backpack full of food every weekend for over a year! Please support this cause by buying one of these cool totes! *link in bio


30 Oct 2018


Shallow, b: lacking in depth of knowledge, thought, or feeling. // a shallow demagogue


30 Oct 2018


Got his Halloween dry run in.


27 Oct 2018


Orange is my new fave. It’s inexplicable. I’m a Capricorn, I’m supposed to like beige or some crap.


25 Oct 2018