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DAUGHTER OF THE PLAINS ✨ DUSK ✨ Omaha, Nebraska #home


24 Jun 2018


Love is love is love. Celebrating Sylvia day with James Knight. 📸 by @boazkroon on film. #filmisnotdead


22 Jun 2018


‘Escape Plan 2: Hades’ JUNE 29th 💥 Starring alongside @davebautista @officialslystallone @50cent ✔️


21 Jun 2018


#nationalkissday was yesterday. Better late than never 💋 #love #wifey 📸 @stefaniekeenan


20 Jun 2018


I should’ve known this was a premonition that I would be playing Lemon Breeland #HartOfDixie 🍋


20 Jun 2018


This boy! For all the parents who have children diagnosed with TGA and are terrified (as we were) we hope by sharing Leo Thames journey with you gives you hope that children with congenital heart defects grow up to be happier, stronger, more fearless kids than we would ever expect. Everyday he teaches me that what we are given we will overcome. And we will be immensely more aware of the beauty and gift that this life gives us. Our bodies are miracles. All children and families not only deserve but need health care so we must fight for all people in this country to have the necessary care to fully live the life God gave to each human. #leothames #happyboy @cedarssinai


19 Jun 2018


Getting into character #actorslife #forever ❤️


19 Jun 2018


#mondaymotivation 💭


18 Jun 2018


Happy Fathers Day to the best dad @kyle_newman thank you for being my partner and lover. To have these incredible boys with you- all the snuggles and love and creativity. Best role of my life 💜 I live thee 🌹


18 Jun 2018


A very special message to an extraordinary man. We love you beyond words @kyle_newman !! #happyfathersday ❤️❤️❤️


17 Jun 2018


They had a BLAST! 💥


17 Jun 2018


Beauty is a fickle thing. My friends made me pretty for work today whilst my grandmother is passing moment by moment. Behind many painted faces on Instagram there is another truth going on. I want to be with her but there are no flights tonight so here I am. Please send Light and pray for a graceful transition for my Grandma. And if more people share the real story behind their painted masks maybe, just maybe, people would feel less alone on this planet. Maybe less people would compare themselves and circumstances to an unnatural state of curated pages and connect in their moments of need. I’m grateful for the support and love that surrounds me. Most grateful for the life I have shared with my grandmother. 🌹


16 Jun 2018