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Happy Birthday Lee 🎈I celebrate your life and friendship everlasting. “If you really want to know me, look at my work.” - Alexander McQueen


17 Mar 2019


I’d bury a body for ya 🌹 Selma 💋#dewanasbridal


17 Mar 2019


Happy Birthday to the best man I know! I LOVE THEE 🌈💝🌹 @kyle_newman


17 Mar 2019


Sassy Sunday with James Knight 🥰


11 Mar 2019


Last night I had such an incredible evening celebrating International Women’s Day with @olivela @careorg and my closest friends who everyday use their voice and take action beyond measure. They are true activists- they live and breath it. It’s who they are. As well as some of the most inspiring female founders. In honor of #InternationalWomansday, I chose some of my favorite items from @olivela, designed by women I admire. 20% of all purchases will benefit @careorg during the month of March, which gives girls and refugees in Jordan and Syria access to education. When you empower women, you uplift entire communities. We must KNOW that the power of education in many places means the difference between life and death. 🌈 See my stories and visit olivlea.com to help support our girls! I’m proud to have been @olivela’s partner since their inception. Their work is not exclusive to one month a year. This is what they do everyday/every year. They give back to this cause through every purchase made. We all have a choice as consumers to determine where we invest our hard earned dollars. Why shouldn’t we feel great knowing we’re giving back and looking fabulous while doing it?! #TheOlivleaEffect #Ad


10 Mar 2019


Happy #internationalwomensday to all of the women who have come before us to all of us now. To those who have given birth physically mentally emotionally spiritually to the ideas and actions that we are indeed meant to be treated equal. Regardless of race, creed, class, situation and circumstances. Those that have birthed the courage and bravery to fight! Thank you to all of the women, friends and especially my family who have supported my births (not just my children) on every single level.


09 Mar 2019


Our wedding day! Lemon and Lavon 🥰 This is one my happiest memories of #hartofdixie 🍋💕💯#tbt 📸 @skittishkid #lemonbreeland


07 Mar 2019


No one more beautiful than you and your friendship my love 🌹 #Repost @selmablair ・・・ Today has been an incredible show of friendship towards me.And the light floods in as I lay In my bed. I wish I could give a portion to everyone on here. Everyone who needs it. Love right now. Feel it right now. #jaimeking ... my love, my sister soul... you make me stop and smell the roses. #youvegotaheartsobigitcouldcrushthistown . This ethereal and amazingly fragrant bouquet by #artfleurla was inspired by the @ralphandrusso gown I wore Oscar night. I am enchanted. Thank you @jaime_king . I always love you. First a visit from our friend, @sarahmgellar bearing gifts from @melindamaria_jewelry and a massage! ( by Sarah!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🤷‍♀️) And now this. Sweet dreams I will have indeed. I feel so loved. And love you back. I will pay this love forward. Because my friends show me the way. My #heart goes out to all those in #pain.


05 Mar 2019


OMG!!! When your kid first discovers America’s funniest home videos 😂🤣🥰 #jamesknight


04 Mar 2019


This is what living love is. This is said with knock down drag out truth- I am GRATEFUL to be surrounded by angels, beautiful artists and friends that rejuvenate me & create a safe space for me consistently. This doesn’t come easily- without pain, self-doubt, living in lack for years. It takes hard work to learn to love yourself so you can receive the loving. This is an endless task. To know our heart & gifts are worth sharing and have great value. We are here to fully live life. Anyone that makes you feel otherwise is caught in the lies of this level & putting their ignorance upon you. Fuck that. Bless them and say peace out. Easier said than done. Flowers remind me of the simple truth of life. They bring us immense pleasure and ask for little in return. They live fully for us & die gently in our wake. I often consider the symbolic nature and have them around us and sometimes legit in my face as an affirmation. My mother & grandparents taught me this. Somehow beauty grew in our gardens from their presence. Their magic allowed them to thrive. My girls at Art Fleur make my arrangements & the joy it brings to my kids and each person is real. The happiness my friends bring to my life kids is palpable & necessary. The ebb and flow of tests are real. It’s our elasticity to come back to the knowing that is the strange humor of this thing called life. #Repost @dallin.james ・・・ Thank you @jaime_king for reminded me take a second to quite literally stop and smell the roses before our shoot yesterday. With all the work we put into being of service let us not forget to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, connect with our breath and reach out our hand to another. I always admire your work and dedication to that. Much love and gratitude. | Hair: @dallin.james using @oribe | Makeup: @amberdmakeup | #oribeobsessed #service #stopandsmelltheroses


04 Mar 2019


The look on my face 🤯😳😰 but thanks Blair for smiling... This is why we work. We both suck at pretending and one of us covers for the other. #metball some time ago... I am coming over today btw.... this is my bat signal. 🦇 I love you ❤️


03 Mar 2019


This FACE! Heaven... 🥰😇 #leothames #momlife


02 Mar 2019