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Great seeing the extraordinary work being done at @NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. Best call of the day — chatting with incredible astronauts on the International Space Station! 👩‍🚀 🚀


21 Sep 2018

NASA Johnson Space Center

Dream realized! Great day at @nasa’s Johnson Space Center with Administrator @jimbridenstine checking out new tech + innovations and meeting with students, our future scientists and astronauts, who will bring us back to the moon 🌙 🚀


21 Sep 2018

The White House

Last night 34 Medal of Honor recipients joined us at the White House. As we express our awe and gratitude for their remarkable acts of bravery and courage in the face of extreme adversity, we are reminded of the tremendous sacrifice our men and women in uniform (and their families) make daily to protect our country and ensure our freedom. God bless our Armed Forces! #MedalOfHonor


13 Sep 2018


Happy New Year to Jewish people all over the world. Shana tova u'metuka! #RoshHashanah 🍎🍯


09 Sep 2018


It was my honor to address the 1st Regional Conference on #EmpoweringWomeninAfghanistan! Supporting women is fundamental to the future direction of Afghanistan. Together, we have the opportunity to help Afghan women as they strive to realize their dreams of a peaceful and prosperous future in their country and beyond!


06 Sep 2018

The White House

Great working session today at the White House on ways to improve the clemency process with policy leaders and criminal justice reform advocates.


06 Sep 2018

The White House

Who is excited for the 2026 FIFA WorldCup?? 🇺🇸🇲🇽🇨🇦


29 Aug 2018

Organization of American States (OAS)

Today, I joined Ambassadors from across the Americas, to discuss the importance of women’s economic empowerment. When women can fully participate in all aspects of society, communities thrive and countries prosper, fostering lasting peace, economic growth and stability in our hemisphere – and beyond. #OAS


28 Aug 2018


Great hanging with the Girls of Steel today in Pittsburgh! These impressive young women from across the state of Pennsylvania are working to expand their knowledge and develop new innovations that will one day change our world! I look forward to celebrating their future achievements in robotics and #STEM fields. #Pittsburgh #Pennsylvania


15 Aug 2018

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Great day at Astrobotic on Robotics Row checking out the Peregrine — the new lunar lander that will return America to the moon — and many other stellar innovations. As we embrace American entrepreneurship and new tech advancements, we recognize their direct impact on our economy + workforce. We must ensure our students + workers are adequately prepared for present + future employment opportunities in high-demand fields like AI, robotics and aerospace. #Pittsburgh #Pennsylvania #WorkforceDevelopment #STEM


15 Aug 2018

Bedminster, New Jersey

As POTUS & Jared Kushner convened a bipartisan group of Governors from across the country to discuss prison reform, each of the Governors also signed our #PledgeToAmericasWorkers & joined our national campaign to invest in the skills of America’s current + future workforce! #WorkforceDevelopment


10 Aug 2018

Lewis and Clark Community College

Great day in Godfrey, Illinois with Rep Davis visiting the Lewis and Clark Community College: Weber Workforce Center & highlighting the importance of skills training programs + vocational ed for the success of America’s students + workers & the future of America’s economy. #PledgeToAmericasWorkers #WorkforceDevelopment


08 Aug 2018