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The White House welcomed some wonderful guests today in honor of World Down Syndrome Day! I loved hearing each and every story and learning of the pathways you are taking to rewarding careers as we seek to build a more inclusive economy! You each brought light and inspiration to my day! Thank you! #WDSD19 . . Official White House Photo by: Tia Dufour


21 Mar 2019


When Dad’s away...


20 Mar 2019


We look forward to working with bipartisan Members of Congress on comprehensive #HigherEducationAct reform to make higher education more affordable, flexible and outcome-oriented, including: ▪️Simplifying student loan repayment. ▪️Allowing low-income students/workers to use Pell Grants for short-term, high-quality programs. ▪️ Enhancing outcome-based transparency. ▪️Expanding Fed aid for workforce training to prisoners eligible for release. #NationalCouncilfortheAmericanWorker


18 Mar 2019


Access to affordable, high-quality child care is essential for modern working families. In addition to doubling the Child Tax Credit and the Child Care and Development Block Grants, POTUS’s Budget ⬇️ ... Made history as the only POTUS to include a national Paid Family Leave proposal in the budget ... Increased CCDBG funding level to $5.276 billion ... Proposed a NEW $1 billion in grants to increase the supply of child care in underserved communities and to support providers that operate during nontraditional work hours or that cater to parents who are enrolled in school ... (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)


12 Mar 2019


From Secretary of the Air Force to academia, you lead and inspire. Thank you Dr. Wilson for your exemplary service to our nation!


09 Mar 2019


Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD2019 #WGDP


08 Mar 2019

The White House

ICYMI: Yesterday, we hosted the 1st American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting to further the goals of our National Council for the American Worker. Our mission: fostering inclusive economic growth that will lead to MORE and BETTER jobs!


07 Mar 2019

The White House

Today, the President met with many great leaders from the private sector, educational institutions, and State and local governments, which serve on the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. Together, we are devoted and focused on improving skills-based hiring and training and advancing opportunities for successful careers in the workforce. As our economy is booming and we are committed to growing and improving our Nation’s workforce! #WorkforceDevelopment . . . Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian


07 Mar 2019

National Aquarium

All smiles at the National Aquarium in Baltimore 🐠 ‬


03 Mar 2019


Hot date! 🥰


03 Mar 2019

The White House

Historic low unemployment rates have created opportunity for millions of Americans. A record 73% of people who previously were out of work and not looking for a job, came OFF of the sidelines and into the workforce in Q4 2018. This is the highest share of people entering our labor force from the sidelines EVER! Today we met with the Nation’s Governors to discuss how we can work together to ensure all students + workers have the skills needed to fill the 7.3 million job openings! #NGA #WorkforceDevelopment . . . . . Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour


26 Feb 2019


ICYMI: From the Munich Security Conference last week. Women’s economic empowerment is, simply put, SMART defense policy. #MSC2019 #WGDP


24 Feb 2019