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TODAY I’m celebrating #plantaseedday It’s a campaign by my friend @kimbalmusk and his non-profit @biggreen to teach the power of growing healthy, real food. Join me by planting a seed with your friends and family. Make the pledge to plant at plantaseedday.org I’m so proud to be a part of this! It’s so important what happens when the connection is made when a human to nurtures and grows a seed. Heal ourselves, heal the planet and build a strong community around healthy food. It’s the future and it’s happening right now in our present. Let’s do this!


21 Mar 2019


What an INCREDIBLE morning at the Eucalyptus Elementary School in Hawthorne California. With these amazing people: We are here to inspire millions of people to take the pledge to plant a seed on March 20th for #PlantASeedDay —  you can visit plantaseedday.org to make the pledge with me and these game changers @BigGreen @KimbalMusk @MayeMusk @ChristianaMusk @AloeBlacc and my brother @brynmooser fresh the Oscar red carpet. I am so humbled to be a part of this. I need you ALL to PLEDGE TO PLANT MARCH 20th and with us grow and nurture these seeds to build a better tomorrow. Seeing how interested, smart, savvy and willing these little ones are to learn about seeds, plants and soil blows my mind. They just need to opportunity. Calling all young ones, parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, babysitters, CEO’s and every one in between- join us. Bond, talk, share, play, plant and smile. Check out @biggreen and let’s do this. Kimbal and Christiana: getting to spend the morning with your incredible mama (the beautiful one and only @mayemusk ) and your team is nothing short of inspiring. The efforts of your family will be felt for not just generations but NOW. Peace and thank you, Ian


13 Mar 2019


More big wine news! I’ve teamed up with @omazeworld again to give a you and their friend the chance to join me for some incredible wine tasting and a delicious dinner at one of my favorite spots. We’ve even got the flights and hotel all covered. Support ISF and enter to win through my bio or at omaze.com/ian. #onlyatomaze Share this with your friends!


12 Mar 2019


I have to thank this handsome man to my right aka @immatthewdavis not just for years of great scenes as Alaric and Damon, drinking bourbon, the hundreds of hours of amazing deep conversations and brotherhood. I have to thank him right now for going down to my home town to give his time and energy by being the Celebrity Monarch for Mardi Paws aka @muttstomodels this past weekend. Myself and @isfofficial are so beyond proud and grateful to in part benefit from this amazing weekend. Thank you my beautiful dear brother and thank you all who attended the fund raiser and festivities. To all the friends, family and fans you’ll never know how special this is and how grateful I am. This community means so much to me and to all of us. Thank you to the city of Mandeville and to the Mandeville Police department. Denise Gutnisky, you are an angel in this world and we all thank you for your tireless effort to bring community together around helping animals, young people and humanity. I adore you and appreciate you- thank you for this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Love, Ian


12 Mar 2019


I’m so proud of this juice! China! Buy it now! It’s going to go fast! It makes a great gift! Drink it now or wait- just remember to let it breath NO LESS than 15 minutes after you open it! Coming to the rest of the world soon Thank you all Love, Ian


10 Mar 2019


My wine. I’ve named it Dark ll Dawn or D2D. It’s launching literally right now TODAY in China! I’m so proud of this wine. Over 3 years, 90 blends and countless hours of work and travel to make this happen. Let your friends in China know that we are in the marketplace and to grab this up. We Only have a few thousand cases of it and it will go fast! Please share this with your friends in China to let them know that I have teamed up with COFCO to bring this amazing juice from Chile from the incredible minds at @vik_wine . Go to MY Weibo for information: IanSomerhalder_Official I have a very personal story that I will share with you WHY this wine is so special to me tomorrow when I wake up. I’ve been working all night and i must sleep... Thank you to all that made this dream come true and thank you for supporting me in this amazing endeavor. Remember- this is a YOUNG wine, it’s a 2017. It’s beautiful, but like all things in life, it’s needs to breathe a bit. Give it 15 minutes minimum after opening it! I can’t wait for you to try this! Thanks to my team and COFCO and thank you all! With immense gratitude and love, Ian


04 Mar 2019


This is me directing... I love it. One of my brilliant producing partners sent me this. I had no idea how intense I look... Jeez. If anyone knew what went Into making a single episode of TV they wouldn’t talk so much shit... so many hours, ATP production and team work. Coming soon to a TV near you or a device in your pocket #VWars @netflix @drlutherswannofficial *WARNING* GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!!!!!!


02 Mar 2019


#tbt Season 2 Vampire Diaries accidental super-model pose. I’m pretty sure we can only turn left on the runway...


01 Mar 2019


Got to hang out with this beauty for a bit... But there’s no place I’d rather be at 11:52 PM on Oscar night but curled up in bed with this one and a tiny teething toddler. Next year we’ll party until the wee hours. I think. Maybe. Possibly. Maybe. I think.


26 Feb 2019


A night out with these three... I love them... The Night Before Party. Such amazing conversations with such talented and influential artists/filmmakers/producers and the studio heads and finance gurus in this entertainment business that make it all possible. I’m grateful to be a part of it all. Now time for bed- this beautiful baby will wake us up in just a few hours for sure...


24 Feb 2019


This is me and my dearest dearest brother @brynmooser . I trust this man with my life and he and his film Lifeboat are nominated for an Oscar. This is not Bryn’s 1st Oscar Nomination and I truly hope that the @theacademy recognizes that this film is so incredibly important and that he is and will remain one of the most influential filmmakers and game changers of our time. Congratulations my brother and to all that made this incredible film. Congratulations to ALL of the nominees and anyone that is brave and strong enough to make a film in hopes of telling a story that the world must see.


24 Feb 2019


That moment when the family portrait is about to happen: The photographer is there, the light is perfect, Moana is blaring with @therock ’s voice billowing through the house like a Sinatra fog horn and... NOPE. The baby pulls the diva card and won’t come out of her trailer...


23 Feb 2019