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This is happening. #VWars is happening. I am Dr. Luther Swann at your service... more information to come so follow @drlutherswannofficial (me) & @vwarsofficial to find out more and get special content. Thank you @netflix It’s happening. I’ll be watching your follows and I’ll be posting so don’t let me down. Let’s do this. They are hunting us...


26 Jun 2018


My quiet garage alone time with the new scripts in my wooden capsule of healing heat, light and sound. I haven’t broken down another character in 9 years... it’s very special. Very fun. I’ve come up with many ideas in here for ISF, Vampire Diaries, my businesses and my family. This thing has change my life and I’m so grateful that my dear friends at @sunlightensaunas have created such special healing equipment to make our lives and our health better. If you have any doubt of the incredible healing properties of these infrared saunas just check out what they do. It’s not just the heat but the light therapy and the sound resonance therapy. Mind blowing... They are helping people feel better and therefore act better to the world that surrounds them and that is such a cool thing.


25 Jun 2018


Okay everyone here is the info! http://bit.ly/catartshowla Nearly 50% of the art is sold. 5% of all art sales goes to ISF ​Show is open until Sunday June 24th, 12-5 Daily Think Tank Gallery, 939 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015 ​Artists include Mark Ryden, Casey Weldon, Marion Peck, Edel Rodriguez, and 100 more!​ Go! Go! Go!


21 Jun 2018


Being a dad- it’s the best role I’ve ever gotten to play. The only one I’ve ever been good at... Happy late(ish) Father’s Day dads. I hope we can all remember that society is a direct reflection of our parenting. So, whatever we can do to step it up and really double down by investing in our kids, teaching them and being present with them; our world will be truly better. I know it’s hard out there but we can do this-I’m proud to one of you now...


20 Jun 2018


Me and this girl... no filter. Warm Georgia days... Thanks for snapping this photo @nikkireed my love.


13 Jun 2018


At 12:11 PM PST this beautiful girl took her last breath. Quietly cancer had filled this amazing girl of mine and there was nothing any of us could do. I’ve never known a more incredible animal. A soul that spoke 1,000 languages. Kid, I will miss you and anyone that ever got to know you will miss you. Countless flights, 100nights in the airstream, driving across the country, jumping in every lake- river- stream and ocean there was, just for a splash and to be happy. Thank you for loving me like I’ve never known. I know you’re here, your energy is here with us-I saw you playing with Neech this morning. I love you kiddo. Love, Dad


12 Jun 2018


Hey beautiful people! If you do anything today please take a look at this. I’m putting the link in my bio as well;) An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our water every year. 8 million! With all this plastic seeping into the DNA of our marine life, it’s imperative that we work together to turn this disaster around. That is why I was so excited to talk with @MarthaStewart about ISF’s mission and how together we can #ChangeTheDay. @isfofficial @marthastewart Love, Ian


10 Jun 2018


This beautiful morning getting some crucial tips from the man @instadanow aka Danny Garcia on the golf course. My brother @nathanaugustreed snapped this photo on the 17th hole, surely to become one of the world’s most iconic holes of any golf course on the planet. No filter needed ;) @villadelpalmarl @zaringgroup #loreto #mexico


08 Jun 2018


My safe place. This sexy armpit. Always... Sea of Cortez we miss your salty kisses and beauty. @villadelpalmarL @ZaringGroup #Loreto #Mexico


07 Jun 2018


Acrokisses in the desert with this human...


01 Jun 2018


Cat Art Show 3 is the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to our beloved feline with works by artists like @markryden and @caseyweldon plus over 100 others. ISF is a charity beneficiary for the show, and will receive $1 of every ticket sale plus 5% of all art sales! While I won't be at the show, I will be there in spirit, and encourage you to attend and support the arts, as well as the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and kitties in need! Info here: http://bit.ly/catartshowla LINK IN BIO!


01 Jun 2018


Diving for the glow in the dark frisbee in the desert night #fail .


28 May 2018