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Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Over 60% of Svalbard is covered by giant glaciers and it can be very rough to get around even in the summer. The terrain offers an incredible landscape with icy mountains and stunning glacial walls. Due to the increase of almost 4 degrees in the last years, the glaciers are rapidly shrinking faster than ever.. @VisitSvalbard #VisitSvalbard #Svalbard #Spitzbergen #Climatechange


21 Mar 2019


Back in 2017 the German Roamers embarked upon an epic trip from Yukon to Alaska with @MercedesBenz - documenting the extreme nature the entire way and #MBfacingTheNorth.  You are now able to follow our adventure, route and photo spots by using the new Marvelroad App. Check out the link in my bio, download the app and get inspired for your next road trip. [Werbung] #MercedesBenz #Yukon #Alaska #Marvelroad


20 Mar 2019

Northern Ireland

Let me introduce you to Odin and Thor also known as Summer and Grey Wind from Game of Thrones @got_direwolves 🐺 We have been trying to meet up during my last visits in Ireland but it never worked out, finally I had the pleasure to roam around the Mourne Mountains with these guys and it has been such a blast. Thanks @williamogmul , @ross_mulhall_ and @cael_mul for showing as around Northern Ireland - you guys rock! #GOT #Direwolves #GameofThrones #NorthernIreland #Entdecke_Irland


18 Mar 2019

Mourne Mountains

Happy St.Patrick’s Day from Dublin!! 🌈☘️🍺 🇮🇪 [Anzeige]Storytelling is the theme for the 2019 edition of the festival and we tried to document the history of Saint Patrick. By traveling up North and following the roots of the celebrations we came along beautiful areas and landscapes that once again showed me how much I love this country. Check out my story highlight in case you missed it! @TourismIreland #HappyStPatricksDay #EntdeckeIrland


17 Mar 2019

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

The Svalbard reindeer - a very interesting and iconic species. Captured on last weeks assignment for @olympuscameras. About 10.000 years ago, during the last ice age, Svalbard and the whole arctic was covered in thick glaciers connecting the archipelago with Canada and Greenland. The reindeer traveled across the ice and ended up in Svalbard. Once the glaciers decreased again, the animal was left on the islands and had to adopted to its cold and harsh environment. Their stocky appearance, sometimes fat and short legs is a result of this evolution and let’s the reindeer survive as the only large grazing mammal in the European arctic. [Werbung] Shot with @OlympusCameras #OlympusXplorers OM-D E-M1X + 40-150mm 2.8 Pro Lens. #Olympus #Omdrevolution #OlympusCameras


14 Mar 2019

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

As I’m going to spend my next trips in Arctic areas, I thought it would be time to change my profile picture and show my face, at least kind of.. My recent trip to Svalbard once again fascinated me with its vast and pristine lands, the remote living and rough environment in this untouched place. Soon I’ll be heading to a another country I always dreamed of to go and it might be even more remote and almost as cold. Any guesses? Relying on gear that works in the cold and supports you is very important on these trips. @fjallravenofficial has always been one of my favorite brands with their sustainable and rugged products, featuring that classic Arctic look - thanks for keeping me toasty. [Werbung] And cheers @cosmokoala for taking this shot of me. #Svalbard #Fjallraven #Arctic #Spitzbergen


12 Mar 2019

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Arctic Fox encounter. During the last week we have been exploring Spitzbergen on assignment with @Olympuscameras for the #OlympusXplorers project, testing out the equipment in the extreme cold and pushing it to its limits. Being able to travel with a really light setup, which still offers you enough flexibility to shoot wide landscapes and close ups like the one above of this cute little fella without disturbing it, is such a great advantage of this system. [Werbung] Shot on OM-D E-M1X + 40-150mm 2.8 Pro Lens. #Olympus #Omdrevolution #OlympusCameras _ Special thanks to @Seeandexplore_oddgeirsagerup for helping us finding the foxes.


11 Mar 2019


A river slowly meandering through the frozen forests of Oulanka National Park. ❄️


06 Mar 2019


Lappish getaway ❄️.. that building is actually an old mill, next to river that basically never freezes - one of my favorite locations in Finland. I recently went through some of my old photos and tweaked the edits a little bit. Pretty cool to see how your editing style is changing from time to time. Since I changed my back up system to a @Drobostorage it‘s even more fun, as my Drobo 5D3 is definitely one of the easiest and quickest systems I have ever used. [Werbung]


03 Mar 2019

Lapland (Finland)

Preparing for the cold again.. on Sunday I’ll be heading to the Arctic and I couldn’t be more stoked. This is going to be my first trip and assignment of the year and the start of many more following. I spent the last 2 months at home, doing stuff I usually wasn’t able to do and thinking a lot about social media. In a world that moves so fast, you must be able to slow your mind down and focus on what’s really important. ✌🏼 #Finland #Lapland #Winter #Arctic


28 Feb 2019


The message I‘m building up to with my little series about the snow monkeys is a more serious one. Monkeys, and especially the great apes share 98% the same genes as we humans. That basically means we are more related to monkeys than a horse to a donkey. We are the most powerful, evolved and adopted species on earth, although most of us are morally not better than any other animal. And in some socializing aspects the monkeys are actually ahead of us. A highly intelligent species which we keep imprisoned for tourism, zoos or in laboratories for research, where most of them are suffering and tortured. That‘s a thought I had which came in my mind while editing the photos and staring into the gazing eyes of the monkeys. I wanted to share this and make you think about it. #TheGreatApeProject #Monkeys #Japan #Snowmonkeys #wildlife


26 Feb 2019


Just monkey business.. 🐒 During the harsh Japanese winters most of the ground is covered in snow for months. To survive, the Macaques are gathering around geothermal hot springs in the valleys. No other nonhuman primate is more northern living, nor lives in a colder climate. And actually they can cope with temperatures as low as -20 celsius. Stunning creatures and fun to observe their grooming routines. #Japanese #Macaques #Snowmonkeys #Japan


24 Feb 2019