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Род занятий: Фотограф из Германии

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The sun has risen, engulfing the landscape with a soft and hazy touch of light.. gotta love mornings like this! ☀️


24 Jun 2018

German Alps

Taking a deep breath of the lush mountain air and thinking about the next adventure. #GoBackPack with @jackwolfskin


22 Jun 2018

Garmisch, Bayern, Germany

Morning strolls in the forest, hearing the birds chirp and watching the golden sun breaks through the foliage.. #WeRoamGermany


21 Jun 2018

Plansee, Tirol, Austria

Walking the shores of Lake Plansee early in the morning.


20 Jun 2018

Zittauer Gebirge

Spent the weekend exploring the Zittau mountains with a group of cool people from all over Germany. Cheers to everyone for being a part of our Instahike: #WeRoamZittauMountains @SimplySaxony x @GermanRoamers#ZittauerGebirge #SimplySaxony And thanks @asyrafacha for helping me getting that shot! *Anzeige


19 Jun 2018

German Alps

Blissful mornings. #weroamgermany


18 Jun 2018

Huayhuash, Huanuco, Peru

Excited to share more impressions of the Huayhuash trek over at @OlympusKameras as I‘m taking over the account for the next days. Unseen stories of this incredible place.. come have a look! #OlympusXplorers Shot on OM-D E-M1 Mark II, 7-14 mm 2.8 Pro Lens. • [f/4.5 | 1/250sec | ISO 200] #OMD #OlympusKameras #Olympus


15 Jun 2018

Allgäuer Alpen

Early mornings at Seealpsee.. #weroamgermany


15 Jun 2018

Eibsee, Bayern, Germany

Oh Alps, what a welcome.. kicked off my first trip in Germany this year with some classics for @JackWolfskin’s #GoBackPack campaign.


13 Jun 2018

Isle of Skye

No matter if harsh and cold temperatures in Svalbard, strong gust and wind in Ireland or moody and rainy weather in Scotland my @DJIGlobal #MavicAir was the perfect companion during my travels to those rough places. [Anzeige]


11 Jun 2018

Skellig Michael

The Star Wars Island aka Skellig Michael Island. One of those last remote places in Europe only accessible by boat and as it‘s a UNESCO world heritage only 100 people are allowed to visit this majestic place each day. Depending on the weather the boats also might not leave either.. it has been quite a struggle to get there. Half a year of planning, a couple of canceled landings, more then 8 days waiting for a good weather window but in the end through a lucky coincidence we were the first people getting on land this year. We had the island all to ourselves to roam around the old monastery and look for Luke. Probably one of my favorite places I have visited so far. #StarWars #SkelligMichael


10 Jun 2018

Atlantischer Ozean

The restless sound of waves crashing against the unforgiving shore. 🌊


09 Jun 2018