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glexocoldglue Glexo Cold Glue System в Инстаграм

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Thanks to everyone who was on MTE! It was awesome! Many meetings and new friends, many new knowledges and experience! Our Glexo Superhero - Stan Petrenko @carsformers #glexo #glexotools #dentrepair #pdr #pdrtools #mte #mte2019


15 Jan 2019


Friends! Yesterday ended an amazing event PDR industry-MTE2019. We want to thank everyone who visited us at the exhibition, who believes in us, helps and supports! You make us make a better product, you give us confidence that innovation is needed and in demand! You are the best! #glexo #mte #mobiletechexpo #pdr #pdrtools PS @pablosdentrepair - hey guys! 🤝🏻👍🏻


14 Jan 2019


Friends! We look forward to seeing you at MTE 2019! You will be able to personally test Glexo, evaluate its capabilities ! We are happy to share with you the nuances of using Glexo at different stages of work, combining techniques and much more ! We will be glad to see you ! #glexo #mte #orlando


11 Jan 2019


Colleagues in Russia-good news for you! Мы рады сообщить - теперь нашу клеевую систему вы можете найти у коллег и партнеров из @pdrc.ru ! Всем прекрасно известно , что PDR Center - крупнейшая сеть в отрасли по России. А это означает , что наша продукция стала доступнее и ближе к вам! You are welcome! #pdr #pdrtools


28 Nov 2018



28 Nov 2018


Good news for Canadians! Now you can get your Glexo very quickly - from our friends @dccdenttools! https://denttools.ca It is in stock and available to order! In addition, the guys have a huge range and very fast delivery the next day across Canada! Please note that on December 7-8, the guys will hold a demonstration of tools from manufacturers in Calgary! There will be a lot of interesting and great discounts! Canada, we envy:) Details from @dcchail and @dccdenttools


28 Nov 2018



28 Nov 2018


Glexo - your indispensable assistant in any job! How many tools do you know that increase the speed at times? Who pay for themselves in a week? Which can be used in every repair? After all, who look so gorgeous? Fast. Simple. Effective. Glexo. #pdrtools #pdr #glexo #paintlessdentrepair


26 Nov 2018


Glexo is easy-to-operate! You simply apply adhesive to the pad, fix it in any slide hammer that you have, press it into the damaged area and use a hammer! The composition has unique characteristics that allow you to straighten the strongest metals (for example, sills, pillars or aluminium hoods) and it does not straighten too much even the thinnest of them.  Glexo is an innovative product that will allow you to reach a new level in your work and will significantly increase performance!  Fast. Simple. Effective. Glexo! #glexo #pdr #pdrtools


26 Nov 2018


Well, friends! We offer you to take advantage of Friday's offer! -15%!!! Don't miss the opportunity! Order now! Use coupone code GLEXOBF till 2018-11-27! https://glexotools.com #glexo #blackfriday


23 Nov 2018


Glexo has the best performance among all the compounds you can find. It is glued like crazy, allowing you to work with the strongest metals, and thus, if necessary, easily separated without staining the work surface. This is what allows the specialist to use Glexo in a very wide range of situations. Glexo is an innovation in your arsenal that will allow you to work faster, better, more efficiently! Fast. Simple. Effective. Glexo! #glexo #pdr #pdrtools


23 Nov 2018


So, it is 10 minutes to prepare a work area for the finish work. Without over pulling of metal, burnt fingers, disassembly of the covering... Are you trying to convince yourself that you don't need Glexo ? 😊😉 #pdrtools #pdr #glexo


21 Nov 2018


"I long thought to buy Glexo or not. I've seen a lot of videos of how the masters work with them. And it seemed to me that you should know how to work with tool and that it is not as necessary as it seems. Still, I decided to buy. And as someone who fears sin for lying, I can honestly say that Glexo is bound to buy every PDR master! It's so easy to work with and so easy to use that I really wish I had bought it right away when I heard about it!" And this is the author's intsagram @_ars_auto_18_reg_ :)


20 Nov 2018


UPD Guys, sorry! Glexo Black is over ! Black Friday for black Glexo ended very quickly:)#pdr #pdrtools #paintlessdentrepair #paintlessdentremoval


14 Nov 2018


Glexo composition is completely safe for car paint. You can be sure that the paint is not in danger, even when the adhesive remains on the work surface for a long time. Glexo will not stick tightly, will not harden, will not damage the paint and will not even make the surface matte, because it is completely chemically inert. Fast. Simple. Effective. Glexo! #glexo #pdr #pdrtools


13 Nov 2018


We usually talk about the cold glue system Glexo. But we have interesting news for you - we have released hot glue composition Glexo for glue pet. What is it with him to stand out among peers? So: 1. Cushioning effect. And as a consequence a smoother effect 2. Wide application temperature range 5-25°C (41-77°F). 3. At low temperatures retains plasticity, does not prick , does not harden very much. 4. Almost always removed without flushing. 5. Allows repair through PVC / vinyl films without damage (in 90% of cases) 6. Radically reduces the likelihood of separation of the paint 7. Odorless 8. Convenient package. It is very cool:) And it has a very nice price! You will like it! #glexohot #pdr #pdrtools


09 Nov 2018


Why do you need a lot of the same tool ? Expand the capabilities of the tool that you already have! Fast. Simple. Effective. Glexo! #pdr #pdrtools #glexo


09 Nov 2018


We want to introduce you a new, updated Glexo! Now it will delight you not only with its performance , but also a stunning appearance! It's gorgeous in everything! It's time to expand your tools and get new opportunities in work, with Glexo:) Fast. Simple. Effective. Glexo! #pdr #pdrtools #paintlessdentrepair #paintlessdentremoval #glexo


08 Nov 2018