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Аккаунт: @ouatginnygoodwin

Род занятий: Американская актриса кино и телевидения

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I wish you the happiest birthday 🎉 @lparrilla ♥️ 2011 - 2018


16 Jul 2018


I love this picture from the talented @vfxsup 🙌🏻✨ @joshdallas


13 Jul 2018


Snow White x Ralph breaks the internet.🤣💕✨ #wreckitralph #disney #disneyprincess #princess


08 Jul 2018


Ginnifer and @joshdallas the last 27 of June, out for a lunch.✨💕


02 Jul 2018


This is one of my favorite looks of Ginny! She’s glowing ✨ guys today it’s my birthday! 🎉🎂 tag @joshdallas as much as you can, I would really appreciate it, I would love if he wish me a happy birthday, I tried on twitter but he didn’t answer:(


29 Jun 2018


Always our Snow White ❄️♥️🙊 @joshdallas


26 Jun 2018


Cuties💕 @joshdallas


26 Jun 2018


#throwback to this selfie 🤳 that @joshdallas took with Ginny (and maybe @lparrilla ) from the #sdcc 2015 that we have never seen... #nationalselfieday 🙃♥️ we can also see @colinodonoghue1 in the background photobombing.


22 Jun 2018


#nationalselfieday 📱 and this post goes dedicated to @joshdallas because he loves #captaincharming so much, lol. And we also know how much he miss Colin. 🤣 @colinodonoghue1 I still wonder who owns that bear.🤔


22 Jun 2018


#WCW goes to all of these extremely gorgeous, amazing, talented and kind women that I admire, I love them all, in the first picture you can see only my favorite actresses and in the second my favorite singer. ♥️ Tap in the picture to she who they are. #phoebetonkin #madelainepetsch #adelaidekane #leightonmeester #diannaagron #ginnifergoodwin #jessicaalba #madchenamick #jennifermorrison #katyperry


22 Jun 2018


Is this intimacy?🎶♥️ @joshdallas


17 Jun 2018


One of my favorite pics💕 @joshdallas


17 Jun 2018


There weren’t any new pictures of Ginny and Josh since I was gone but here is a picture of Ginny with the amazing @janelynchofficial (better known as💁‍♀️ Sue Sylvester from Glee) @joshdallas


13 Jun 2018


Hey I’m back! Did anyone missed me? 🙈 @joshdallas Ps. Look at Ginny and Josh being a cuties.


13 Jun 2018


Ginny and Snow 🖤 I’ll not be active for a few days... check my las story. @joshdallas


06 Jun 2018


#throwback to pregnant 🤰🏻 Ginny, I love this candids, I miss seeing her like this.🙈 @joshdallas


03 Jun 2018


I wanted to post this edit in the earlier days of May but because of some things I couldn’t, 5 days ago was Ginny’s 40 birthday and today 28 years ago @chriscolfer’s was born 🙊 I wish him the best, he’s one of my top tree idols (Ginny, Katy and him) I admire and love him so much, I saw him the first time in #Glee the last summer and I immediately fell in love with his character and him, since that I haven’t stop supporting him, he’s such a sweet guy, and the best! Hbd Chris!🎊🎂♥️


28 May 2018


Today it’s Ginny’s forty birthday😱 can you believe she’s forty!?😩 I can’t, tbh she looks more younger, today it’s the 3rd time I post about her birthday and even if I’m not the same person I was in these years I can say that I keep loving and supporting Ginny! She was the first (or the second) person who become my idol, I’ve seen most or every picture of Ginny since the start in her career till now and no, I’m not a stalker🤦🏻‍♀️ I just appreciate her so much, I’ve seen as much as I can of her projects, tbh I’ve seen more projects of her than from other actors I’m fan of, not everyone of them but the ones I can, because some I don’t know where but when I discover where ofc I watch them, because I enjoy her job, I first saw her in @onceabcofficial (my favorite tv show ever) and I feel in love with her character, and I don’t know why, as kid Snow White never was my favorite Disney princess, but I immediately liked Ginny, since then I’ve never stop supporting her, and I hope to continue like that for more years, thanks to this account my life has changed in different ways, I meet amazing people who likes her and have other things that I like in common with me, and that has been amazing, some of them are not longer in touch with me but I don’t regret to have meet them, but there are ones that keep being close to me, once upon a time tough me a lot of things, about hope, faith, love and so others and I’m so thankful because of that, without Ginny and Once Upon A Time, I would never have had this amazing experience, I’m so glad that one day back in 2015 (I think) I decided to recreate this account to one about Ginny, her projects, family, friends and more! Sometimes even if I have had watched other tv shows my hipe about them pass, the last week we said goodbye to our beloved show (Ouat) I said goodbye after being four years in the fandom, but’ll always be an oncer; my love for Ouat and Ginny will always be in my heart♥️ because of everything they gave to me, I’ve nothing else to say than thank you. Also there’ve been moments when I want to give up on this not because I don’t like Ginny or Ouat anymore, it’s because some stuff but no. Tag @joshdallas please‼️🙏🏻


23 May 2018