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e-Chat Weekly Digest: New Design and Stable Work of App Dear friends! e-Chat team as always happy to share new features we’ve been working on last week. The messenger has received an updated design of several sections and improved work. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1280


11 Jul 2018


Today is Monday and е-Сhat team has prepared a new portion of updates. Last week, work was actively carried out to add new ways of using ECHT token, as well as some other functions that can be found below. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1277 #EChat #EChat


05 Jul 2018


Greetings friends! We present to you a e-Chat weekly digest. We have something new for you. Today we offer you to get acquainted with the features of the option "Contacts" and "Wallets". New features are already on the app, hurry up to test them first. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1270


29 Jun 2018


e-Chat weekly digest: new chat and conversation features Hi there! It’s a traditional e-Chat weekly digest and we have something astonishing for you! Today you will get to know about new features of chats and conversations. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1267


20 Jun 2018


Dear friends! It’s Monday and it means that e-Chat team introduce you our weekly digest. Check out new features of the messenger that the team developed last week. e-Chat team redesigned the camera algorithm, accelerated its work and adapted it for applying filters or editing photos (the editor will be available in the next versions). We’ve made the app more stable and enabled users to see the last moments, chat recommendations and the time when any other user was last seen in the messenger. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1253


05 Jun 2018


e-Chat Security Upgrade e-Chat weekly digest volume 3 is out now. We are sharing our latest development results. The application has received an update of the profile and new security features. Suggestions and advice on the project’s development can be sent to the email address: marketing@echat.io with the note: "Offers on the Development". Follow the news and be the first to know the latest info about e-Chat! https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1241 #EChatICO #ICO


29 May 2018


e-Chat Weekly Digest: Updated Profile e-Chat continues to share the results of the project development. Today’s weekly digest will let you know about new features of the updated profile. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1229 #EChat


21 May 2018


e-Chat has recently introduced a new design of the messenger. Download the app on Google Play or App Store to check it out. Several new features will be available in addition to the new interface: https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1217 #EChatICO #ICO


17 May 2018


e-Chat Weekly Digest: New Features Of Messenger In today’s digest, we will tell you about new features in Moments, Actions on posts. More detailed information is provided below: https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1203 #EChatICO #ICO


15 May 2018


We are aware of the importance of keeping our community informed about progress in the development and other activities of our project development team, therefore we decided to publish a weekly report on our work. First of all, we want to demonstrate our extremely high concentration on high speed and product development quality. We start our first digest with the publication of a report on the work which has been done over the past week: https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1192 #EChatICO #ICO


07 May 2018


ECHT is supported by CoinGecko CoinGecko - an analytical cryptocurrency platform - has added e-Chat token support. The service aims to collect all the data required to quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of cryptocurrency. Investors get necessary information and can select the coin that fits them the best. ECHT token holders now can monitor the rate and trading volume and chose the best time to trade their coins on YoBit, Tidex, and GetBTC. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1182 #EChatICO #ICO


04 May 2018


The number of us is growing every minute! Our messenger was downloaded more than 2500000 times! Users appreciate the quality of the e-Chat messenger, which is based on the Blockchain technology and guarantees your complete privacy and allows user to stay anonymous online. The option of built-in multi-currency cryptowallet gives our users the ultimate freedom of safe financial transactions and acts as a means of reliable money storage. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1165 #EChatICO #ICO


03 May 2018


Dear e-Chat users! Great news - you can store your ECHT tokens on Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. It provides a secured system to send, receive and store digital assets. Trust has an iOS and Android application that has more than 20,000 tokens based on Ethereum integrated into the system. Users have complete control over the private keys that are stored locally on their personal devices. e-Chat is glad to cooperate with Trust Wallet. Our team will continue to broaden the network of reliable partners in order to provide more options to store and use ECHT tokens for our users. Stay tuned for more news! https://investors.echat.io/id/news/article/1163 #EChatICO #ICO #btc #Bitcoin #Ethereum #crypto #blockchain #cryptocurrency


28 Apr 2018


Creative members of the e-Chat community are wondering if it is possible to monetize their artworks in the app as well as solve the problem of authorship and proprietary rights. Good news - yes, it’s possible! All types of digital art can be distributed through e-Chat. Bloggers can make videos, set a price for viewing, post the video in e-Chat, and share it with followers. Digital artists and designers can exhibit their works and musicians can monetize their tracks and albums directly in the application. Subscribers can purchase one's creations and make microtransactions to the cryptocurrency wallet thanks to cryptolike, which is available in the app. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1116 #EChatICO #ICO


01 Apr 2018


TIDEX EXCHANGE IS LISTING ECHT TOKENS Dear friends and e-Chat users! Our team is working on establishing partnerships with the world-known exchanges to provide more opportunities for trading e-Chat tokens. Recently we succeeded in negotiations with one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. We are glad to announce that Tidex listed ECHT in its system. Tidex is a cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin trading platform that emphasizes low fees of 0.1% for market makers and takers. The platform trading volume reaches $18 million daily! Tidex is a bitcoin and altcoin exchange, that support tokens on Ethereum and Waves. It provides customers with the opportunity to trade popular tokens in 6 markets. The exchange has 79 coins listed by now. One of the main features of Tidex is that users don’t need to verify their identity to make trades. Thus it allows to remain anonymous while performing any operations with cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for more news! https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1125 #EChatICO #ICO


27 Mar 2018


ECHT, ENLISTED ON YOBIT EXCHANGE Dear friends! e-Chat continues to join world-known trading platforms. Now you have one more option for ECHT trading as it has been enlisted on YoBit Exchange. YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, which provides users a wide range of currencies for trade. More than 27,4 million people visit the platform monthly and generate $32 million trade volume each day. The platform introduced a new investment opportunity for its users, called Investbox. With Investbox, users can earn from 0.1% to 10% per day by placing free coins in the YoBit investment plan. e-Chat will carry on negotiating with more exchanges in order to make ECHT token even more attractive for trading. Follow the news! https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1137 #EChatICO #ICO


27 Mar 2018


Chinese Most Beautiful Women Choose e-Chat Another Chinese beauty star Teng Youyou advocates for e-Chat. She hits the mark of TOP 10 most beautiful Chinese models and has millions of followers. In her post, she appraised e-Chat and stressed out the multiple opportunities for talented and creative bloggers and models opened up by e-Chat ‘Cryptolike’ innovative function. e-Chat also provides the safest way to exchange messages and provide financial transactions online and offline. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/920 #EChatICO #ICO


16 Mar 2018


Always at Its Best: e-Chat Rating on ICOBazaar Platform ICOBazaar is one of the most trustworthy platforms. It applies real, in-depth analysis of startups. ICOBazaar is deeply involved in providing potential investors with real help navigating them in the open sea of crypto projects. The assessment given by ICOBazaar is systematic, reliable, and independent. That’s why e-Chat is happy to receive 4 out of 5 stars according to the platform rating system. https://investors.echat.io/news/article/1024 #EChatICO #ICO


16 Mar 2018