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Род занятий: Американская актриса

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@tinykitchentm DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and watch the tiny kitchen series. My daughter Frankie is a self proclaimed “miniature enthusiast” and we get lost in these hypnotic video’s. And as a parent, they are so sweet to watch with your kids. Just a nice slice of life away from the chaos of the world. My tip for today, after waking up with my daughter and just marveling at her and and how wonderful life can be. These tiny moments...


18 Jul 2018


#PRETTY DEADLY JASMINE VENOM is warmed with notes of exotic cedarwood, burst of plum, ripe berry and vanilla with a hint of musk for a seductive fragrance. EXCLUSIVE ON @walmart @flowerbeauty #Beautyisforeverybody


17 Jul 2018


Meet #LETHALOLEANDER #PRETTYDEADLY another in a series of flowers that will hurt so good! It’s exotic and will make you swoon. It’s An intoxicating blend of white oleander, crisp citrus and creamy coconut comes to life in this hypnotic scent. @flowerbeauty @walmart


16 Jul 2018


@flowerbeauty SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES ... #PRETTYDEADLY INSPIRED BY DANGEROUS FLOWERS fragrance in #narcissusfatale. Available exclusively @Walmart & @flowerbeauty online. link in bio to get bit! Narcissus Fatale Magnetic black narcissus blended with a kaleidoscope of zesty citrus, blackberry and warm musk will hypnotize your senses.


16 Jul 2018


AVAIL NOW ON @flowerbeauty LINK IN BIO video by @22twentytwo22


15 Jul 2018


Do you dare? @flowerbeauty #PRETTYDEADLY will you be able to resist? #poison #deadly #leathal


15 Jul 2018


And a day of artistry continues in an end of day ritual of watercolor paint. #girls @flowerbeauty goodnight beauty junkies !


15 Jul 2018


BEAUTY IS FOR EVERYONE Thank you beautycon it was a blast @flowerbeauty @walmart @ultabeauty


15 Jul 2018


Here @beautycon with @flowerbeauty. Thank YOU! #flowerbeauty #flowerpress


15 Jul 2018


So proud of my girl. She is in the spirit for @beautycon And today is a celebration of expression and artistry. I have loved make up my whole life. Grew up in a make up chair. Worked with all the best make up artists in my day. Learned so much. Was co creative director of Covergirl for seven years and then started @flowerbeauty almost 8 years ago and launched @walmart where everyone could attain and afford what I put my heart into. Now we are also in @ultabeauty and entering new territories and a new era. I’m very proud today. It’s been a long challenging road to maintain this company and stay true to ourselves and yet keep evolving in this Wild Wild West of beauty right now! And the world is better for it. Men and women from everywhere are welcome in the beauty world. It is so inclusive and warrants you to be the superhero you are! So thank you for having us. And here’s to all the boys and and girls who want to be beautiful... just the way they are! Or with a little help from some bad ass make up!


14 Jul 2018


#BeautyconLA OLIVE IS EXCITED!!!! @flowerbeauty she designed this look herself!


14 Jul 2018