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Род занятий: Американский актёр, автор песен и музыкант

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A Ryan Murphy crossover. American Stories collide with the great @calebfoote bridging the gap- making his TV debut right outta college and shooting both shows at the same time. Go Blue! And I’m not just talkin about @EvanPeters hair! 08/23/17 8:16pm


15 Aug 2018


Oh Ricky you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Ricky. 11/8/17 12:38pm


12 Aug 2018

Nagano Prefecture, Japan

One of the coolest shots ever. Literally on top of the world. Skiing. A cold beer. A beautiful view. Chewing a cinnamon stick for no other reason other than it just came with all the other awesome stuff. In one of my favorite countries. 🇯🇵 12/22/17 11:54am


04 Aug 2018

Hollywood, California

Another night another piano bar another time I’ve made @msleasalonga sing her hits with me. It never gets any less awesome. So much love for this wonderful woman. She’s not as cool as we think she is. She’s cooler. 07/30/18 2:23am @trampstampgrannys.


02 Aug 2018


Thanks @krugchampagne for having me over to play a few tunes to accompany your incredible #KrugEncounter event. The perfect weather and scenery were the perfect combo with the equally beautiful champagne… What an incredible first time in Aspen!


26 Jul 2018


Thanks @directv for letting @charlescriss and I (aka @weplaycomputers) crash the 25th year anniversary touchdown for #NFLSundayTicket! I don’t know how strong my #DTVinfluencer status is, but hopefully it’s strong enough to get @rsherman25 to bring the @49ers to Super Bowl 2019!


19 Jul 2018


Zorro, Dr. Strange, Harry Dunne, Todd Alquist, and Jesus Christ... pretty incredible company to keep. Humbled by your talent, @antoniobanderasoficial, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeff Daniels, Jesse Plemons, @johnlegend. I’m such a fan. Congrats! What an honor, @televisionacad. Thank you so much. Truly. Wow. And a huge congrats to my fellow cast and crew of @americancrimestoryfx! @mrrpmurphy does it again!


12 Jul 2018


That time it was the last day of shooting and we spent the morning on a treacherous dock trying not to have bigass waves knock over our gear and our crew. Of course, meanwhile, I was busy enjoying the wind and doing a silly photo shoot of... I dunno, album cover rejects?


05 Jul 2018


Adventures from East London - “Fish & Chips & Puppies” or alternatively, “Poppies & Puppies.”


01 Jul 2018

The Peninsula Paris - Official

Paris looks that much better from a balcony. Thanks, @thepeninsulaparis. #PenMoments


26 Jun 2018


This was taken on one of the hottest days in April London had seen in about 20 years. All I wanted was to kick back in a pub somewhere and have a cold beer. But I was supposed to do a photo shoot. So we knocked out two birds with one stone. Or was it with one pint? Or was it two pints and one shot? 📷 shot, that is...


24 Jun 2018


An honor to meet the man himself @giorgioarmani. Tried to express my appreciation in Italian as best I could in as little time I had. On the flipside of that, had a great time hangin with Taron Egerton whose career I’ve admired from afar for a while. Good lads all around!


22 Jun 2018