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Род занятий: Американский актёр, автор песен и музыкант

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d&m at h&m #ad @hm_man #HMxMe #HMFestival


14 Apr 2019


whudup dawg


13 Apr 2019


So let’s talk about waste management. Yeah, I know, it’s not a very sexy topic- but that’s exactly why it’s such a massive issue in so many parts of the world. So I decided to take a trip to the Philippines, a country close to my heart, with my friends from @glblctzn to learn specifically about metro Manila’s waste and sustainability challenges. I met a lot of inspiring people who have made incredible strides towards creating a cleaner, greener future, but the obstacles they face are still overwhelming. I’m urging mayors in the Philippines to implement zero waste programs in their cities in partnership with their communities. A huge thanks to Mayor @lenlenoreta, who I met just last week, for committing already- now we need more Mayors to do the same. Join me and take action. (link in bio) Mabuhay!


11 Apr 2019

El Nido Miniloc Island Resorts

🎶 7500 miles I roamed Just to make this dock my home... Sittin’ on Bacuit bay Watchin’ the tides roll away... 🎶 Thanks so much @elnidoresorts for an unforgettable getaway in paradise. #ElNidoResorts #Miniloc #ElNido


07 Apr 2019


So grateful to have been with @balmain this weekend in Doha, and psyched I got to hang with the super talented @olivier_rousteing . What a fun crew of people you brought together.


30 Mar 2019


What a year it’s been... Fun fact: this t-shirt was a series finale gift I made for the cast & crew of Glee. One of my better gift ideas. Love this thing. Shoutout to Iqbal Theba #FIGGINS!


25 Mar 2019


A very happy 100th birthday to one of my all-time favorite artists and biggest inspirations @natkingcolemusic. One of the greatest vocalists, jazz pianists, showmen, entertainers, EVER. A true pioneer and hero. I've always loved how when you listen to Nat sing, you can hear him smile. I encourage all of you out there to do a deep dive on Nat- his history, his impact, his television show, and of course, his music.


17 Mar 2019


I took GQ on a tour of my favorite spots in LA. Check it out to see where I spend my free time, and my me time. Produced by @gq with @levis. (link in bio)


15 Mar 2019

New Amsterdam Theatre

Thanks @bcefa for having me last night at #BroadwayBackwards . Thanks even more for letting me share a dressing room with two of my favorite bway dudes. Leave your cufflinks, we got da STUDS ohhhh....


12 Mar 2019


For how much I make fun of these gals I’m truly proud of what they’ve created together, and was honored to be the first D on their show... Honestly couldn’t decide which pic I liked more. @ladygangtv


11 Mar 2019


A few weeks ago I hung out with the team @bonobos to talk about what men can do to help lift women up and help support gender equality — was a good day all around. #AllyshipAtBonobos #BonobosPartner #Ad


08 Mar 2019


Happy Mardi Gras y’all.


06 Mar 2019