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As I inch closer to my due date, I often find myself reflecting on the incredible capacity of the female body. I cannot believe that I’ve created, nourished and housed a little human! It hasn’t been an easy process - I’ve cried many tears and cursed my aching body countless times. However, I have never loved or respected myself more than I do now. This #internationalwomensday is a particularly meaningful one for me. I am truly in awe of all those who have taken the journey of motherhood before me, and I feel so excited to be joining their ranks. I’m also reminded of the incredible strength that women possess, which extends far beyond having children. Every day I see examples of kind women, passionate women, intelligent women, driven women. I am endlessly inspired by ladies I know and love as well as by those I’ve never even met. Thank you to all the women in my life - and to women everywhere - for never ceasing to amaze me.


08 Mar 2019


Georgia, 2011 - the early days (when people still used aggressive filters) #tvd #tbt


07 Mar 2019


I’m never moving pls send snacks


05 Mar 2019


Babechelorette - it’s like a babymoon but with your sister (where she drinks wine and you eat chocolate cake)


28 Feb 2019


Happy Birthday to my favorite person!! I really hope our son takes after you because you’re perfect (and you have wayyy better hair than me). I LOVE YOU 🥰


20 Feb 2019


Love you all the days my sweet valentine. Foreverandever ❤️


14 Feb 2019


Had the most beautiful time at my baby shower yesterday! So grateful to my wonderful friends and family who helped me celebrate. Special thanks to @avawomen for gifting my girls with the Ava Bracelet! Hopefully we’ll be throwing a few more showers in the near future 😉✨#ClaireXAva #ad


11 Feb 2019


I’ve posted plenty of ‘gram worthy shots these past few months but not enough of the real shit. Pregnancy is NO JOKE. This is how I spend 90% of my spare time: couchbound with my belly out. I figured I would be one of those women who popped off her spin bike and popped out a baby - alas, the universe had other plans. My pelvis feels like it’s going to split in half, I have a ninja practicing his roundhouse kicks on my ribs, and the whole needing-to-pee-every-5-mins thing is getting pretttty old (mainly because it takes me 10 mins to get up from the couch). I’m so grateful to be carrying a healthy baby, but I am definitely struggling. So, until this little dude decides to join us, you’ll find me here (watching BRAVO), worshipping all the badass women who’ve gone before me 💪


07 Feb 2019


I was convinced to change out of my sweatpants today. It was fun while it lasted!


02 Feb 2019


The first person to inhale helium must have been really relieved when the effects wore off 🤔💭


30 Jan 2019


Channeling the mother of dragons 🐉


05 Jan 2019


Hormones: a short film.


28 Dec 2018