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Аккаунт: @cash_warren

Род занятий: Американский актер, муж Джессики Альбы

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My amazingly wonderful daughter - you turn 7 today and celebrating you is easily my favorite thing to do. You’ve grown so much in the last year ... and nothing illustrates that more than your beautiful toothless smile. You wake up every morning with the energy and fearlessness needed to conquer the day ...and you fight going to bed like you already know how quickly time flies. My sweet Haven, please continue to blaze your own trail because I’m not sure anyone has paved the roads you’re going to explore. I‘m so proud of you. I love everything about you. Happy Birthday!!


14 Aug 2018


Not a care.....


05 Aug 2018


Think of all the great things you’ll achieve when you’re wearing a pair of thieves


01 Aug 2018


Worked with my dear friends over at ATTN on a fun video that hopefully helps explain the benefits of our magical undies...woohooo!!! Happy Monday. #Regram @attndotcom Finally, a pair of underwear that promises to solve SWASS. Made in partnership with @pairofthieves


17 Jul 2018


Happy 4th!!


05 Jul 2018


Double Digits!!! Woohoo!! It’s a big deal ... I mean, kind of. You still have to go to bed at 8pm, you still have to eat dinner before dessert, you still have to do your homework, you still can’t watch your iPad during the week, you still have to clean up your room & you still have to share with your little sister ... I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love you with all my heart and I’m so proud of the 10 year old you. You are everything I could have ever dreamed of in a first child and I’m so thankful your soul chose me to be your dad. Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Honor, me


08 Jun 2018


Patterns on prints on patterns on prints


30 May 2018


Monday Office Vibes: When no is amused but me


22 May 2018




03 May 2018


I wrote this last night :) My love - It’s the eve of your birthday, you’re sleeping, our daughters are next to you in our bed, and I couldn’t think of a better time to write you a short note. I say it every year, but I’ll never get used to how quickly time flies. We can turn tiny moments into landmark events or we can accept that landmark events are simply fleeting moments. Either way, I’m slowly realizing there’s no real way to keep tabs on life....sadly, the specific memories fade but somehow we’re able to hold on to the feelings those memories create. And those feelings shape who we are and who we’ll become. If I could thank you for one thing on your birthday, I’d thank you for giving me all the feelings. Today marks the first day of your next year of life and I promise to continue to cherish our tiny moments and our landmark events... Cheers to you and another 365 days of having all the feels! Happy Birthday my babe!! - me


28 Apr 2018


I’m 99.7% certain he’s ticklish. And if he is, he wants to kick me in face right now...because this is torture if you’re ticklish. Hahahaha.


22 Apr 2018


Don’t know about you, but this pretty much sums up my Saturday.


15 Apr 2018