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Аккаунт: @benjaminmadden

Род занятий: Гитарист и бэк-вокалист группы Good Charlotte

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Stoked for these shows! @GoodCharlotteband and @BeingAsAnOcean together! 5/18 - Tulsa, OK 5/20 - Phoenix, AZ 5/22 - Tucson, AS 5/23 - Ventura, CA Tickets available at goodcharlotte.com


24 Apr 2019


He’s almost here 😎 stoked for my brother @davidkatzenberg another classic coming back to life 🖤#childsplay


18 Apr 2019


Happy Birthday to my Best friend and Brother @davidkatzenberg I love you man!!! Thank you for being a great friend and great man. You’re always understanding, patient and level headed. It’s starting to rub off on me after all these years❤️❤️❤️❤️ many many more! ❤️❤️❤️❤️(Shout out to @nicomiz & @sweetbabyjamie this was y’alls wedding weekend❤️)


23 Mar 2019


My twin brother @joelmadden We left home with 50$ and a guitar. With No where else to turn we decided to go forward into the world and try to make something more of our lives than what others may have thought likely or possible. We made a deal that we’d never let anything come between us and we never broke that promise. You’re my best friend and I am grateful the universe decided to put us in this lifetime together. Watching you be the husband and father that you are makes me the most proud. Thanks for always having my back brother. Wouldn’t standing here today with out you- I know that, And I’m so glad I am. Happy 40th Birthday, let’s do 40 more and then some more after that!! I love you Man ❤️❤️❤️


12 Mar 2019


Light of my life ❤️ Only thing that could rival your beauty is your heart ❤️ I’m very Grateful❤️Happy Valentine’s❤️


15 Feb 2019


Generation Rx Tour Europe Rolls on.....Offenbach was fun- Prague you’re up next 😎 @goodcharlotteband 🖤


10 Feb 2019


Introducing your New Best Friend.....Can’t wait to see this one 😱😱😱😱 Produced by my BFF @davidkatzenberg looks like an instant Classic to me #Childsplay #Chucky


08 Feb 2019


Missing this one too, she’s a Daddy’s Girl❤️ She really runs the show just like her Mom 😊😍 I might be biased but I feel like, is she not the prettiest dog of all time?! So many of these guys waiting for a home-you’ll thank me later😎😎😎😎 #Rescuedog


08 Feb 2019


Missing my boy❤️ But grateful to know he’s home keeping watch- he’s so loyal, loving and protective- He’d do anything for the fam❤️Rescue dogs are really special!!! Hard to describe But Everyone should experience it ❤️ #rescuedog


08 Feb 2019


Belgium 🇧🇪 @goodcharlotteband ❤️


08 Feb 2019


She makes the world feel like a brighter place ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍


08 Feb 2019


MILAN TONIGHT! Generation Rx Tour with @GoodCharlotteband @SleepingWithSirens @BstnMnr @The_Dose_band! Tickets/VIP at goodcharlotte.com DATES 03 Feb - Milan, IT 04 Feb - Munich, DE 05 Feb - Cologne, DE 07 Feb - Brussels, BE 08 Feb - Paris, FR 09 Feb - Offenbach, DE 11 Feb - Prague, CZ 12 Feb - Warsaw, PL 13 Feb - Berlin, DE 15 Feb - Luxembourg, LU 16 Feb - Hamburg, DE 18 Feb - Tilburg, NL 20 Feb - London, UK 📹: @ryanvwatanabe


03 Feb 2019