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Аккаунт: @ambervalletta

Род занятий: Американская топ-модель и актриса

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I’m thrilled to be hosting @FITnyc Annual Awards Gala on 4/3/19, honoring @Kering and @nadja.swarovski. I support FIT because the school is committed to revolutionary innovation, inclusion, and sustainability across the creative and design industries. These skills and ideas, nurtured at FIT, are critical to achieving a future where sustainable living is the norm, not the exception. Help me support FIT and its students by joining us at the gala, or making a generous donation to the @FITfoundation. *link in bio* #unconventionalFIT #sustainability 📸 by @alexilubomirski for Master & Muse by Amber Valletta


15 Mar 2019


Friends, the situation in Venezuela has become a real humanitarian crisis. We need the world leaders to step up and help. Please use your social media to help spread the word of peace and freedom! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #Repost @carmen.busquets ・・・ PLEASE REPOST VENEZUELANS are saving their phone batteries to survive the blackout !! WE NEED to BE THEIR VOICES This is not about politics any longer this a Humanitarian CALL for HELP !the photo IS A SATELLITE MAP OF MY BLACKOUT VENEZUELA : PLEASE READ and see what would you do if this was happening to you ! The blackout in Venezuela is an atrocity perpetrated by a madman in a psychotic frenzy to maintain his own power at the expense of the women, men and children who used to be his fellow citizens. As far as I am concerned he no longer has the right to call himself Venezuelan as it is unimaginable to me that a true citizen would inflict the pain and suffering and hardship he is causing in my country. Families sit in darkness in their own living rooms. Food spoils in homes and hospital refrigerators Before the blackout there were 300,000 patients in danger of malnutrition and even starvation. But now death seems imminent for many of them .Parents cannot call their children or their own parents to make sure they are ok. As cellphone batteries die by the second after more than 50 hours of blackout .Communication is cut off between loved ones and friends around the world. The world must respond and depose this madman by whatever means necessary. Please post and repost and appeal to all those in power around the world that this situation must not be allowed to stand. We have a true Venezuelan president @juanaguiado and he must be put in the position to save our beloved Venezuela immediately. #sosvenezuela #blackout photo #repost from @clarissabronfman @delgadomaite originally coming from NY /Venezuelan journalist @maibortpetit


10 Mar 2019


💛✨🌼 @agnonaofficial #sponsored


05 Mar 2019


‘JUST ONE WORLD’ 💚 by #mertandmarcus @mertalas @macpiggott Be the change you want to see in the world. 🌊✨🌸🐚🌴🐳🦋 Full credits: #AmberValletta @imgmodels Editor in chief @efarneti Creative director @gb65 Casting directors @pg_dmcasting & @samuel_ellis @ DM Fashion Studio Styling @ibkamara Make-up @hollysilius using @guccibeauty Hair @tinadidit @streetersagency Manicure @betina_goldstein using @chanel.beauty Set design @nicholasdesjardins @streetersagency


04 Mar 2019


New 💚🌎 @vogueitalia Photographed by the amazing @mertalas and @macpiggott. Thank you for an amazing shoot Style by @ibkamara Editor in chief @efarneti Creative director @gb65 Casting director @pg_dmcasting & @samuel_ellis Makeup @hollysilius Hair @tinadidit Manicure @betina_goldstein Set @acrossmediaprod Styling assistant @olaoluebiti Thank you to the vogue Italia team @robertaninapinna LEO @artandcommerce


04 Mar 2019


New March issue of @vogueitalia in @gucci by #mertandmarcus @mertalas @macpiggott 💚 JUST ONE WORLD’, and we should take great care of it. Massive thank you to this fantastic team! 💚🧚🏼‍♂️ Editor in chief @efarneti Creative director @gb65 Casting directors @pg_dmcasting & @samuel_ellis @ DM Fashion Studio Styling @ibrahimkamara_ Make-up @hollysilius using @guccibeauty Hair @tinadidit @streetersagency Manicure @betina_goldstein using @chanel.beauty Set design @nicholasdesjardins @streetersagency On set @acrossmediaprod


03 Mar 2019


Thank you to the entire Saint Laurent family for the amazing celebration of my 30 years in fashion! It was magical... @ysl @anthonyvaccarello @____arnaud____ @emmanueltomasini


01 Mar 2019


SAINT LAURENT @anthonyvaccarello @ysl 🔥


27 Feb 2019


SAINT LAURENT 🖤 @anthonyvaccarello @ysl @emmanuellealt @katemossagency #vincentgallo


27 Feb 2019


I am beyond excited to announce and share my new makeup capsule collection with Douglas Beauty. It’s rolling out slowly through Europe only but if you love it in America find a friend who can send it to you from Europe! 6 essential products I personally developed with all women of all skin tones and ages in mind. You don’t have to be a pro to use them and can be applied with ease. And totally interchangeable! Makeup for all! Layer with your other fav products! I love them and hope you do too!!! Here are links to first countries in bio. #AmberVallettaxDouglas #Douglas #LifeIsAboutChoices @douglas_cosmetics @douglasitalia 💗💕 All makeup in pics are from my collection, besides skin!!!


25 Feb 2019




22 Feb 2019