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Аккаунт: @allisimpson

Род занятий: Австралийская модель, актриса, певица

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Sydney, Australia

real self love: call yourself out on your shit in order to grow 🕊 x


17 Mar 2019

Sydney, Australia

been a minute since I’ve found myself in this environment 🎵 but missed every minute of it!! wrote a banger with @pinkiscoolxx yesterday.. he’s out of control!! keep an eye on him.. mad talent 💛 x


15 Mar 2019

Sydney, Australia

HOW TO APPLY FAKE LASHES LIKE A PRO!!! new YouTube video is up now... I try my vewwwyyy vewy best to walk you through my steps — hit that LINK IN MY BIO for the full thang 💗🕊 x


08 Mar 2019

Rushcutters Bay

create space in your life for what you want, by letting go of what you don’t need 💗🕊 x


05 Mar 2019

Sydney, Australia

Lip Trick For Bigger Lips MINUS THE INJECTIONS 🙅🏼‍♀️💉💗 on my YouTube now (LINK IN BIO) I walk & talk you through my steps.. for quite some time I’ve been ask if ever ever had my lips done.. and the answer is a big fat NO!! It’s not because I’m against it, I just simply don’t want it — but I am ALLLL FOR anyone who decides to get work done because everyone looks beautiful & each to their own!! 👼🏼🙈 what do you wanna see next? AS x


04 Mar 2019

Sydney, Australia

reviving my YouTube channel babes!!! she’s back.. leave your video recommendations in the comments & I’ll make as many as I can 🙈💗👼🏼🕊 x


02 Mar 2019

Sydney, Australia

a lil SNEAKY PEAKYY of my new YouTube video!! LIVE NOW 💗💗💗 the perfect natural look in 10 easy steps (LINK IN BIO) 🍭🕊🕊


27 Feb 2019


BAD NEWS IS: You cannot make people like, love, understand, validate or accept you if they don’t.. GOOD NEWS IS: It doesn’t matter!!! 💗🕊🍭


26 Feb 2019

Sydney, Australia

attract what you expect, reflect what you desire.. become what you respect & mirror what you admire


21 Feb 2019

Macquarie St, Sydney

ride with me


18 Feb 2019

The Ivy Vip Pool Bar

celebrated LOVE last night with @bumble_australia at their epic #DominoEffect Valentine's Day party!! 💛♥️ babes.. download the Bumble app to stay up to date on all their amazing events & maybe match up some luuuuvvvvv.. 🕊🌹 x


15 Feb 2019


find a man that ruins your lipstick not your mascara ;) happy v day sexy things


14 Feb 2019