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Аккаунт: @aliciakeys

Род занятий: Певица RnB, соул и неосоул

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Big love to @rosalia.vt Vibin’ on your creative boldness and beautiful musical individuality!!! 💥💥💥 keep shining!!✨✨✨ What artists are ya’ll loving right now?? Put me on!! 🎶 🎶 🎙 🎙 🎸 🎹 🥁🌪🌪 #goodmusic #powerful #sheisthemusic


16 Nov 2018


The girl in this photo already thought she knew it all. Tough and strong on the outside but so unsure in so many ways on the inside. Unsure of who she was, who she was meant to be and how she was going to get there. On my journey I’ve come to realize so much of what lives inside of us that creates roadblocks and insecurities for us doesn’t even belong to us. It comes from other people. Our mothers. Our fathers. Our first serious relationship. The people that DIDN'T show up. Other people's pain. Other people's fears. So #IAmBecoming more fearless. More in touch with what is mine and what I want to hold inside of me — what I want to believe in and create! I am becoming aware of what I want to let go of…especially those things that were given to me by people living in fear! #IAmBecoming more open, more in love with myself and becoming able to let go of anything that doesn’t serve the endless possibility within me 💥💥💥 What are you becoming??? Big love to @michelleobama for your beautiful book “Becoming” !!! 💜💜💜


14 Nov 2018


Family 💜🌈💜 hope you are with someone u love right now Sunday #vibes


12 Nov 2018


every little thing is gonna be alright! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #bobmarley


11 Nov 2018


Saturday #vibes Music on my mind 📸 @dannybones64


10 Nov 2018


Get it get it get it!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Vibeeezzzzzz!!!! That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now!! @lildancegoddess


08 Nov 2018


For all of our ancestors that fought and died and lived and survived and created everything we now have access to, I bow down in deep deep honor. We are proud to be your wildest dream and we won’t let you down!!!! Let’s keep it up we are awake, aware, growing and powerful!! #votewithus 💥💥💥 (check my story)


07 Nov 2018


💥💥💥Can’t win if we’re not in the game!! Feel me!?? I can feel the evolution!!! Let’s celebrate together!!! Election Day is a few hours away!! I want you to post a picture of yourself after you’ve voted, tagging me and using #VoteWithUs. I’ll be reposting as many of you as I can in my story until the polls close! If you need any help with figuring out who to vote for go to BallotReady.org and if you wanna know more about what candidates jobs are go to TheSkimm.com ! WE got this!!! 💥💥💥💜💜💜 #Vote @jadapinkettsmith @oprah @michelleobama @americaferrera @lizakoshy @janellemonae @rosariodawson


06 Nov 2018


About tomorrow.... Wait for it!!! 💣 💣 💣 🤯🤯🤯 @lizakoshy @americaferrera


05 Nov 2018


Sometimes it’s scary to fully believe you have the power to create everything you need and everything you hope for. I have felt that before. Sometimes even now. I have held back as to not be too loud —too much— too strong. But why? You are important, what you think and dream is important. Your vision for yourself is special and what you have to offer is so needed. So when I saw this it spoke to me and I hope it’s a reminder to you too today! Dare to be powerful... 💜💜💜 #audrelorde


04 Nov 2018


🤣🤣🤣Funny and not funny all at the same time!! 😮😮 . Hit me with what you care about most and why you are voting? WHEN are you goin??? . And don’t forget if you need more info about what candidate most closely represents what you care about go to @ballotready or check out theskimm.com too for more info and details so you can feel confident and prepared!! ✨✨✨ Shine baby!!! @nowthisnews


03 Nov 2018


@therealswizzz 🔥🔥🔥 Zone! Zone! Zone! Zone! Tell me your fav song off of #Poison!!!! (check my story)


02 Nov 2018