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инстаграм Эбби Корниш

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Аккаунт: @abbiecornish

Род занятий: Австралийская актриса

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Ysi came from the back alley behind my old house when she was around 6 weeks old. I started feeding her and her sisters and eventually they moved in. 8 years later I look at this angel, living her best life, laying in the sun, jumping branches in trees, dirty paws throughout the days as she roams, and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. Here’s to more years Ys!! I love you.


13 Nov 2018


Feels like yesterday! The first film I was a part of, #Somersault. Journeying gently into this deeply expressive form of art. Exploring and sharing our stories. Our lives. This experience set the bar high. Amazing crew and cast. Every day on this set was a good day.


12 Nov 2018


By @camraface. It’s rare that a photographer gets you in this way. There’s always 10,000 (beautiful) things in between. But when it comes to that moment. When a finger hits a button, when the artists are in. It all makes sense. Everything. // Little behind the scenes... we shot this in Venice, LA, just me and @camraface. Wind blowing. Sun blazin. Day going. Just us.


02 Nov 2018


So good to be training again. Missed it.


28 Oct 2018


Have you voted yet? There’s a mobile polling station at UC Irvine Aldrich Hall next Tuesday October 30th. Anyone who lives in Orange County can come down and get your vote in early. Polls are open 7AM-8PM. For everyone else please don’t forget to mail in your ballots or head to the polls on November 6th! Post your voting pic with the hashtag #ivoted and tag us and we’ll feature some in our stories. #letsdothisAmerica #vote @thefeelgoodkitchen


27 Oct 2018


“A writing cook and a cooking writer must be bold at the desk as well as the stove.” ~ M.F.K. Fisher // Follow the journey of our friendship into the kitchen and all the way into our new #PESCAN Cookbook releasing March 2019 through @abramsbooks! So exciting! Can’t wait to share this with you. All our love. @thefeelgoodkitchen 💙 Photo by @camraface


23 Oct 2018


“You are not the person you were before. You are the person you are now” ~ Joe Komar. From today’s practice. Annnnd the best yoga instructor of the year award goes to... you guessed it! @yogalifejoek! Love you brother 💙 Get on down to @urbanexhaleyoga in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, if you want to get your yoga sweat on and experience life in a great lil new community. 🙏🏼 #Repost @urbanexhaleyoga ・・・ everything had to happen exactly the way it did for you to be the person you are today - @yogalifejoek


22 Oct 2018


This movie is amazing and full of heart and soul. Thanks BC for making this, and Lady Gaga for adding your intensely beautiful creative self to this movement xx #AStarIsBorn


08 Oct 2018


🎀 // Photo by @johnrussophoto


30 Sep 2018


@wherehandstouch in theaters now 💙🙏🏼 // #Repost @wherehandstouch ・・・ Those who find their way to her essential story will come away not only enlightened, but undeniably touched.”~ The Wrap, on Amma Asante’s #WhereHandsTouch. | Visit wherehandstouch.com for Theaters, Tickets & Showtimes. (link in bio) . @amandlasponsored @abbiecornish @iammaasante @thewrap


27 Sep 2018


Photo by @ericguillemainphoto


27 Sep 2018


#AStarIsBorn 🌟 @ladygaga #BradleyCooper


25 Sep 2018