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Sunday barbecue.


24 Jul 2017


One of my favorite shots on top of a huge healthy glacier in Alaska with a pregnant Priscilla a couple weeks back.


16 Jul 2017


I spent the afternoon at Glacier National Park in Montana with some National Park Service Rangers. Gracie the Bark Ranger is a wildlife service dog who helps keep away the mountain goats and bears from the visitors. She is a much better trained herding dog than Beast. (Sorry Beast.)


16 Jul 2017


On the road in South Dakota.


13 Jul 2017


Priscilla and I spent a few days in Alaska as part of the Year of Travel challenge. It's beautiful here.


06 Jul 2017


Aquila's second successful flight! In this test, it flew for 1 hour and 46 minutes over the desert and landed smoothly near Yuma, Arizona. Aquila is our solar-powered airplane that will beam internet connectivity across the world.


29 Jun 2017


I'm at the Heartland Pride Festival in Omaha, Nebraska. Happy Pride to everyone celebrating this weekend in Omaha and across the country! 🌈


24 Jun 2017


I'm visiting small towns in Iowa, and just stopped in Wilton, population 2,800.


24 Jun 2017


I had my first Iftar dinner with a group of Somali refugees in Minneapolis. Thanks to my hosts for being so gracious at the very end of Ramadan. I left impressed by your strength and resilience to build a new life in an unfamiliar place, and you are a powerful reminder of why this country is so great.


24 Jun 2017


This is a first. #fcs2017


23 Jun 2017


For the past decade, we've focused on making the world more open and connected. We're not done yet and we will continue working to give people a voice and help people connect. But even as we make progress, our society is still divided. So now I believe we have a responsibility to do even more. It's so important that we're changing @facebook's whole mission to take this on. It's not enough to simply connect the world; we must also work to bring the world closer together.


22 Jun 2017


Dad, I hope to be as good of a father as you are. Happy Father's Day.


19 Jun 2017