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XO, Vlada 💋 What's your favorite Be Legendary Liquid Metal from the Petal Metal Collection? 👄🌹👄🌹👄🌹👄🌹👄🌹👄 Lip color: @smashboxcosmetics Be Legendary Liquid Metal in XO, Vlada ❤️ Photography, makeup and modeled by me, @vladamua Retouching by @lifespotsretouch ❤️ #smashboxcosmetics #petalmetal #smashboxambassador


24 May 2018


Glowing in Rose Gold 😍 Model: @mameadjei4 Photography @smashboxcosmetics Hair by @hairbyrenecortez Makeup by me, @vladamua Retouching by @lifespotsretouch ❤️ Mamé is wearing the Petal Metal Collection on her eyes (Floral Support and Coffee Blossom), cheeks (Primer and Rosemantic), lips (Always On in Desert Rose and body (shimmer spray). Head to toe Petal Metal😁 #SmashboxCosmetics #petalmetal #alwayson #smashboxambassador


22 May 2018


💋❤️🌹In Bloom 🌹❤️💋 Photography, makeup and modeled by me, @vladamua Retouching by @lifespotsretouch Lipstick: @smashboxcosmetics Always On liquid lipstick In Bloom from the Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Collection ❤️ Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think! Your feedback is so important to us! #petalmetal #SmashboxCosmetics #smashboxambassador #rosegold #vladamua


19 May 2018


Calm before the storm! #petalmetal #smashboxambassador


18 May 2018

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Mind blown! Thank you @smashboxcosmetics and @sephora for having me at the Sephora TIPS Summit 2018 to celebrate the Smashbox +Vlada Petal Metal Collection! Thank you to all of you sweet souls who came to take a photo and say hi! I loved all of the hugs and positive energy! I love you all ❤️❤️❤️ #petalmetal #smashboxambassador #sephora #vladamua


18 May 2018


🌹My Muse Mamé 🌹 Model: @mameadjei4 ❤️ Photography, makeup, styling and flower crown by me, @vladamua 💄📸 Retouching by @lifespotsretouch ❤️ Inspired by the @smashboxcosmetics + Vlada Petal Metal Collection 💋 #vladamua


15 May 2018


Four years ago was my first day at @sephora. Today our @smashboxcosmetics + Vlada Collection is there. This is unreal! Somebody pinch me 🤩 #formercastmember #sephora #vladamua


15 May 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you @smashboxcanada for letting me have my own Carrie Bradshaw moment 😁 our Petal Metal #jamvan was a hit! Thank you to everyone who stopped by!!! I love Toronto ❤️ see you next time! 🎉❤️😘 #smashboxcanada #petalmetal #vladamua


13 May 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Watch the full film on @smashboxcosmetics YouTube channel (link in my bio) ❤️ Model: @mameadjei4 ❤️ #petalmetal #smashboxambassador #smashboxcosmetics #vladamua


12 May 2018

Toronto, Ontario

@smashboxcanada created this Petal Metal #jamvan exclusively for Toronto! I had to snap a photo with the security team 😁 that's a first for me! Want to join in on the fun? Here's our schedule: ❤️5/12: @sephoracanada on Bloor St from 11-7pm (I'll be there from 1-3 pm) ❤️5/13: @sephoracanada Yonge & Eglinton 11-6 (I'm there from 1-3 pm) See you soon!! #smashboxcanada #petalmetal


12 May 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Petal Metal adventures in Toronto with @smashboxcanada 😁 boy, it's cold here! ❄️ #petalmetal #vladamua #smashbox


12 May 2018


That Petal Metal glow 😍 From my demo for @sephoracanada today. Thank you to my beautiful model @kiera_yasmeen ❤️ #petalmetal #sephoracanada #smashboxcosmetics #nofilter


11 May 2018