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Род занятий: Американский рестлер и киноактёр

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I've never been to IN-N-OUT before (I know, what an asshole;), but when my lovely ladies @laurenhashianofficial & @simonegjohnson wanted late night grub, I happily obliged and pulled in the drive thru. Seriously, the most excited and suuuuuper nice fans ever. Thanks Victor (manager pictured here) and staff for being so cool. You made my ladies very happy with the burgers, fries and shakes and that's what it's all about. If our Moana wins the Oscar this Sunday, I will return - in my tux and completely destroy multiple burgers and fries to celebrate. I'm talkin' about takin' cheat meal to another level. Thanks guys for being so cool. And for the free ketchup. #InNOut #NewestAndBiggestFan #Literally


24 Feb 2017


Cue the cheese 🧀 graphic floating across the screen, but it's true. I draw my inspiration from the people I have around me and especially, the fans. Thanks for choppin' it up for our monthly Rock Q&A. Always fun. Special shout out to my dude Ryan Gosling for making "The Notebook2: I ain't Made That Way" with me. A legit-ish 2018 Oscar contender. *Link to the full Q&A in my bio.


23 Feb 2017


Great BLACK ADAM⚡️questions from our Q&A. All depends on how you interpret the word "hero". Growing up the DC villains were always my "heroes". As evil as they were, they were always my favorite. Still are. Luthor, Joker, Brainiac, Sinestro etc.. and of course the ruthless one, Black Adam. Cooking up some cool, bad ass and fun plans with DC to introduce Black Adam into the Universe. More to come. Great questions. #RockQAndA #BlackAdam⚡️ * link in my bio.


23 Feb 2017


Great having this amazing 8yr old child actor and star of LION, Sunny Pawar, stop by my dressing room to meet. We talked about how cool it was that we both have Oscar nominated movies this Sunday, at the Academy Awards. I told him I look forward to making a movie with him one day, but he's gonna have to take a pay cut because I don't like kids. At all. What a performance he put on in LION and the best part about this kid is, he's a really REALLY polite and happy little boy. So cool to see. Good luck this Sunday big man. Bring home that Oscar!


22 Feb 2017


Appreciate The Champ himself, Kevin Owens stopping by "The People's Hood" to say hello. People's Hood is the nickname for my dressing rooms. We had a good laugh about the story of when I was training for my WWE comeback and title run (2012) I was training with Curt Hawkins and Joe Hennig. After our workout, me and Kurt were chopping it up about great independent wrestlers. I said "Dude I just saw this guy last night on YouTube named Kill Steen or something like that. He's amazing." Kurt said, "That's my good friend Kevin Owens". I said "We'll tell your friend he's bad ass and I hope WWE signs him." Now 5yrs later and relentless hard work, he's WWE Universal Champion. I like when good things happen to good hard working people. He's an asshole though for growing a better beard than I can. #RAW #StaplesCenter #PeoplesHood #UniversalChamp #KevinOwens #FightingWithMyFamily


22 Feb 2017


🎶🎼🎤Big Digital HD release for our 2x OSCAR nominated #MOANA. I'm so grateful our movie touched a magical chord with people to become a global phenomenon. Powered by our film's heartbeat and soul... our music. One of the coolest parts of this whole thing is having everyone from truck drivers to toddlers, from lovely ladies to dudes in the gym... they all ask to me sing a few lines of "You're Welcome" to which I respectfully reply, "You can taste the steak all you want, but the gravy ain't free". They look confused and start nervously laughing.. I just stare and make the whole thing uncomfortable.. then I break out in laughter.. then they break out in laughter.. then I start singing.. then they start singing with me.. then I stop and say, "no seriously, pay up". Everyone wins. #Moana #YoureWelcome #DigitalHD TODAY!


22 Feb 2017


I started getting arrested at 14yrs old. Our new @SevenBucksProds project means a lot to me. We take you inside one of the most hardcore prison boot camps in the world. Their success rate is unprecedented. In 2012 when I walked into this Dade County facility to speak with these offenders about taking advantage of their second shot at life, I knew then this was a place the world needed to see. All lives matter. Break them down hard. Build them up strong. Change is real. Set your calendars for MARCH 27th on @HBO. #HBODocumentariesFilm #SevenBucksProds #RockAndAHardPlace


21 Feb 2017


For the WWE Universe who's attending TONIGHT'S RAW at the Staples Center here in LA.. When RAW goes off the air, that's when the next level of fun begins. You're all gonna be in the movie.. energy thru the roof. At 445pm today before RAW goes LIVE.. the music hits, the bass drops, backs crack, livers quiver and I'll smell like a primate. Tonight'll be fun. Can't wait. See you in a few hours. #RAW #LA #StaplesCenter #FightingWithMyFamily #ChampionshipMatch


21 Feb 2017


Puttin' in that ring work w/ @theatrinidadtmt (our Divas Champion) and @tessa_blanchard (our bad ass ring/stunt double) for their big match tonight at the Staples Center here in LA once RAW goes off the air. For those insiders who know the wrestling business, you know how hard these two independent female wrestlers work. For those who are are new to the wrestling world when you see our movie, just know you're watching some very unique and special athletes achieve greatness in a male dominated world. Respect is given when it's earned. Tonight, they earn it. Get ready WWE Universe and RAW crowd. It's your night too. #FightingWithMyFamily #SquaredCircleDNA #BloodSweatRespect #StaplesCenter #LA #RAW


20 Feb 2017


Yeah my sense of humor goes from the exquisite penthouse to the filthy outhouse very quickly. Rock Q&A. YouTube. *Link in my bio.


20 Feb 2017


The Notebook 2: Doing Manly Shit. Rock & Ryan. COMING SOON. World Famous/Infamous Rock Q&A. *Link in my bio.


20 Feb 2017


I can go on and on about this man... Ruggedly handsome, brilliant collaborator, highly intellectually stimulating etc etc. Other guy is @stephenmerchant. Director, writer, very smart, fans luv him.. blah blah.. whatevs. #OnSet #FightingWithMyFamily 🎬


20 Feb 2017