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~ Roncal Patchwork ~ ⠀ Shooting landscapes with long lenses is something find really appealing. It's a great way to single out smaller more compressed parts of wider landscapes and put a more personal touch on your images. Even better is that you avoid coming home with shots like everyone else if you happen to shoot from known wide viewpoints that can often be found in mountainous regions. This is from a trip last fall with my buddy @rafairusta in the Roncal Valley, Navarra.


27 Mar 2017


~ Incoming Mammatus ~ ⠀ The past winter have been very kind to me in terms of unique light and weather in Teide National Park. During a few weeks around Christmas I was lucky to be in the right place on numerous occasions when a series of really photogenic storms hit the island. This morning I struck gold and could witness this beautiful weather front moving on over me with these pretty good looking Mammatus clouds.


12 Mar 2017


~ The Skagit Cabin ~ ⠀ Local knowledge can never be replaced with a guidebook, Google Earth or whatever tool you use when visiting a place for the first time. Hiring a local guide or joining a tour, is by far the most effective way to get good results from a trip. Not only will you get access to prime spots but you will also contribute to the local economy by hiring local businesses. ⠀ On this trip we had the pleasure of being shown around by my good friend @starvingphotographer who took us to this lovely looking cabin on the backroads in Skagit Valley. #NoNameLandscapes


08 Mar 2017


~ The Leaf Curve ~ ⠀ Exploring new grounds where you have no expectations of what comes around the next corner is such an important part of landscape photography for me. This is from a trip with my good friend @rafairusta where we stumbled upon this beautiful looking creek while scouting in the Irati Forests in Navarra. #NoNameLandscapes


15 Feb 2017


~ Jagged ~ ⠀ A short moment of light hits a range of jagged peaks on Tenerife,Spain. ⠀ ▪Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 ▪Panasonic Lumix G Vario 45-150mm ▪ISO 200 - 1/800 sec - f/8.0


18 Jan 2017


~ Forward ~ ⠀ From my test shooting trip with the brand new Lumix DMC-G80 in Sicily. Having a proper weather sealed camera and lens in an environment like this proved to be very useful indeed. I have been shooting for the past weeks with this camera and look forward to share my experiences with it. ⠀ Big thank you to @lumix_fotografia @lumix_de for the opportunity and excellent arrangement in Sicily. ================================= ▪Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 ▪Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-60mm ▪ISO 200 - 1/3 sec - f/9.0 ▪@SinghRayFilters LB ColorCombo Polarizer =================================


13 Nov 2016


~ Retired ~ Location: Rockesholm, Värmland, Sweden ⠀ After a six hour flight I surprised my friend @wisslaren by knocking on his door without any prior notice. A few hours later we stood together watching the sky putting up quite a show for us at a lake nobody have ever heard of except the odd privileged local. Thanks for showing me around. ================================= ▪Canon 5D MkIII & EF 16-35/4 L ▪ISO 100 - 1/4 sec - f/11 ▪@SinghRayFilters LB ColorCombo Polarizer =================================


03 Sep 2016


~ Zig-Zag ~ Location: Corona Forestal, Tenerife, Spain ⠀ Shooting what I call no name landscapes is something that really has been growing on me. Places rarely if ever shot before, which invites you to work with a fresh open mind with no set compositions and rules. It can be your local little forest or lake or simply any kind of landscape which hasn't been heavily photographed before and placed on every photographers bucket list. ================================= ▪Canon 5D MkIII & EF 70-300/4-5.6 L ▪ISO 400 - 1/320 sec - f/8 ▪Singh-Ray LB ColorCombo Polarizer ================================= #nonamelandscapes


01 Aug 2016


Found myself a cloudfall yesterday. #ShotoniPhone6s


25 Jul 2016


~ Live Simple ~ ⠀ From my trip last fall exploring Navarra with my good friend @rafairusta. We couldn't have asked for better conditions in this eerie beech forrest. Location: Sierra de Urbasa, Navarra, Spain ================================= ▪Canon 5D MkIII & EF 16-35/4 ▪ISO 100 - 4 sec - f/11 =================================


18 Jun 2016


~ Spring Light ~ Location: Christinehof, Skåne, Sweden ⠀ This is a shot from my recent trip to Skåne in southern Sweden where I was shown around by my good friend and guide @strixphoto. We timed perfect spring conditions in the Fyledalen area. I was blown away of its beauty and diversity of the landscape and wildlife. ⠀ If you ever are in the region and need a guide with great local knowledge, don't hesitate to contact @strixphoto. Also a big thanks to @sig.pix for letting me use your big gun and the truly excellent ground service you provided. ================================= ▪Canon 5D MkIII & EF 16-35/4 ▪ISO 400 - 1/100 sec - f/18 =================================


10 Jun 2016


Good morning from 2250m.


10 Mar 2016