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Y’all. I saw #BlackPanther on Thursday night and HAVE NOT STOPPED talking about the magic. The subject matter. The social themes. The music. The wardrobe (@iamruthecarter you VISIONARY!)!! • This movie is a movement. Representation is revolutionary. As I’ve been watching the conversation about what this movie means, the beauty of it for so many, I’ve also seen some ugliness. Some people criticizing this powerful showing of black excellence. Some people saying it’s too much (assholes trying to screw up the rotten tomatoes rating? I’m lookin’ at you) And while I know that my opinion as a female in the entertainment industry comes from the position of my being a white woman, as a social activist who believes that a commitment to intersectionality means learning from my peers & also SHOWING UP for them, I know how important it is to show up here. I felt represented by this movie. Watching @lupitanyongo @danaigurira & @letitiawright slay as utterly badass, powerful, brilliant QUEENS!? As operatives & warriors?? The little girl in me who grew up watching women play the girlfriend, the conquest, the pretty assistant, etc etc, who rarely ever saw women’s characters written like these women? I needed these role models. And the little girl in me, who cheered & whooped in the theatre 2 nights ago watching these righteous women on screen? My inner little girl knows what these characters mean for little girls seeing the movie this week. The grown woman who supports my brothers and sisters of every race, & sexual preference, & global locale knows what all of these characters being represented on screen means to little black boys and girls and grownups alike, who for too long have gone without seeing themselves mirrored as the complex leaders of authentic & powerful stories. • I am HERE for all this #BlackExcellence. I am HERE for powerful complex women on screen. I am HERE to watch (my former costar & utter dream human) @chadwickboseman be crowned a king. I am grateful to every storyteller out there who is reminding anyone whose representation has sat on the sidelines for too long that they ARE THE HEROES THEY’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. I am here for Wakanda. #WakandaForever ✊🏿


18 Feb 2018


“I think this love can make literal visible light.” I like that, y’all. Grateful for this framily. #Repost @johnnyswim ・・・ Love and family. We set our hearts to full blast yesterday. With all the sad news coming from my home state we decided this Valentine’s Day we wouldn’t shrink back from the darkness. But that a broken heart can still be a full one. The best way to combat hopelessness, fear and anxiety is love. Not some weak fairytale love. But hold on and never let go, I love you till I die, each breath I take is better with you in my life, life is great, I’m holding on to hope with both hands, I think this love can make literal visible light, kinda love. So we got with our framily and that’s what we did. Combat the darkness with love. Happy Valentines Day from our crew to yours.


15 Feb 2018


“Home” by @johnnyswim feat. my hands 🖤 Thank you both for the joy and community. It’s extra special when the world feels scary. Love love love.


15 Feb 2018


Yesterday I launched a give-back shirt, and today I want keep the love going! Y’all know I’m a partner in a company I really believe in based in Detroit - @DetroitBlows! Well, they launched their shopable website today, and so we’re celebrating this momentous Valentine's Day with a GIVEAWAY! 💌 (I’ve always wanted to do one of these!) • Blows and our friends @shinola + @shinolaaudio have teamed up to show a lot of Detroit love to you today! . TWO lucky winners will each receive a 'Detroit Blows' gift bag (the bag was screen printed by our buds @SMPLFD) full of all kinds of goodies: a 'Detroit Blows' tee (another @SMPLFD collab), a Detroit Blows X @detroitroseritual candle (I have these ALL over my house!) in our very own signature Tuberose scent, a Detroit Blows X @shinola customized notebook, along with some of our favorites from the team at @shinola including the oh-so-chic accordion crossbody bag, their signature bolt stud earrings, and @shinolaaudio 'Canfield' in-ear' buds! • How to Enter: - first, you must be following BOTH me AND @detroitblows - like this post and comment below tagging your val/galentine! • You have until Thursday 2/15 at 11:59pm to enter. The winner will be randomly selected with whatever data magic the follows and likes and comments combo aggregate for us, and announced on Friday 2/16! #DetroitBlows #ProudInvestor #Galentines #HappyValentinesDay #Giveaway #Shinola #DetroitGrows


14 Feb 2018


Happy Galentine’s Day to my gals and all the ladies out there who pack a punch! • To celebrate badass babes everywhere, and their rights, I designed a t-shirt with @theoutrageonline to benefit @plannedparenthood! 100% of the proceeds of this shirt go to the organization and will help them continue to serve millions of women, and men, every year. • Check out the link in my bio to get yours — there’s also a sweatshirt, bag, and more! — and make sure you follow @theoutrageonline for other activist gear + community organizing events too. • Thank you to all my babes for joining today, to @crubox for hosting us, @gee_garcia7 for being a great male ally + coach, and @sakaralife + @rethinkwater + @alfred for feeding and hydrating us after we broke the most intense sweat ever! 🥊💕🥊 #PunchThePatriarchy #GalentinesDay #BabesWhoBox #CruBox


14 Feb 2018


The inimitable Marie Haga, of @croptrust. Can I drop a #wcw on a Monday? Cause I’m gonna 💃🏻 #GlobalSeedVault #TheFutureOfFood


13 Feb 2018


Svalbard. 78° degrees north. One of the northern most inhabited cities on the planet, in fact. We arrived, 45 of us, on a mission that we knew was important but having no real clue what to expect. The place we were going sounded like the plot of a Bond Film. A Global Seed Vault, cut deep into the permafrost of Northern Norway, holding precious copies of nearly 1,000,000 varietals of seeds from all over the world. In case of disaster. Blight. Desertification. War. The future of food, and thus the future of humanity, lives and breathes by what exists behind these ice crystal-covered doors. • All of this makes sense to me. As a passionate environmentalist, the need for guarantees around agriculture is clear. As is the preservation of the natural ecosystems around the globe where all of this biodiversity comes from in the first place. • But there is so much I didn’t know. So much information that matters to ALL of us. Globally. Our food systems are tied together in ways many of us are blissfully unaware of. And protecting them as we lose a shocking amount of biodiversity, and as climate change eradicates crops at an ever-increasing rate, matters for every human living on this planet. • I know it might sound heavy. But it’s not. This protection, this ensuring the future of food and thus of humanity, is doable. It’s an achievable goal. And the best part? It’s sciency AF! And guys, science is sexy. The geneticists working on climatizing our crop stores and rewilding our common varietals are frickin’ ROCKSTARS. I want to highlight them as such. I’ll want your help. Because whether you couldn’t imagine living without avocado toast, or you’re really passionate about nearly extinct varietals of apples, this place and this mission is for you. This is our global citizenry at work. In harmony. This is our great equalizer. • More to come. So much more. But please follow @croptrust for now. And get ready for more long posts from me about seeds. They are EVERYTHING! And there are big things ahead. • Much love. #Svalbard #GlobalSeedVault #TheFutureOfFood #CropTrust


13 Feb 2018


Last night at @makerswomen, I watched some truly incredible women speak on topics relevant to all of us. It got me thinking, as we press forward in a time when many important conversations are being yanked out of the shadows and into the light, as we talk about sexual health, permission, consent — YO! Consent is sexy! — and more, there’s something else we really need to touch on. Pleasure. Let’s say it again. PLEASURE. • Did y’all know that the CDC has REMOVED the word “pleasure” from the definition of sex?? What batshit bananas nonsense is this, you ask? I know! @estherperelofficial shared that with the audience last night. (The WHO still uses it as a defining term but here at home we are literally erasing the idea of pleasure from sex.) And you know who that hurts most? Yah. WOMEN. Men are taught to pursue pleasure. But women? The data shows we are generally taught shame. Self-loathing. That sex is something our partners/neighbors/strangers are trying to TAKE from us. Men are taught to GET. We are taught to hide/withhold/fear. Well, everyone in the room last night co-signed a great big “fuck that” to this archaic idea. Sex is healthy. Sex is meant to be pleasurable & fun and expanding and intimate. (And obvs not only heteronormative.) You are allowed to say no. And you are also allowed to emphatically say YES! PS. maybe only have it if/when it’s a yes with a capital Y and an exclamation point!? Like “Yes!” You deserve that! OK cool • So. What does changing the conversation around pleasure & permission look like? Well, @trystnetwork is working on that! They have a theory that it all starts with giving ourselves permission to really know & accept & understand our own bodies. Cuz ladies. Our bodies are bomb. In all shapes & sizes. Colors. Smells. Ages. Our bodies do amazing things. It’s time we stop being afraid to understand them. To look at ‘em! So check out the awesome video series #linkinbio that @trystnetwork is launching with @chelseahandler & @jessicabiel. Check yourself out. And then take it a step further & check out Tryst’s resources. Empowerment starts at home. From within. In the lady garden. Get it? #TrystNetwork @wcgcares #LINKINBIO


07 Feb 2018


Fram•i•ly (noun) the friends who are family, who keep you in your magic ✨ I love you ladies @abbywambach @glennondoyle


06 Feb 2018


Trayvon Martin should be 23 today. I don’t have the words ... to adequately communicate the heartache that comes with knowing that boys are executed in the streets and the bad guys get away with it. Thankfully Sally Kohn does... I hope you’re resting in power, young man. #SayHisName ・・・ #Repost @sallykohn ・・・ Trayvon Martin would have turned 23 years old today. George Zimmerman shot and killed him, but we’re all responsible for the conditions that led to Trayvon’s death — the society in which a young black kid walking with a bag of Skittles is seen as a threat and access to guns and the laws that promote using them are both far too lax. May the movement for black lives that Trayvon’s death helped birth only continue growing. And may true, deep justice someday soon be born. #TrayvonMartin #BlackLivesMatter


06 Feb 2018


#PaidLeaveMeans being able to take time away from work to care for your health and family without worrying about losing your job or financial stability. • An excerpt from “why Paid Leave Means Everything” by Debra L. Ness and Vicki Shabo (#linkinbio to full article) “What would it mean for women, families, our country and our economy if the birth of a child or a serious illness didn’t force millions of people to make impossible choices between their jobs and their families? If taking time away from work to provide care didn’t result in financial hardship so often? If women and men were well-positioned to provide care to loved ones? We would be a stronger, healthier and more equitable nation... Quite simply, for our country’s women and families, businesses and economy, paid leave means everything. Paid leave means respecting the diversity of families and the many types of care needs people address during their lives. Meeting the needs of parents caring for new children is critically important, but it is insufficient on its own. More than three in four people who take leave under the FMLA do so to recover from serious illnesses or injuries, or to care for a seriously ill or injured parent, spouse, child or relative. Effective paid leave policies cover all working people for the full range of serious medical and caregiving reasons.” • It's PAST time for #paidleave! #FMLA25 #Long5Years #linkinbio


05 Feb 2018


Ready to sport 💥 #TagYourGirls


04 Feb 2018