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Аккаунт: @sophiabush

Род занятий: Американская актриса, звезда сериала "Холм одного дерева"

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Get your forward march on this week 🌤 #MondayMantra 🌤 video via @oldmagnet


27 Mar 2017


When the Chicago homies collide at @chefsymon's OH restaurant... Two entrees and five desserts later I'm ruined. I think I was supposed to eat for energy before my first day of filming on my v intense action movie? Whoops! #NotSorry #Cleveland #ActsOfViolence • PS. Spent three hours plotting new ways to engage in civil discourse and social activism with my boo @yourfavblackman. Y'all should be following him. Chicago is better because of you, B! Here's to thoughtful and inclusive #resistance ✊️ and all of the love ❤️ #SundayFunday


27 Mar 2017


Satur-YAY feeling! (And @sarahjessicaparker's birthday!) 🎉


26 Mar 2017


#Repost @wetheurban 🚨🚨🚨over the last few months, FOURTEEN young black and Latinx girls woke up hopeful, ready to face the world and its ways yet again in DC. Today, each one of them is missing. Unlike Brady's jersey, THIS is a national emergency. #MissingDCGirls -> #FindOurGirls


25 Mar 2017


Innovation is the key to growth. I couldn't be more excited about @missionu, or more proud of my buddy @itsadambraun for help I usher in this new way for students to have access to quality education. From building primary schools all over the developing world, to coming home and focusing on college affordability in America, you're always giving back bro! Check out their one year education investment program. Let's change the way college works. #MissionU #debtlessfuture PS. Check out @lewishowes podcast ep about it!


24 Mar 2017


#tbt to a dreamy California day with a wonderful Chicago crew @michiganavemag


23 Mar 2017


#tbt to that time Paddy got hit in the head with two bricks of fake cocaine and LaRoyce was the only one who managed to keep a straight face. #bts #ChicagoPD #setlife


23 Mar 2017


It's #womancrushwednesday and it ALSO happens to be @reesewitherspoon's birthday! Happy birthday, you legend. Thank you for being a powerhouse example of a badass storyteller, producer, and mom. For bringing projects like #BigLittleLies and @cherylstrayed's #Wild to life on screen. And for spreading love to women everywhere through messages like this one - "All those things that you're worried about are not important. You're going to be OK. Better than OK. You're going to be great. Spend less time tearing yourself apart, worrying if you're good enough. You are good enough. And you're going to meet amazing people in your life who will help you and love you." Yes! 💕🎂💕 #girlcrush #ElleWoods4eva


23 Mar 2017


And lastly, wishing everyone a proper audience for their most vulnerable selves tonight ... #WorldPoetryDay @nayyirah.waheed


22 Mar 2017


On #WorldPoetryDay it feels fitting to honor a legend, recently lost. #DerekWalcott


22 Mar 2017


It's a #TuesdayTune kind of afternoon, courtesy my lady love @lpx 🔥🔴🔥 • #repost @lpx • Tightrope is about wrestling with the dizzying highs and lows of throwing oneself wholly with heart, body and mind, towards a risk. For the video I wanted to explore translating that internal battle into a physical one while highlighting the intensity and frenetic energy of the song. I was lucky enough to work with legendary choreographer Karole Armitage, a dance revolutionary and the original punk ballerina, who worked on iconic videos like “Vogue” by Madonna and Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet.” Together we crafted the piece to show the torment, triumph and struggle of being all consumed with obsession, desire and doubt where the dance is equal parts resistance and perseverance. I hope it releases you from reality and inspires🌹 🎥 x @mafalda_millies 💃🏻🤘🏻#KaroleArmitage


22 Mar 2017


Banessa! My seestrah! Happiest birthday to you, dear one. You're a unicorn, a legend, and one of the kindest humans I know. Your ceaseless wonder and love for the world is so beautiful to witness. Your willingness to go on any adventure, any time, is the best. Your ability to fall asleep anywhere, also any time, amazes me. And there's no one I'd rather scarf ramen and tacos and ramen tacos with. Thank you for being you, and for making my world brighter and more beautiful. I love you 💕🦄👭#seestrahs


20 Mar 2017