инстаграм Арнольд Шварценеггер

Арнольд Шварценеггер в инстаграм

Аккаунт: @schwarzenegger

Род занятий: Актер, политик, бывший губернатор Калифорнии

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Congratulations to @big_ramy on your Arnold Classic Europe victory! You're a champion!


23 Sep 2017


I went to elementary school with Karl, Franz, and Peter and today we are all together at the Arnold Sports Festival Barcelona. What a joy to bring them with me to experience this! And what a fantastic reminder that none of us are self-made. We're the product of everyone around us who has helped, inspired, and supported along the way.


23 Sep 2017


‪I'm right here! Don't miss Taran Killam and his gang trying to kill me in #KillingGunther - in theaters October 20! ‬


20 Sep 2017


Finally - my dream of turning my Hummer fully electric is a reality - thanks to a smart Austrian company, @kreiselelectric. We are moving so quickly to a clean energy future.


19 Sep 2017


Happy birthday @patrickschwarzenegger! I love you and I'm so proud of you. Your show business career is exploding and this year will be even bigger and better!


18 Sep 2017


I'm so proud that @katherineschwarzenegger's book, #maverickandme is out today. Here's me with my little rescue telling you to go out and buy it now. The link is in my bio!


05 Sep 2017


Pumping up @katherineschwarzenegger for her #maverickandme book release next Tuesday. I love you and I'm so proud of you. Get the link in my story or buy it on Amazon!


31 Aug 2017


I told you I'd be back! I was blown away by #Terminator2 in 3D and I can't wait for all of you to see it in amazing @RealD3D in @AMCTheatres THIS FRIDAY nationwide! #T2in3D | BUY TICKETS: www.t2-3d-movie.com


23 Aug 2017


Let's commit to leaving the terrible ghosts of the past in the trash heap of history. Watch the full video on my Facebook page. @attndotcom


18 Aug 2017


Let's terminate hate. 100% of the proceeds from this shirt will go to the @simonwiesenthalcenter to fight hate and spread tolerance. Link in my bio!


18 Aug 2017


Logan, you were a fantastic tank commander, and I would have been lost without you. Thanks @makeawishamerica for introducing us!


15 Aug 2017


I have been horrified by the images of Nazis and white supremacists marching in Charlottesville and I was heartbroken that a domestic terrorist took an innocent life. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of Heather Heyer, Lt. Cullen, and Trooper-Pilot Bates. While these so-called "white nationalists" are lucky to live in a country that defends their right to voice their awful, incorrect, hateful opinions, the rest of us must use our voices and resources to condemn hate and teach tolerance at every opportunity. My message to them is simple: you will not win. Our voices are louder and stronger. There is no white America - there is only the United States of America. You were not born with these hateful views - you can change, grow, and evolve, and I suggest you start immediately. Today, I'm sending $100,000 to an anti-hate organization I've worked with for decades - the @simonwiesenthalcenter, named after the great Nazi hunter who I was lucky to call a friend. I have spoken to its founder, Rabbi Marvin Hier, and I know that my contribution can help advance the Center's mission of expanding tolerance through education and fighting hate all over America - in the streets and online. My dream is that all of you will join me in helping your favorite anti-hate organizations in any way you can. United, we are greater than the hatred we saw this weekend. #charlottesville


14 Aug 2017