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Род занятий: Актер, политик, бывший губернатор Калифорнии

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I started my trip with a message to @universityofhouston graduates about the importance of recognizing the help we all get along the way and giving back, and I ended it with my good friend @justinjames99 at his charity softball game which raises money for after-school programs - a perfect example of giving back!


14 May 2017


Today my speech to the graduates at the University of Houston was all about the people who helped me and inspired me throughout my life - to show that I'm not a self-made man. Because when you acknowledge that you are the product of a lot of help, you will give back and help others. I was so lucky afterward to have lunch with two of my greatest inspirations. President Bush and Barbara have always put this country first and it will always be my great honor to call them friends and mentors. They inspired me to enter public service.


12 May 2017


Tune in to my commencement speech at @universityofhouston on Facebook Live in an hour!


12 May 2017


Bringing you guys with me @arnoldsports Africa on my live story! Check it out.


07 May 2017


It's official - the @arnoldsports Africa is open for business.


06 May 2017


Meet Amarula - he's 48 years old! One of the best parts of the @arnoldsports South Africa is getting to see these beautiful animals. I highly recommend it - I guarantee if you ever looked into their eyes you would ask "Who the hell would kill this gorgeous creature for ivory?"


04 May 2017


One of the most exciting fights I've ever seen. Congrats @anthony_joshua on the win & @klitschko_official on an amazing battle. Hope there's a rematch.


30 Apr 2017


Fantastic bike ride through Paris. I cannot say this enough: to truly appreciate a city, get on a bike. Thank you to the tourists at the Eiffel Tower for letting me crash your photo!


29 Apr 2017


Thank you, President @fhollande, for presenting me with this great distinction - Commander of the order of the Legion of Honor for my environmental work. I'm also thankful for your fantastic effort to make COP21 a success and help lead the world to a clean energy future. I look forward to continuing to work together to follow through and make our goals a reality!


28 Apr 2017


Fighting the status quo is never easy, but together we can end gerrymandering. Click the link in my bio to join me and learn how you can help.


25 Apr 2017


It was my honor to meet again with São Paulo Mayor @jdoriajr to discuss how cities and states can move forward with the R20 to protect our environment and the economy, and how happy I am to host the @arnoldsports Festival in his great city.


24 Apr 2017


What a fantastic @arnoldsports South America. Thank you to all the fans who came out!


23 Apr 2017